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  1. WoWS has a hard limit on the number of carriers in every match (or at least it used to, haven't played in a while). Why can't WoT have that too?
  2. Bought loot crates just to get gold and premium time (which I did), but now I'm disappointed that I got pretty much nothing else, except for female santa and some kind of tier 2 premium that I'll never play.
  3. So, is it true that if you just want some gold and premium time, the loot boxes are actually cheaper than just buying gold? If so then I might get some, and maybe get some premium tanks as a bonus if I'm lucky.
  4. Thank you all for your help, I've made it back up to 50-55% wr on my sessions, so still not quite back up to where I was, but it's better than the abyssmal results I got when I first started playing again. Still haven't tried Frontlines yet though.
  5. Ah, I thought it had the same gun as the Jagd Tiger, but I see now it's a nerfed version. But it still has APCR as prem, right?
  6. I always did better in my T34 than in my Löwe. That seems to still be the case, though the Löwe is noticeably better than what it used to be. Further good news; finally got the Carnarveon unlocked, so I could sell the Black Prince and never have to look at it in my garage again. Also realized I have the VK 450-whatever P already fully unlocked from way back when it was the only T9 German heavy (sold it and went back to grind the E75), and the new T10 heavy after it in the tree, the one that looks like that old CW reward tank, seems to be quite a beast. So with that one and the Super Conq, I actually feel like I have something to grind towards again.
  7. Man, that sucks. Back in my day the premiums were usually worse than their in-tree counterparts.
  8. Well, on the plus side, the game looks gorgeous now compared to how it looked when I was last active. I had some good rounds in my E75 yesterday, but my E100 (which used to be my most comfy tank, with a 60% solo wr) I could not get to work at all. Leopard 1 seems to have been buffed with an improved APCR round as premium rather than HEAT. I notice the Löwe has 10 degrees of gun depression now also. IIRC it had much less back in the day. Is the Löwe good now? Being able to exclude maps is something I always wanted. Goodbye Malinovka! The guides I was thinking of were more just image files with arrows and stuff drawn on them in MS Paint or something. Like "south-spawn heavies should go here, but never here. Maybe here if they're fast. Mediums should try to go here, or here of they have good depression". Kind of basic stuff, like don't push hill on Himmelsdorf in a Maus (or is that a thing now?). If you want more AW shenanigans, I some times stream AW with my friend Mangs on his channel:
  9. Medium tanks on land! Battleships at sea! What more could Olaf need?
  10. So, there used to be some map guides here somewhere, showing where to go and where not to go with different tanks. Are they still around, updated for current meta and new maps and stuff?
  11. Re-installed WoT and had my first handul of games in a very, very long time. Didn't go that well. Some of it is down to me just being rusty, and not knowing the meta on any of the new maps, but apart from that... Has the game changed?
  12. Tbh, Damage over Time as a whole needs to be reworked. I would rather like to see a system where a fire or flooding deals a set number of hitpoints in damage per tick, rather than a percentage of the total HP pool. That would make single fires more serious for DD's (which rarely get double-lit anyway), and less serious for BB's. As a tradeoff, a large ship like a BB should have many more possible fire locations, so a single, double or even triple fire would not be that serious, but ten fires burning on the deck of your Kurfurst would be a problem. That could work with flooding too. A single hole from a torpedo would be much more serious on a DD than a BB, but the BB has the potential to receive many more holes.
  13. They look fairly modern from tier 3 and up. I'm guessing they will be relatively fast from early on and throughout the tree?
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