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  1. I want that kinda Trondheim-looking winter half-city map back. Wind-winter-storm-berg-heim? Something. It just needed some gentle rebalancing.
  2. tfw you have plenty of friends online, but prefer playing alone because introvert
  3. Sand River. I don't enjoy that map in any tank. Airfield is often on the ban list too. Actually I don't like any of the 3 desert maps. Often Mines too, but at least matches are usually over quickly on it. Mali/Prok if I'm playing slow heavies a bunch.
  4. If stationary the low tier bots will spam gold into your weakpoints, which is I guess playing at a higher level than some live players. They're easily confused though, and often end up mindlessly driving around while turning their hulls and turrets in opposite directions. All in all I rate them as less of a threat than even red players with less than 1k battles, mostly from their total lack of agency outside of moving to their pre-programmed destination.
  5. 25 boxes JPE100 skin and another Locust (900g) Worst batch yet. Didn't even get me any mid tier premiums.
  6. Got it from a box too, but haven't played it yet. It's pretty much like a Hellcat, I assume?
  7. The WoWS captain system makes sense for WoWS because no one wants to manage 1000+ individual crew members' skills. 4-6 crew members in a tank is something else, and WoT would lose a lot of character and immersion by moving away from that. It's my biggest gripe with Crew 2.0 Not really gameplay related, I know, but I like my crewmen (and women) just the way they are. IMHO they should just give us 6th for free and be done with it.
  8. Just half a dozen more arty reworks, and people might stop complaining. because by then the game will be dead
  9. I don't like the idea of replacing multiple crew members with just one crew. The whole concept just rubs me the wrong way. Some of the points make sense game wise, like making 6th Sense a default skill (WoWS did that too), and being able to train your crew for multiple tanks, but I feel you could do that while keeping the current multi-crewmember setup.
  10. I had no idea that was even a thing. The easiest would probably be to just grind more credits so you always have that 100k buffer. With all the boosters and bonuses they throw after you now, getting cash is easier than ever.
  11. If I really like this TD, is there a chance I won't hate the tier 8 SU-101? I know they're similar, but what works great at T7 might be trash at T8. Edit: OK, I could probably have asked in the 101 thread, but whatever. Would have been a necro either way.
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