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  1. How do you guys feel about ketchup on hotdogs though? Pubbie0341, what's your take? Could you maybe rank it against other condiments?
  2. Thanks for sharing, random pubbie #0341.
  3. This is a thread where I gloat about Garbad getting permabanned on this shitty website before I did. Alright, that's it. You can post the dumb memes that you think are funny now. Oh wait, I wanted to ask if Armored Warfare is good yet. Is it?
  5. FOR EVERY DOLLAR DONATED TO BERNIE SANDERS CAMPAIGN I WILL NOT POST ON THIS FORUM FOR 24 HOURS UP TO $365 SAVE THE COUNTRY WHILE ALSO NEVER SEEING ME POST HERE ON THIS WEBSITE I TREASURE DEARLY That's a way better GBS thread. Also, I'll do that if you guys post proof. Also, I totally shit in Luna's cereal somehow.
  6. have you heard of the game called fingered, it's pretty much an entire videogame built around the pun that fingering is something you can do when placing blame on someone but also a sexual act Wandorf is now Offline. :A
  7. wut? You're not Konig. I'm watching a dude play this game that revolves entirely around getting fingered as a pun. Meme games own. Your posts get combined on this forum now? Welcome to the future.
  8. SLEEPER MISSION: ONLY THE BRAVEST GIRLS NEED APPLY <20:47:26> You were banned permanently from the server by "Allu" (unban this guy and lose your server admin)
  9. Pussy. Anyway, I guess early testing or some shit starts tomorrow so I'm going to forget about this website until that's over so ya. I'm super curious to see if the bad anime will beat out the bad memes here though, it seems like a pretty close fight. Later.
  10. Pretty sure the definition isn't new. Bump.
  11. I managed to elicit like 5 pages off of a post which required no effort so I'm pretty sure that counts as trolling. Not that I would ever expect someone as simple-minded as yourself to understand that though. It's basically the same thing as long as you respond even if I don't insult you. But again, we're talking about a forum here where people think spamming shit memes is ironic shitposting.
  12. Please don't take away my precious internet points. I need those. We should have a contest where each of us intellectually insults the other and then let the public decide. You would probably already be at an advantage considering I know nothing about you other than you probably sucked dick pretty well to become King Mod with under 1,500 posts. Sorry man, I only had a few days to be here. If you want more of my excellent posts you can visit the AW forums until I inevitably get banned there too. Your avatar is pretty nifty.
  13. That sucks. Well, just imagine it was the funniest email address ever because it was and then the joke is funny again and it's totally because of me.
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