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  1. earth stream and trees, encircled by memes


  2. runicum is dead :( no fwiends online


  3. played some OSRS today tanks is still horrible and league almost as bad but feeding afkers can't spoil this one
  4. ordered 2 of these babies, one for me and one for bby since local store had a nice discount on them Sapphire R9 380 4GB OC Dual-X NITRO Zero Fan can't wait for the unboxening to happen
  5. o7o7 it's a multiboxing -ting one in varrock cutting wood the other fishing life is for pussies Rune is King
  6. looks like the bit about jimm's being a german company was bs can't even get the website in english ok so basically keep using this shitty acer p226HQV i have and gtx960 and i should see an upgrade? i think it should be compatible? thanks! http://www.jimms.fi/en/Product/Show/111236/gtx-960-gaming-4g/msi-nvidia-geforce-gtx-960-gaming-4gb-gddr5-dvi-hdmi-3xdp-pci-e-3_0-upgrade-now is this like something i should be getting because sure well within the budget
  7. @Xen something that isn't the bottleneck now that i almost have that new gpu @Folterknecht i've been shopping at http://www.jimms.fi/ usually, they seem to have low-ish prices.. thats a german company? they do have a store here in winland too so shipping isn't much either
  8. thats 500-600 for just monitor and gpu if i have to buy the rest too im willing to spend ~1k on the build
  9. uhm i need a new monitor i did not mention this and made you mad im sorry i checked out your how-to-post -thread before posting but yeah i guess im just bad EDIT: eu, FIN and yeah 450 £ is sort of 500-600€
  10. So long story short with my current rig I was barely able to run fallout 4 with low-low-off -settings and that is unacceptable. Unfortunately, if I am to buy myself a new GPU or anything I sort of have to get one for the missus too or all hell breaks loose so Im here asking if it is possible to use some what I have now, save a fortune and still get results? Basically what i want from my PC is being able to run new games in 1920 x 1080 without lags What I have right now: mobo: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard cpu: AMD FX-4100 (OEM/Tray) 4 cores 3,6Ghz
  11. alfred <3 i soooo loved that show 23 years ago
  12. noragami is gud should not have begun watching before season finale
  13. ...like two kv-5s bouncing and missing each other happily for 50 minutes, then later bragging about how much damage blocked they got on TS with their klenumates I do realise battle time is only 15 minutes :D:D:D
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