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  1. I wanted to make sure I didn't lose these replays so I spent 2 hours and made a video.
  2. 7th for the month - Not bad. Friday night @PlanetaryGenocide and I went rampaging around. We both had a few 4k games
  3. I blame you for bad focusing. "Hold on, I'm gonna go take this guy out" - Drives into 7 tanks and dies
  4. God that game was fun. Combined 8400? I need to find my 5200 damage game and post some clips from that
  5. I think I need to do the same. Just nothing but T49 videos from now on
  6. You might notice some views on that video Marcus. I shared it to reddit. I appreciate a good T49 comp.
  7. I like OBS as well. Crank dat bitrate up and gg
  8. Work shit on me and I lost what I had from 9.19. I'm working on another derp video across Foch 155, Type 4, 183, and T49. Dunktastic
  9. I'm back. I couldn't show my face around here until I did this. Derp is lyfe. Derp is love. Derp is all
  10. Can I apply to be your friend?

    1. Trobs


      I guess....

    2. cvshaft


      It says you are taking applications...

  11. The 260 death at the end is what inspired this video. That happened Sunday....I was very very salty
  12. The big issue with Garbad is he wasn't able to separate his excellent skill and knowledge of the game from his desire to troll the shit out of people and pick fights. As a knowledge bank for this game he is one of the best. Able to convey to others what he is doing and how they can emulate his performance. That's something not many high skill players are capable of. Sharing knowledge isn't an easy thing to do. He just needs to stop trying to poke the anime kids, arty players, etc.
  13. Type 95: 22M5 Stuart: 25 M3 Lee: 14SAu-40: 20AMX 40: 20B1: 20DW2: 21Pz 38 Na: 20Sentinel: 20 Valentine: 20Pz III K: 20 Matilda BP: 20 Matilda IV: 20 AMX 12T: 14Churchill VII: 21Churchill GC: 23 TOG II: 23 - Useless sack of xp farmingAchilles: 17ARL V39: 21Black Prince 18Challenger: 17.Chi-Ri: 18 O-Ni: 21 Sturer Emil:18 Type 62: 20 Panther:17 AMX 13 75: 17 AMX M4 45: 21 KV-3: 5 FV201: 20 T 34/100: 17 Tiger P: 21 SU-100M1: 17 AMX AC 46: 21 A-44: 20
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