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  1. They're adjusting all the arty missions in the next patch (including 279 and Chimera missions)
  2. I only play arty for missions so I haven't played a single game of clicking since 1.13, but from the receiving end it still kinda hurts to get hit. At least the arty has to choose between big damage + crits and stun, so you don't get both at once. Most arty mains are really bad at arty though, so any removed crutch is bound to be received as a game breaking nerf.
  3. The past week I've gotten 3 aces in less than 10 games in the E-75, too bad I'm still on the Chimera campaign... At least I know which tank I'll be playing when that day comes!
  4. Vert stabs have a slot boosted value on the sandbox, it's 23% rather than 20%. Ofc. none of that matters if you're running any kind of purple equipment, (isn't bond or bounty turbo and hardening supposed to come soon?) but it's nice for those who only have standard equipment. 224k xp to fully upgrade a tank is still less of a grind than getting bond or bounty equipment.
  5. As it is now, you can get a light on your team on Prok that has a DPM build (makes sense to him as most maps aren't Prok), while the light on the enemy team has a full stealth/vision build, and it's GG before it began. With this change you can be reasonably sure both lights are running the same kind of setup.
  6. Time to uncheck Accellerate Crew Training on every tank I have. One thing that's good is you can add a second slot category, which would level the playing field a bit for those without bond or bounty equipment on their tanks.
  7. I don't regret getting the IS-6 from the black market quite as much now! Also T34 buffs are more than welcome.
  8. Most of my games in that tank were from before MOE was introduced to the game, and after returning to WoT last year I'm just now getting back to being not-bad at tier 10
  9. I've re-fallen in love with this thicc brick after finally putting some purple equipment on it (bounty rammer, bond stab, + regular hardening) and decided it will be the first tier 10 tank I will 2-mark. 82% now, and finally climbing again after some derp games.
  10. With BLOC, I found heavies and steel wall + hc to be the most reliable, but then again I am a terrible LT driver (and add to that the BLOC LT's aren't that good). I did Chimera Union-15 by accident (no honors) first with the 268v4 while going for a TD mission, and then again with honors in the same tank a couple of games later. Just a matter of getting high caliber (20% total dmg) in that thing - with bounces and received dmg your total exceeds 10k in no time.
  11. I wonder if they will make changes to the arty missions and missions with stun as primary condition?
  12. Supposedly the tier 9 and 10 are getting further buffs to reload and gun handling, to their single shot guns in particular.
  13. Finally did the Union arty mission in the Chimera campaign. What a slog! The Alliance arty mission only took me 2 games in the M12.
    Happy I won't have to touch arty again until I start the 279 campaign.

    1. hazzgar


      Scumbus makes it easy.

    2. Panzergraf


      That's the tier 8? I used the S51 because I had no Soviet arty in my garage from before, and it was cheaper to buy and research.
      I'll have to get a tier 8 or up for the 279 missions though, but for now I can enjoy not playing arty.

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