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  1. So in some ways they made it easier to get it. Still think it should have remained in-tree though, and they could have made some of the Objects collector vehicles instead of the actually mass produced historical tank.
  2. 5 million credits gone in a few hours buying new equipment, and I'm not even sure if I like the setups I went for. They really should have let us sell equipment at full price for at least the first week. T110E5 with turbocharger was pretty neat though. Had the first good game in it since its glory days. That DPM rips when you catch someone in the open, and with the turbo you can wiggle around enough that the tumor is less of an issue.
  3. Patch is out on NA OH GOD I'M CONFUSED AGAIN
  4. After returning to Tonks around christmas, after a break of 5 years or so, the Swedish heavy line looked like all I ever wanted. Amazing gun depression, turret armour, and even an auto loader. Kinda wasn't though. The Emil 1 was incredibly frustrating with its derpy aim time. Emil 2 is a little bit better, but not by a lot. I quickly unlocked the Kranvagn (using the new-fangled blueprint things), but I haven't bought it yet. Is it even worth getting, or should I just buy back the Emil 2?
  5. The tank building thing is kinda dumb, IMHO. I went away for a few days after the campaign, and at that time I hadn't produced all the components yet. When I came home, the components were ready, but tank production apparently takes long enough that it won't be ready before the 30th... Couldn't they just give us "build points" or something, and if you have X points you can instantly build a tank? The crafting thing is so tedious and unnecessary. If I want to collect resources and craft stuff I'll just play Minecraft.
  6. Do you guys think the glorious brick will be great again with the coming buffs? I'm kinda drooling over the changes to the 128mm myself.
  7. SA - if you play tier 5 and below, MM will fill both teams with bots due to low server population. It's actually relaxing.
  8. It was designed in the 70's, and there were probably earlier prototypes or designs or something before that. Wouldn't be too difficult for WG to pull some "secret documents" out of their ass and come up with something.
  9. I know WoT is no stranger to ahistorical configurations, but if they just gave these things their historical 200hp engine, they would be a lot less problematic. At 15hp/t they could still go fast in a straight line (on roads), but would bleed a lot more speed when turning and stuff.
  10. Is this still bad? Not sure if it's worth grinding tankrewards missions to get it.
  11. He's really turned the conspiracy dial to 11, if it's the youtuber I think it is.
  12. Are you sure those notes are correct? All these vehicles were supposed to be buffed, and it's happened before that ST patch notes have gotten things backwards (so it's not decrease from large number to small number, but increase from small number to large number).
  13. I never played on Stalingrad, as it was added after I stopped playing and removed again before I re-installed, but I do miss Windstorm. Why was that map removed anyway? It was much better than some of the remaining maps, like Airfield. I think there's a few other maps I never got to play on too. Was there a Berlin map?
  14. Aaaaaaah! I bought a tier 10 last night! Had I known, I would have waited and gotten it at a discount!
  15. I agree. It's abundantly clear that the cost of premium ammo alone is not at all prohibitive at higher tiers, and there needs to be some kind of rebalancing to make regular AP more viable. If they could make it so that both types of ammo (+HE in some cases) are viable, but in different situations, that would be great. I'm not sure if WG can actually pull it off though, but I support the idea at least. This also gives them the opportunity to bring some of the premium tanks down in line with the regular tech tree tanks in terms of balance, since they technically wouldn't be nerfed, it would just be all the other tanks that are getting buffed more. I'm cautiously optimistic. Will check out the sand box test server later.
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