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  1. I rarely, if ever, go hill on Prok any more. Why? It almost always turns into a close range slugging match where you're not only taking fire from the enemy on the hill but also from enemies in the middle. To prevail, someones going to have to push and frankly, in a pub match, I just can't count on my teammates to either initiate a push, or to follow one if I were to start it
  2. Yeah, hit me or "TotallyNotAReroll" up. I don't mind tier 5.
  3. (Potentially) interesting anecdote: While running my obvious reroll account (TotallyNotAReroll) I would often get disparaging comments about rerolls in general. ALL of these came from green/blue players. Most reds were either "Wuts a reroll?" or "nice stats, bro". Most purples only notice other purples (My reroll is blue with occasional bouts of purple). So, really, assholes come in all shades. I think where purples tend to get annoyed most is with obviously stupid play. I had a game where a yellow/green, who ought to have known better, drove their T29 straight across the valley on El Haluf, a
  4. The Phoenix, fully upgraded, is pure sex. It's got destroyer speed, rapid firing guns, great agility, torpedoes. What's not to like? I've cracked 100k damage (in a co-op battle, tho) with this baby. Fire AP at cruisers and HE at destroyers and BBs and just keep dancing around at their extreme range limits. Love the Phoenix.
  5. 9. George Alex Effinger's Marid Auran series - When Gravity Fails, A Fire in the Sun, The Exile Kiss
  6. It's not. What I experience is when I'm in a gunnery duel with an enemy, popping in and out of 1st person view to aim, maneuvering my ship, and them WHAM! I'm hit by torps launched by friendly destroyers positioned behind me in relation to the enemy. Where I'm engaging at 8km and the destroyer is at least another 2km behind me. And it's a US destroyer.
  7. The killer is that in most of the friendly fire incidents I've been on the receiving end of my teammates were at least 2-3k yards outside of effective torpedo range.
  8. .... I've been torpedoed at least 3x as often by friendlies as by the enemy.
  9. I'm still grinding away on that account and having fun. I don't mind tiers 5-8 nearly as much as many of the vets here. I also don't mind platooning with/providing tips for others who are looking to improve so I'm more likely to accept cold platoon requests out of the blue.
  10. i run a lot of lower tiers with my alt account "TotallyNotAReroll". Hit me up in game and I'll do some platoons.
  11. +1 for this series. I'm probably repeating here, but some of my favorites: Dan Simmons - Hyperion/Endymion seriesNeil Stephenson - Snow CrashJack McDevitt - Priscilla Hutchins seriesIain M Banks - Culture series, especially Consider Phlebas and Use of WeaponsHarlon Ellison short storiesPaolo Bacigalupi - The Windup GirlConnie Willis' time travel series - Doomsday Book/To Say Nothing of the Dog/Blackout/All ClearDavid Brin's Uplift Series - Startide Rising, The Uplift War, Sundiver - Skip the last other three booksI'll add more later.
  12. Anyone wanna give me general guidelines on AP vs HE? I've tried using them in the logical situation and AP just seems, well, anemic. Now, I'm only up to a tier 4 cruiser, so it may be that. Does AP become more important in higher tiers? P.S. Omg, the Phoenix!
  13. I love the T-34 but gawd that sounds dreadfully like work to me.
  14. C++ is an awfully deep pool to jump into for your first programming language. You might want to think twice before leaping. I would suggest a simpler language to start to learn the basics. Here is a collection of online compilers/interpreters for many languages so you can try them out without having to set up an environment.
  15. As a semi-burnout let me provide you with some words of advice: Don't chase stats. Just focus on playing better and the stats followDon't chase tiers/tanks just for stats. Ultimately, the game is supposed to be fun. If you're most comfortable at tier 6 and that's where your highest "fun factor" is, then play tier 6. Stats are a reflection of your journey developing your playing skills. They are not the end goal in itself. Heresy.
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