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  1. I've had some pretty good matches on the snow and desert maps, but only in good hull down heavy tanks (AE Phase and C1B). Those two maps feel like they really favor such tanks, as all the good locations are either ridgelines or have those little rubble mounds that hide your hull. Not a fan of that meta, especially not after torturing myself through ranked (where most of the maps have those issues too). So far I haven't played many games in tanks other than those two mentioned, or at least tanks similar to them, and I don't think I would enjoy doing so either. The snow map has some vert
  2. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/recon-mission-stage-3/ So Volga was apparently the most popular map. Also, three new ones are up.
  3. Turns out games in this mode count towards MOE, so if you're sick of getting Mali and Prok while trying to mark your big fat heavies, give it a go. Had a 5k game followed by two 6.5k ace games in my E75 just now, finally getting my third mark. Once you figure the maps out (not hard), before most pubbies do, it's pure Farmville.
  4. For those out of the loop, as I know many here are semi-retired from pixel tanks: Recon Mode is a new game mode that's basically randoms, but limited to a week or so at a time, tier 8-10 only, and instead of the normal map rotation you get one of three new maps in development. Last time the maps in question were Far East, Outpost, and Airship Yard. All 1000x1000m maps. I liked all of them personally, not perfect maps, but better than many of the current random maps. Airship Yard was perhaps my favorite, as the heavy brawls in the airship factory-think was better and less stale th
  5. I like the 10v10 format I like that they banned reward tanks I like the rewards, and you don't even need to make the leagues to earn lots of bonds (and a million credits just for qualifying) I don't like the hulldown ridgeline meta, which is in part because of the map selection I don't like that it's limited to just certain hours - most of which I am at work during I don't like the arbitrary "role bonus" thing I don't like that some players of the winning team aren't given chevrons. Plenty of things you can do to help win the match aren't directly rewarded by XP, and it just inc
  6. I got vents/turbo/bond stabs (with the first two slotted) and hardening/vents/bond stabs on mine, but I use the turbo setup most of the time unless I'm sure I won't need the extra mobility.
  7. Yeah no kidding. I had like 300 dpg with that gun for my first 7 games or so in that tank. As mentioned in another thread, I dun goofed and spent all my free XP on field mods before I remembered I was gonna go for the Cz heavies At least the tier 10 was worth the horrible stock grinds!
  8. Aced mine with 1309 base XP on 11 August, semi-stock - I had the tracks and the second gun. Used blueprints to get the tier 8 as soon as I could, so I never experienced it fully upgraded, but the games I played in it with the 100mm weren't bad. It's not a good tier 7, but I wouldn't say it's the worst ever. I liked it more than the tier 7 Cz medium, for what it's worth. The handful of games I played in it with the stock 88mm were absolutely garbage though.
  9. I think QB made a good point in his video; release bad tier 9 prems first so people are more willing to spend money on good/broken tier 9 prems in the future.
  10. Had some tanks with not quite enough XP saved up beforehand, + I had totally forgotten about the Czechs until it was just too late. It wasn't gold converted free XP though, so it's like it cost me money.
  11. I spent all my free XP on field mods for other tanks before I realized "Oh, the Czech heavies I wanted are out this patch too" So I killed myself playing stock tier 7-9 until I had the modules needed to blueprint the next tank. Painful, but worth it.
  12. This thing is sweet, and well worth the grind. First autoloader I've enjoyed playing, and even with the single shot gun it's just a more comfortable 277 so playing it stock doesn't even feel like a grind. The double loader is by far the superior gun though. Enjoy it before it gets nerfed, I guess.
  13. I've only played 3 battles in mine so far (first was a 0dmg win), and this seems about right.
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