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  1. earth stream and trees, encircled by memes


  2. runicum is dead :( no fwiends online


  3. played some OSRS today tanks is still horrible and league almost as bad but feeding afkers can't spoil this one
  4. ordered 2 of these babies, one for me and one for bby since local store had a nice discount on them Sapphire R9 380 4GB OC Dual-X NITRO Zero Fan can't wait for the unboxening to happen
  5. o7o7 it's a multiboxing -ting one in varrock cutting wood the other fishing life is for pussies Rune is King
  6. looks like the bit about jimm's being a german company was bs can't even get the website in english ok so basically keep using this shitty acer p226HQV i have and gtx960 and i should see an upgrade? i think it should be compatible? thanks! http://www.jimms.fi/en/Product/Show/111236/gtx-960-gaming-4g/msi-nvidia-geforce-gtx-960-gaming-4gb-gddr5-dvi-hdmi-3xdp-pci-e-3_0-upgrade-now is this like something i should be getting because sure well within the budget
  7. @Xen something that isn't the bottleneck now that i almost have that new gpu @Folterknecht i've been shopping at http://www.jimms.fi/ usually, they seem to have low-ish prices.. thats a german company? they do have a store here in winland too so shipping isn't much either
  8. thats 500-600 for just monitor and gpu if i have to buy the rest too im willing to spend ~1k on the build
  9. uhm i need a new monitor i did not mention this and made you mad im sorry i checked out your how-to-post -thread before posting but yeah i guess im just bad EDIT: eu, FIN and yeah 450 £ is sort of 500-600€
  10. So long story short with my current rig I was barely able to run fallout 4 with low-low-off -settings and that is unacceptable. Unfortunately, if I am to buy myself a new GPU or anything I sort of have to get one for the missus too or all hell breaks loose so Im here asking if it is possible to use some what I have now, save a fortune and still get results? Basically what i want from my PC is being able to run new games in 1920 x 1080 without lags What I have right now: mobo: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard cpu: AMD FX-4100 (OEM/Tray) 4 cores 3,6Ghz
  11. alfred <3 i soooo loved that show 23 years ago
  12. noragami is gud should not have begun watching before season finale
  13. ...like two kv-5s bouncing and missing each other happily for 50 minutes, then later bragging about how much damage blocked they got on TS with their klenumates I do realise battle time is only 15 minutes :D:D:D
  14. This all-star event is actually quite a bit more entertaining than I would have imagined! Seriously tho, insta-mute when that dashing young gentleman with the parple hairdo enters the scene so bloody annoying..
  15. so much quality content, so little upvotes
  16. watched the whole game this morning before going to work, thanks for posting i do like playing lux myself quite a bit
  17. o7 I can assure you even though almost everyone you meet playing leagues is a complete twat and flames from champion pick to the end you wont get banned for playing poorly. But that's not what you were asking! I suggest that instead of finding out what champions are slightly better in this patch and playing those champs only you try out as many as you can and before trying a new champ take a quick look at probuilds.net and see what items the very best like building on them. Eventually, you should be able to find some champs that you are somewhat comfortable playing for every role but not
  18. Why not civ 1? One of the first games i've ever played, pure epicness it is. My current favourite in the series is number 4 so I encourage you (luna) to try it too I've completed maybe 30 games of 5 but yeah civ 4 best civ. o7o7o7
  19. Constar

    Fallout Series

    it IS a bethesda game after all
  20. Constar

    Fallout Series

    looks like my gf is leaving me soon for i have installed and begun my journey in the wasteland today i need a new gpu. game looks like fallout 2 with everything set to low/off ...war never changes.
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