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  1. I've seen bots (actual WG bots with the : around their names) drive these and get top guns. They're pretty beastly when there's no high-pen tanks around to counter them. And even when faced with something like a VK 30.01 with the Konisch, 1k HP at tier 5 goes a long way.
  2. As for the T29, I think it would be best to just have it and the T32 just trade places in the tech tree. Historically the T32 only had a 90mm, which would be easier to balance for tier 7.
  3. Most of you have probably heard by now, but the Kran and Emil II are being nerfed. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2022/06/30/supertest-vehicle-rebalancing/amp/ There are other changes announced too, like buffs to some French heavy tanks, but the Kran nerfs are the big news here. Too much? I think so. This will do little to change how annoying it is to face a hull down Kran, but will make the Kran driver just as annoyed themselves that they can't hit anything anymore. Or get anywhere.
  4. Recon is back, this time with 6 maps. 3 of them we've seen before: Far East, Canyon, and Airship Factory. They've been lightly modified since last time. 3 of them are brand new: Anykeyevka, Klostertal, and Aquila. Aquila is another 1200x1200 map, like Foothills was from last year. Thoughts? I still hate Canyon. Far East is good, but the city fight down south is a bit linear. Another street with a row of buildings could improve it. The Airship map ok. Anykeyevka is probably my favorite so far. Klostertal is fine too, but the devs went overboard with adding hull down locatio
  5. One thing I read some people did on the official forums, which I'm sad I didn't hink of beforehand, is they "preloaded" a bunch of tier 6 tanks with 90+ BP points before the temporary chapter. That way, once the marathon chapter started, they just had to play a game or two in each tank to get the 20 bonus points for reaching the 100 BP limit. Something to keep in mind for next time!
  6. Ground my way through 38 levels of battlepass and used a bit of gold for the rest. Haven't tried the tank yet, but this new marathon system is a big improvement IMHO. Much less grindy.
  7. Maybe once lots of people get their hands on the new Czech TD it will be easier? MM will probably be full of them for a few days, and they're soft targets.
  8. Shell velocity isn't great thogh, both AP and HEAT rounds are kind of slow. But ooooh, notice that HE pen!
  9. Only played 3 games of 1v7 so far (queue times have been horrible for strats), won one and lost two. Pretty fun, but way harder than 1v1. 7v1 is a whole lot of fun too, kinda ruined my 90% wr in it by mainly playing the Cent AX the past two nights, but still winning more than losing. I've got all the rewards now, but I'll definitely play some more 1v7 now that strat queue times seem to be getting better.
  10. I've played it a couple of times now. Definitely play the tutorial first, as there are a couple of things (like how to rotate the camera) that are not too intuitive. The AI can't sidescrape a corner, but if you park a tank (and tell it to hold position) in a hull down position, it will do that just fine. I want to experiment more with using auto loaders next time I play, as the down time between mags will give me more time to command the rest of my force. Switching between tanks and giving out move/attack commands when needed was something I struggled with a lot to begin with, but it's
  11. Bumping this because someone asked about Maus field mods; Here's my setup: Hardening, Turbo (mobility slot) and rammer (bounty) is what I use on mine. I don't even think I have an alternate setup. Field mods are pretty simple; II - Reduced terrain resistance IV - Improved accuracy V - nothing VII - Padding Removal (more speed!) VIII - Auxiliary Safety System Effective top speed of 27 on hard and medium ground, 25.5 on soft ground. Not too bad. The Maus has good bloom values for turret rotaion, and it's slow enough (even all kitted out with field mods) that hull mov
  12. Thank you! I actually looked up your EQ 2.0 document the other day to see if it had been ammended with the field mods stuff. I had a feeling the Aiming Gears Lapping and Suspension Tuning mods were traps, and the Accuracy mod would be flat out better in pretty much every case, and from your work it seems to be the case. Also thanks for showing the differences between Snap Shot and Smooth Ride. Makes it easier to know which (if any) crew directive should be used to double the effect of the skill.
  13. Tier 10 UDES is currently my favorite tier 10 medium. The tier 9 never really clicked with me either.
  14. I've got it, played a handful of games in it, got the field mods. Ended up with the firepower slot to improve the gun handling and I'll just live with the poor mobility. Whenever I get more bounty equipment I'll put that on and re-spec to mobility and add a turbo, maybe, but this tank is still not fun to play so it might just be gathering dust in the garage at that point. I've got vents, vertstab (slotted), rammer, and vents, IAU (slotted), rammer in my two setups currently. With IAU, food, and the accuracy field mod I got the dispersion down to .35, which isn't amazing but it works. Th
  15. It'll be in the Christmas boxes. Some CC's have reviews up already, Skill and QB were both unimpressed. It's like a pre-buff T34.
  16. I've been playing the JT again recently as well. It's one of my all time most played tanks, from way back when it has less health, more horsepower, and a lower top speed (don't remember when that changed, but a long time ago). My legacy stats in it were around 2500 DPG and 60% WR after ~700games or so, since I've started playing it again my WR has dropped down to 58%, and while the DPG also initially dropped it's been climbing back up to just above 2500, and I should be getting some marks on it soon. (MOE wasn't even in the game back when I played it a lot - so basically a long long tim
  17. I've had some pretty good matches on the snow and desert maps, but only in good hull down heavy tanks (AE Phase and C1B). Those two maps feel like they really favor such tanks, as all the good locations are either ridgelines or have those little rubble mounds that hide your hull. Not a fan of that meta, especially not after torturing myself through ranked (where most of the maps have those issues too). So far I haven't played many games in tanks other than those two mentioned, or at least tanks similar to them, and I don't think I would enjoy doing so either. The snow map has some vert
  18. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/recon-mission-stage-3/ So Volga was apparently the most popular map. Also, three new ones are up.
  19. Turns out games in this mode count towards MOE, so if you're sick of getting Mali and Prok while trying to mark your big fat heavies, give it a go. Had a 5k game followed by two 6.5k ace games in my E75 just now, finally getting my third mark. Once you figure the maps out (not hard), before most pubbies do, it's pure Farmville.
  20. For those out of the loop, as I know many here are semi-retired from pixel tanks: Recon Mode is a new game mode that's basically randoms, but limited to a week or so at a time, tier 8-10 only, and instead of the normal map rotation you get one of three new maps in development. Last time the maps in question were Far East, Outpost, and Airship Yard. All 1000x1000m maps. I liked all of them personally, not perfect maps, but better than many of the current random maps. Airship Yard was perhaps my favorite, as the heavy brawls in the airship factory-think was better and less stale th
  21. I like the 10v10 format I like that they banned reward tanks I like the rewards, and you don't even need to make the leagues to earn lots of bonds (and a million credits just for qualifying) I don't like the hulldown ridgeline meta, which is in part because of the map selection I don't like that it's limited to just certain hours - most of which I am at work during I don't like the arbitrary "role bonus" thing I don't like that some players of the winning team aren't given chevrons. Plenty of things you can do to help win the match aren't directly rewarded by XP, and it just inc
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