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  1. I don't regret getting the IS-6 from the black market quite as much now! Also T34 buffs are more than welcome.
  2. Most of my games in that tank were from before MOE was introduced to the game, and after returning to WoT last year I'm just now getting back to being not-bad at tier 10
  3. I've re-fallen in love with this thicc brick after finally putting some purple equipment on it (bounty rammer, bond stab, + regular hardening) and decided it will be the first tier 10 tank I will 2-mark. 82% now, and finally climbing again after some derp games.
  4. With BLOC, I found heavies and steel wall + hc to be the most reliable, but then again I am a terrible LT driver (and add to that the BLOC LT's aren't that good). I did Chimera Union-15 by accident (no honors) first with the 268v4 while going for a TD mission, and then again with honors in the same tank a couple of games later. Just a matter of getting high caliber (20% total dmg) in that thing - with bounces and received dmg your total exceeds 10k in no time.
  5. Do it in a heavy and get steel wall + high caliber.
  6. I wonder if they will make changes to the arty missions and missions with stun as primary condition?
  7. Supposedly the tier 9 and 10 are getting further buffs to reload and gun handling, to their single shot guns in particular.
  8. Finally did the Union arty mission in the Chimera campaign. What a slog! The Alliance arty mission only took me 2 games in the M12.
    Happy I won't have to touch arty again until I start the 279 campaign.

    1. hazzgar


      Scumbus makes it easy.

    2. Panzergraf


      That's the tier 8? I used the S51 because I had no Soviet arty in my garage from before, and it was cheaper to buy and research.
      I'll have to get a tier 8 or up for the 279 missions though, but for now I can enjoy not playing arty.

  9. Do blind stuns count towards missions? It almost seems like they don't, even though they get added to your total stun time in the post battle result.
  10. Just wait for WG to sell you second front orders from the Black Market at an insane price in gold
  11. But that's the tier 10, isn't it? Seems reasonable.
  12. Ooof, I hope it receives further adjustments before it goes live
  13. I wonder if the T8 will atually have 460 alpha. They said in the video they were considering other options if it proved too extreme. I like that we can choose to play them with regular single shot guns too. Just decent (hopefully) heavy tanks without gimmicks.
  14. Czech Heavies look interesting. Like the choice of two guns.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      You'd be incorrect!

  15. 2100 base XP is not enough for an Ace
  16. Just got the upgraded gun on mine and kinda fell in love with it. After a tough slog with avg. 500dmg the first 10 battles using stock/second gun, I free XP'd the final gun and it just clicked. Two 3k dmg losses and a 5k dmg ace tanker win. I will definitely keep it because I rolled a new crew for it after forgetting I had a 4 skill Sabaton crew in my Prima Victoria (forgotten because I started hating that tank), and I'll just put them in the tier 9 when I get that far and keep my current crew in the 14-5.
  17. Play it to get your daily missions done, those earn battlepass points
  18. BIA 2 could maybe instead work like Old Guard or whatever they called it in crew 2.0, where it adds to survivability rather than crew skill. Maybe reduce stun duration and increase module HP or something, but not drastically so. And you can pick it instead of or in addition to BIA - could be nice for heavy tanks.
  19. Picked up a second MOE on mine just now, after a very mediocre battle. Maybe letting the unwashed masses get their hands on it wasn't so bad after all
  20. I got mine in the pre-order bundle at the end of the beta test, and now I'm salty that they're just letting everyone get them It's sooo amazing now, though! It used to be such a turd back in the day (did it use to be tier 6 too?), but somewhere along the line it got buffed and now it's the most fun you're ever gonna have with your pants on.
  21. I came back a year ago after also having been gone since 2015. Adjusting was hard; I was also way too aggressive at first. There's a lot of dumb BS now, like wheelies and arty stuns (WG is adressing the latter on the sandbox though), but overall I still enjoy it.
  22. New AP pen damage seems to be lower than what a direct non-pen hit from current arty often is, and you won't be stunned. Conceptually, I like these changes. No idea how it will work in practice though.
  23. And something for radio operators. Other than SA, none of the radio skills are relevant at mid to high tier.
  24. My barely coherent hungover rant on crew two point no.
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