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  1. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/1-20-1-CT-1/ In short: there are new crew changes on the horizon. NOT crew 2.0, but they are reworking the skills and perks within the current crew system. This has a lot of people up in arms claiming the sky is falling. Others are more nuanced. A few (me) kind of like the changes. WoT+ is a new form of monetization. Would allow for free demounting of bond equipment, and offers a unique rental premium tank. Otherwise mostly pay for convenience stuff. Something like $10 a month. And changes to Onslaught mode, and dynamic maps.
  2. Got the BZ-176 in a lootbox. Current alpha is 600 for AP, 800 for HESH. It's kinda broken and toxic, but unlike many other new premiums that are broken and toxic (like Vipera) this one doesn't suck to play. It's actually kind of fun. I don't like that the AP has less pen than the HESH, it's really only usefull in rare instances for the overmatch mechanic, or when cleaning up arty late game and you don't want to spend big bucks on the HESH. Gun handles much better than I thought just looking at the numbers. Rocket boost mechanic is nice, I like it.
  3. Got it done in the Ferdinand! I completely gave up on the O-Ho. It's just a tragic hunk of trash. A tank made completely out of mald and seethe.
  4. It turns out the Ferdinand was my winning ticket to getting the honors on Bloc 15 for the 279e campaign. The ferdi can be painful in a bad matchup, but easy to ace in an OK matchup.8)

    1. Expendable_Lad


      didnt see that one coming

  5. Nah, has to be tier 8+ Gonna try it in the Type 4 once I've got the credits to spare to get it, currently spending a lot spamming gold in Onslought.
  6. I picked this up hoping to do Bloc 15 for the 279e with it, as it has really really low Ace requirements. I was not prepared for how hard it would actually be to get 1100 xp in it though, at least on a consistent basis. It's super MM and map dependent. VS 10's on an open map? Bend over and spread your cheeks. My only ace in it so far was a 6k 5 kill game on Erlenberg, tiers 7-9, which was actually a very good game and would have aced most 8's, but I got lucky and the stars aligned and enemy tanks were just in the right place for me to farm them. It's the only game so far where I've do
  7. The buffed AMX M4 54 is as amazing as I hoped. Gun handling is just incredible, even without vert stabs. I'm running vents, bounty turbo, bounty rammer, and in my second loadout I've got hardening, vents, bounty rammer. I mainly use the first one. It will supposedly be nerfed again (that was quick), latest supertest has its speed reduced from 40 to 35, and HP reduced from 2400 to 2300. I'd say keep the speed to make it not-boring, and reduce HP back to 2200, if it has to be nerfed. So get it while it's hot.
  8. Can't wait to be that team mate! The rocket gimmick looks cool, and could potentially be a lot of fun. It's the HE/HESH derps I'm less enthusiastic about.
  9. I need to pick up the buffed AMX M4 54, from how it's performing, it seems like a really really solid tank at the moment. Yeah, could be that there are just really good players playing it at the moment, but still. For a tech tree tank to outperform both the ebola and chief (at least as far as 3-mark reqs go) is really something. The pre-nerf Kran never did that. The Minotauro doesn't do that. But unlike those two the AMX at least isn't cancer to fight. I'm actually way more excited about going up the French heavy tree (on tier 7 now, it's OK) than the new Spaghetti TD tree.
  10. Vk3601, as lava said, is really good now. Big HP pool for the tier, and good mobility with a turbo. I'm using the 7.5cm waffe on it. I also bought back the Tiger I and II. The Tiger II is amazingly comfy now after the buffs, and also running a turbo. The gun snapshots like no other, and doesn't have problems hitting and penning weakpoints of even tier 10's. I wish the premium Tiger II from frontlines was available for randoms as well, so I could enjoy this gem and grind credits at the same time. IS7 with a full mobility build is also a lot of fun, and even has a place in some CW stra
  11. I've seen bots (actual WG bots with the : around their names) drive these and get top guns. They're pretty beastly when there's no high-pen tanks around to counter them. And even when faced with something like a VK 30.01 with the Konisch, 1k HP at tier 5 goes a long way.
  12. As for the T29, I think it would be best to just have it and the T32 just trade places in the tech tree. Historically the T32 only had a 90mm, which would be easier to balance for tier 7.
  13. Most of you have probably heard by now, but the Kran and Emil II are being nerfed. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2022/06/30/supertest-vehicle-rebalancing/amp/ There are other changes announced too, like buffs to some French heavy tanks, but the Kran nerfs are the big news here. Too much? I think so. This will do little to change how annoying it is to face a hull down Kran, but will make the Kran driver just as annoyed themselves that they can't hit anything anymore. Or get anywhere.
  14. Recon is back, this time with 6 maps. 3 of them we've seen before: Far East, Canyon, and Airship Factory. They've been lightly modified since last time. 3 of them are brand new: Anykeyevka, Klostertal, and Aquila. Aquila is another 1200x1200 map, like Foothills was from last year. Thoughts? I still hate Canyon. Far East is good, but the city fight down south is a bit linear. Another street with a row of buildings could improve it. The Airship map ok. Anykeyevka is probably my favorite so far. Klostertal is fine too, but the devs went overboard with adding hull down locatio
  15. One thing I read some people did on the official forums, which I'm sad I didn't hink of beforehand, is they "preloaded" a bunch of tier 6 tanks with 90+ BP points before the temporary chapter. That way, once the marathon chapter started, they just had to play a game or two in each tank to get the 20 bonus points for reaching the 100 BP limit. Something to keep in mind for next time!
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