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  1. I never played on Stalingrad, as it was added after I stopped playing and removed again before I re-installed, but I do miss Windstorm. Why was that map removed anyway? It was much better than some of the remaining maps, like Airfield. I think there's a few other maps I never got to play on too. Was there a Berlin map?
  2. Aaaaaaah! I bought a tier 10 last night! Had I known, I would have waited and gotten it at a discount!
  3. I agree. It's abundantly clear that the cost of premium ammo alone is not at all prohibitive at higher tiers, and there needs to be some kind of rebalancing to make regular AP more viable. If they could make it so that both types of ammo (+HE in some cases) are viable, but in different situations, that would be great. I'm not sure if WG can actually pull it off though, but I support the idea at least. This also gives them the opportunity to bring some of the premium tanks down in line with the regular tech tree tanks in terms of balance, since they technically wouldn't be nerfed, it would just be all the other tanks that are getting buffed more. I'm cautiously optimistic. Will check out the sand box test server later.
  4. Yeah, got 1k gold and something like a million credits when I got to rank 10. I actually really enjoy the rental Panzer VII, and have played it almost exclusively after I got it (even though I have other tier 10's). Are the stats for the rentals saved somewhere? Can't find it on the tanks.gg player stat page. I was up to 67% wr solo in it at 90 games played until Saturday, when I played a lot while being tired, and it dropped down to 62%. The WZ rental pubbies seem to not know about its weekpoints and mostly just fire regular AP at its lower glacis.
  5. Ok, so there's no big prize at the end of the road? (is there an end of the road?)
  6. So, I'm rank 12 in the event. Is there any point in climbing further up the ranks, other than the rewards for each rank (which are OK, but not amazing). You get the special commander if you're at least rank 10 when the event ends, right? Also general Dynasty Wars discussion, I guess.
  7. WoWS has a hard limit on the number of carriers in every match (or at least it used to, haven't played in a while). Why can't WoT have that too?
  8. Bought loot crates just to get gold and premium time (which I did), but now I'm disappointed that I got pretty much nothing else, except for female santa and some kind of tier 2 premium that I'll never play.
  9. So, is it true that if you just want some gold and premium time, the loot boxes are actually cheaper than just buying gold? If so then I might get some, and maybe get some premium tanks as a bonus if I'm lucky.
  10. Thank you all for your help, I've made it back up to 50-55% wr on my sessions, so still not quite back up to where I was, but it's better than the abyssmal results I got when I first started playing again. Still haven't tried Frontlines yet though.
  11. Ah, I thought it had the same gun as the Jagd Tiger, but I see now it's a nerfed version. But it still has APCR as prem, right?
  12. I always did better in my T34 than in my Löwe. That seems to still be the case, though the Löwe is noticeably better than what it used to be. Further good news; finally got the Carnarveon unlocked, so I could sell the Black Prince and never have to look at it in my garage again. Also realized I have the VK 450-whatever P already fully unlocked from way back when it was the only T9 German heavy (sold it and went back to grind the E75), and the new T10 heavy after it in the tree, the one that looks like that old CW reward tank, seems to be quite a beast. So with that one and the Super Conq, I actually feel like I have something to grind towards again.
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