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  1. If I really like this TD, is there a chance I won't hate the tier 8 SU-101? I know they're similar, but what works great at T7 might be trash at T8. Edit: OK, I could probably have asked in the 101 thread, but whatever. Would have been a necro either way.
  2. Played the E50M a bit, and it actually bounced quite a lot of stuff. Still no turbo on it though, 'cause I'm low on credits.
  3. There's no reason why the Pz IV should have the 105mm howitzer. Same with the Hetzer and stuff too. Sherman should have it because it's historical, but that version should be T6. In general, these derpy HE/HEAT slingers don't fit the game, and are usually not even historical. It's probably not a controversial opinion on this forum, but I'd love to see them just removed.
  4. Me: can I have turbo E50? WG: to reach critical positions on the map with minimal exposure to enemy fire? Me: yesssssss Actually just rams things
  5. Thanks, I'll let it collect dust then.
  6. I got the tier 6 thing (46-something) they sold for anniversary tokens in the anniversary store, because there was really nothing else that looked interesting there. Is it even worth putting equipment on it, and getting a crew for it? I'm never gonna go down the brit light line, so it's not like I need a british light tank trainer. Basically, is it fun enough to play just for its own enjoyment?
  7. Some times, when you shoot an ammo rack, it explodes.
  8. Running BIRM and I-VSTAB on my Pz VII now. It's noticably much less bad!
  9. According to my 200% scientific and mathematically sound method of finding the best and worst tanks of each class, the WZ is in fact the worst TX LT of them all. It's a fact.
  10. Just did HT 12.3 in the VK 100.1 P, on Live Oaks. Drive through the town and into the enemy cap, doing 2k+ dmg on the way there, and then blocked a bunch of damage sitting in the cap. We lost in the end, so I didn't get it with honors, but that's OK because FINALLY I'm done with that shit! Gonna spend orders to skip 12.4 for sure. Fuck blocking missions.
  11. The KV-85 has horrible gun depression compared to the old KV-1S. IIRC it used to have -8 degrees back in the day, now it's like you have to stay clear of every little pebble on the map, or the gun will just point to the skies.
  12. They throw a lot more free stuff at you now than they used to do, like boosters and (if you play a lot) free premium tanks.
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