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  1. Panzergraf

    CV rework revealed

    Tbh, Damage over Time as a whole needs to be reworked. I would rather like to see a system where a fire or flooding deals a set number of hitpoints in damage per tick, rather than a percentage of the total HP pool. That would make single fires more serious for DD's (which rarely get double-lit anyway), and less serious for BB's. As a tradeoff, a large ship like a BB should have many more possible fire locations, so a single, double or even triple fire would not be that serious, but ten fires burning on the deck of your Kurfurst would be a problem. That could work with flooding too. A single hole from a torpedo would be much more serious on a DD than a BB, but the BB has the potential to receive many more holes.
  2. Panzergraf

    French Cruisers

    They look fairly modern from tier 3 and up. I'm guessing they will be relatively fast from early on and throughout the tree?
  3. Probably a good thing tbh, especially with the new skill that gives you two fighters. RIP
  4. Because most high tier maps are shit.
  5. At least they can't use the spotting plane on the Missoury, so they have to close to within 30km.
  6. Comrade General Secretary Imperator Nikolai
  7. From rank 3.2 to 1. I used my Bismarck for most of the season, and started switching it up with the NC towards the end. Today I just decided to keep playing it untill I lost, but I never did.
  8. Panzergraf

    ARP Takao

    I'd play them more if I had a mod pack of some sort that gave them regular skins.
  9. Panzergraf

    King Fu Captain USS Missouri as a prem BB? Whatever the cost, I want it.
  10. I'll probably play the Fuso again for rank 6. I have an 83% wr in it from earlier seasons of ranked, and I should be able to maintain that. It's an easy ship to do well in. The Farragut and Warspite are the only other tier 6 ships I have, and I'll probably play a few games in them too, if I get sunk early in my Fuso. I didn't play in the last two (or three?) seasons either, so I'll have to start at the bottom. Tier 6 ranked is fun though, so it's all good. For Tier 8, I mostly played the North Carolina last time, and it did OK all the way up to rank 1, with a 60+% wr. Great for going bow-in and pushing. I'm currently in love with the Bismarck, running a secondary build. Works well for pushing in randoms, and will hopefully be amazing in ranked. Close to grinding out the Amagi too, which seemed to do well for others, but I'm not sure how good it is at leading a push. I tried the Hipper, but it didn't do it for me. I'm not overly fond of CA's as they currently stand anyway.
  11. Just make damage saturation count for fires as well. It would do a lot for the game. Fires should also, instead of dealing a lot of damage, act more as a temporary debuff. A fire amidships on a BB should deactivate all AA guns in the affected area until put out. Maybe buff dispersion for ships targeting it also, or debuff the burnign ships' own spotting range. If a burning ship is attacked by carrier planes, or torped by a DD, the ship that lit it on fire should get part of the XP from the CV/DD that actually did the damage, similar to how you get XP for tracking in WoT. I also think spotting planes should aid spotting rather than range, though. And/or perhaps give a slight buff to dispersion. I never use it on ships that can use a fighter, as I almost never need the extra range, and as the fighter has much shorter cooldown it's ironically better for spotting than the spotter plane. Also, I think the damage counter should be re worked. As it stands, it encourages raw damage farming, leading to battleships mostly engaging other battleships or cruisers, so they can score those juicy citadel hits. Something that shows base XP in progress (before modifications) would, I think, help promote capping and spotting (spotting will give XP as of next patch). As for the spotting changes suggested; I think it's probably too radical. The game just wouldn't be the same.
  12. Is there a mod that replaces the standard damage counter with one that shows how many % of damage you've done? The HP of different classes vary so much in WoWS, I feel counting raw damage is a bit misleading. I.E. if you knock a tier 10 BB down to half health, that's 50k damage, but if you kill an entire t10 DD, that's only 20k. In raw damage that's not a whole lot, but it's arguably a bigger contribution to the match than taking some health off a BB that's still in the fight. So is there something that would replace the damage counter with one that would show 50% for having done 50k to a tier 10 BB, 100% for having killed the DD, and 150% for doing both, and so forth? Or is that just not possible? That might even give CV players more of an incentive to use loadouts with dive bombers and hunt DD's rather than just farm torp damage against BB's too, and cruisers might feel like they've contributed a bit more than if they finish a game with just 1 DD kill and a little over 20k damage.
  13. Panzergraf

    German BB specs are up

    Are those stats correct? They say Bismarck gets 7km range on its 150mm and 105mm secondaries, that's pretty neat at tier 8.
  14. I will probably end up with the Kongo without even trying. I have wanted to buy it back for a while now anyway, and if I can get it for free (and as an IJN premium?) then I'm not complaining. I hope someone will make a better looking skin for it though.
  15. Panzergraf

    German Cruisers Discussion

    Update on my opinion of the Yorck, if anyone's interested: I finished the grind today, thanks to the 3x holiday-bonus for first victory, XP flags and the XP-camo I got from ranked, it only took me 24 battles. If those, 75% were wins. That's a very small sample size, though. With only 33k average damage. I was able to carry a handful of the games, with upwards of 100k damage and 3-4 kills in the best of them, but those were games I could have carried in pretty much any other ship. It wasn't a horribly awful grind, but I can't see myself ever buying it back now that I've sold it for the Hipper.