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  1. Empire at War has some great mods that makes the galactic skirmish a lot of fun such as Thrawns revenge.
  2. Saw a lot of labbers on sea including Ted and Tuco in glorious T10s. Also saw Fluffy cruising around in a carrier.
  3. I have no idea what todo in this game. Im just sitting here with 20mil that was given to me and training skills.
  4. So i'd like to fly with some other wotlabbers sooner or later when I get a better grasp of fights. What ship should I be looking to get into? I'm a Amarr and just got my punisher. Also rooks and kings videos are like porn.
  5. Game is fun so far I have no idea what im doing so far but enjoyable none the less.
  6. So I've been wanting to try out this game but now with school I'm limited too playing 2-3 hours a day during the weekdays. Within that time frame how much could I actually do in this game? End goal for me would be small group PVP/pirating. Been watching through RooksnKings videos and they're fantastic.
  7. I recently moved from California to Ohio with my computer boxed up in the back of my truck. Took the GPU out before moving over here and everything came out seemingly alright.
  8. Just about to hit tier 8 myself. RP isnt bad thanks to premium enjoy the premium due to it also helping out other players.
  9. New patch out decreased plasma damage and radius by 10-15% and also fixed the no damage rail gun hits. Oh also lowered the ceiling height on some maps so plasma bombers really got screwed.
  10. Rexxie try staying at range with a SMG gun bed. Tap fire so your accuracy is improved and dodge when you see volleys coming in.
  11. I agree but it's not only about that but they need to add matchmaking weight to the guns you're using. In higher tiers 7-8 that im currently in you either get all the med bots or zero.
  12. Yea a lot of fliers and plasma users. Luckly that makes it pretty easy pickins for long range SMG users.
  13. Hit detection is broken currently. You can fire 3 of your rails into a guy and only 1 will register as a hit. It doesn't even give you a -0 damage indicator it just acts like you missed.
  14. Yea I switched to SMGs due to rails being broken currently. Use my little guy as a fast intercept AA type role.
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