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  1. So you're suggesting that I may win more games by playing more aggressively in the beginning even if at the expense of WN8? So it's better to try to have an early impact instead of "save myself" for the end? So, for example, Super Uni WN8 is easier to obtain solo than Super Uni WR, even though they both technically represent the top .01%?
  2. Hello, I have a recent WN8 of, at the time of posting this, just under 3200. That is super unicum. My recent WR on the other hand, well... that's just over 59% percent, which is dark blue. My recent WR is nearing 60%, which would be unicum, but that got me thinking, am I doing something wrong? I play almost exclusively solo, to begin with, and also almost only Tier 10, but I feel like that doesn't justify the gap in my WN8 and WR. For my WR to be the same color as my WN8 it would have to be 65%, and I simply cannot imagine having a WR like that unless I'm rolling through pubs in a 3
  3. xD Me and Zap were talking on Skype not long after I made my WoTlabs account and he said I needed an Icon. Then he said something about pandas I remember. I don't remember him saying anything about killing them though.. interesting.
  4. Hello fellow tonkers. I'm looking for an at least decent (2k+) recent WN8 team to do weekday tournaments. I do show up and I usually shoot red tanks. I will get the money to buy at least one of whatever tank you want, and it will at the minimum have a 1 skill crew with sixth sense, though more likely to have 3-4 skills. I have literally every American tank in the game unlocked besides the T92 I believe, I have the E100 line, IS7 line, BC25t Line, E4 and E3 line, and I need to buy my 416. I'm not interested in any teams that are below 2k Recent, I would love to have an average Uni recent but
  5. Oh and I actually come to the fights, pretty much everyday (I'll tell you if I cant)
  6. Looking for a team with people that are gud@gaem and make gold. I have TS and I buy the right tonks and stuff.
  7. @Borange - What tanks have you been playing lately? I see that you play a lot of heavies, maybe your problem is that you're more focused on damage dealing than actually winning the game. Even if that doesn't include sniping at the back. Armored heavies are by far (on the most current maps) the easiest tanks to carry in. If you're not able to win a lot you need to look at your game-play/replays and decide what you could have done to win the game. Whether that's taking the shot for your 1 shottable 50 100 so he can unload a clip or leading the push. I don't know what you've been playing and ho
  8. I go back to base when enemies are close, I don't snipe in the back the whole game. And I was at 60, I wouldn't just randomly drop THIS much.
  9. Hello I have been completely unable to get even decent recent WR. I was once at 60%, and as of recent, it has been in steady decline. With 3k Recent this makes NO sense to me, especially since I have almost gone sub-56 (terrible). I go back to base when enemies are close, I don't snipe in the back the whole game, I'm obviously doing good damage, and I just KEEP ON LOSING. Even in platoons, only person I've been able to get solid WR with is CowboyofBebop, and he's an exceptional player so that makes sense. PLEASE HELP. I've been trying to actually get my WR back UP to what it was for probably
  10. I didn't shop myself out, had I done that I would've already found another clan which I still haven't done.
  11. did someone say hating arty? <3 Add me if your fine with a 13 yo
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