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    Constar got a reaction from TheEmptyLord in Official dank runescape meme fan club   
    it's a multiboxing -ting
    one in varrock cutting wood
    the other fishing
    life is for pussies
    Rune is King
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    Constar reacted to Folterknecht in Hello Folter and co - time to upgrade this ship   
    You ve two problems when it comes to gaming:
    the GPU is a "joke" - total low end from ages ago (5-6 years) a CPU with poor single core performance and 2 cores that pretend to be 4  
    with the upper limit of 1000$ you can get this:
    http://de.pcpartpicker.com/user/F0lterknecht/saved/cJ8G3C (prices taken from Jimmy)
    under the assumption that you really have 2x 4GB DDR3 (check that with GPU-z) and reuse it. The same can be done with the HDD, case (check gpu clearence) and PSU.
    The monitor I included runs 144Hz and is FreeSnc compatible. Here is a review including settings for optimal picture quality:
    If you re not interested in that and 60Hz are enough, you can get a nice IPS panel 24inch with 60 Hz for around 250€.
    Be aware you might have to get creative to get your GF away from that system, is she has a comparable setup as you have now. Or you just have to let her play on your lap.
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    Constar reacted to GehakteMolen in Western cartoons thread   
    Would be South Park, also stahp hate familty guy :<
    When i was a child it were mostly dutch or scandinavian cartoons on TV, only this one:
    Is known outside netherlands i think (and its also at times fairly dark for a kids show, so in some countris it got censored a bit afaik (dem feelings)
    This is a still from the show i think:

    The ``National Crow Party``, led by the crow Dolf 
    Some other episodes they went to Africa to a country with apartheid (white goose vs black ducks) or try to save some whales
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    Constar got a reaction from jostie in Epic "trolling" is epic   
    ...like two kv-5s bouncing and missing each other happily for 50 minutes, then later bragging about how much damage blocked they got on TS with their klenumates
    I do realise battle time is only 15 minutes :D:D:D
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    Constar got a reaction from Rodrigopine in Epic "trolling" is epic   
    ...like two kv-5s bouncing and missing each other happily for 50 minutes, then later bragging about how much damage blocked they got on TS with their klenumates
    I do realise battle time is only 15 minutes :D:D:D
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    Constar got a reaction from lavawing in Epic "trolling" is epic   
    ...like two kv-5s bouncing and missing each other happily for 50 minutes, then later bragging about how much damage blocked they got on TS with their klenumates
    I do realise battle time is only 15 minutes :D:D:D
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    Constar reacted to Maledictus in Epic "trolling" is epic   
    So, I made some random comment in chat when a guy was raging during a battle.  He proceeded to message me after the battle and below is how this went.
    * The first few lines cut off.  He barged in asking me what he did to me.  I said that I was stirring the pot, and asked if he wanted juice.  He did not reply and kept calling me asshole and douche. Now the below happened.
    Maledictus (8:21:27 PM) Tea perhaps?
    GojiraTX (8:21:43 PM) why are you an asshole. that's all i want to know
    Maledictus (8:21:47 PM) I may have some coffee around here somewhere I am certain.
    Maledictus (8:22:11 PM) I am just trying to help you. Help me help you Gojira.
    GojiraTX (8:22:23 PM) i don't even know you and you're being a douche
    Maledictus (8:23:01 PM) Gojira, WOT is not about killing tanks, it is about a safe space to grow! Please stop being hateful!
    GojiraTX (8:23:34 PM) tryiing to see if i can get any kind reasonable from you other than just insults
    GojiraTX (8:23:39 PM) trying*
    GojiraTX (8:23:47 PM) reasonable response*
    Maledictus (8:24:24 PM) I would never insult anyone! I was being cordial by offering you juice, coffee or tea. You seemed upset so I thought those would help.
    GojiraTX (8:25:08 PM) "mad becuase bad" implying you're perfect.
    GojiraTX (8:25:19 PM) i asked if i did something to you
    GojiraTX (8:25:22 PM) and i get this
    GojiraTX (8:25:32 PM) somantics
    Maledictus (8:25:33 PM) So no coffee or tea?
    GojiraTX (8:25:35 PM) thats all this is
    Maledictus (8:25:43 PM) semantics*
    GojiraTX (8:25:50 PM) i know sorry
    GojiraTX (8:25:55 PM) but really
    GojiraTX (8:26:04 PM) what did i do to you
    Maledictus (8:26:35 PM) It's ok Gojira. This is a safe space. You can be yourself here.
    GojiraTX (8:26:56 PM) give me an answer
    GojiraTX (8:27:26 PM) i know it's a difficult task but you can atleast try
    Maledictus (8:27:49 PM) I can't tell you if you want tea or coffee or nothing. If I pour the tea/coffee down your throat that would be rape. And rape is bad.
    GojiraTX (8:28:22 PM) answer please
    Maledictus (8:28:50 PM) I can assume you would like some soothing chamomile tea? maybe a nice lavender?
    GojiraTX (8:28:58 PM) answer
    GojiraTX (8:29:11 PM) that's what i'd like
    GojiraTX (8:29:20 PM) that's why i started this pm
    Maledictus (8:29:23 PM) I will go with lavender, you seem cranky, probably from a lack of sleep.
    GojiraTX (8:29:36 PM) you seem to have something against me and i want to know what it is
    Maledictus (8:30:12 PM) I have nothing against you, I just want to help you. Please, if lavender tea is not what you want let me know!
    Maledictus (8:31:34 PM) Gojira? Tea? No?
    GojiraTX (8:31:44 PM) then why did you assume that becuase i didn't like someone telling me my tank was shit because he likes another tank
    GojiraTX (8:31:57 PM) that it means that im bad
    GojiraTX (8:32:03 PM) at the game
    Maledictus (8:32:32 PM) The same reason you refuse to answer me with what beverage I can get you!
    Maledictus (8:32:59 PM) Help me, help you Gojira!
    Maledictus (8:33:10 PM) I just want you to feel better!
    GojiraTX (8:33:14 PM) i was ass raped by teir 10's in a sherman. of course im going to be irritated
    GojiraTX (8:33:37 PM) don't see how that shows my skill level
    Maledictus (8:34:01 PM) I recommend then that you try chamomile. It will help you relax a bit.
    GojiraTX (8:34:23 PM) im ignoring you retarded tea questions same as you're ignoring my question
    GojiraTX (8:34:53 PM) your
    GojiraTX (8:35:03 PM) *
    GojiraTX (8:36:22 PM) just answer my first question and i'll go
    Maledictus (8:37:17 PM) Sorry was brewing your tea. Would you like a few biscuits as well? Shortbread perhaps?
    Maledictus (8:37:56 PM) And do you take your tea with milk or sugar?
    GojiraTX (8:43:10 PM) please answer my question
    GojiraTX (8:44:55 PM) you're joke has worn itself thin
    Maledictus (8:46:25 PM) Gojira, I just brewed the best tea ever! You should have a cup!
    GojiraTX (8:46:31 PM) as well as my patience, which I'm very sure was your goal
    GojiraTX (8:46:42 PM) so you win
    Maledictus (8:46:50 PM) This tea will absolutely make you feel better!
    GojiraTX (8:47:28 PM) you msde this not only take longer but you've made me think of you less than human
    GojiraTX (8:47:34 PM) no on's this dull
    GojiraTX (8:47:38 PM) one's*
    GojiraTX (8:47:43 PM) made*
    GojiraTX (8:48:09 PM) no one living this long could be this fucking stupid
    Maledictus (8:48:12 PM) I am sorry you feel this way Gojira. I am just trying to help. I want you to feel better. That is all!
    GojiraTX (8:48:53 PM) you're doing the exact opposite
    GojiraTX (8:48:57 PM) and you know this
    Maledictus (8:49:01 PM) I know why you are upset! You are from Texas where they drink sweet ICED tea! How inconsiderate of me!
    GojiraTX (8:49:08 PM) that's why you continue
    GojiraTX (8:49:46 PM) look
    Maledictus (8:50:03 PM) Can you wait here for say, 30 minutes? I can brew up some Liptons tea and make you some refreshing iced tea!
    GojiraTX (8:50:08 PM) i kno it's hard for someone like you not to be a dick but you can atleast try
    GojiraTX (8:50:11 PM) know*
    GojiraTX (8:50:47 PM) i wanted to know what it is that you have against me. it must be something quite big if you decided to do this for this long
    Maledictus (8:51:01 PM) Ohhh, just thought about this, it's close to the holidays and you might like some eggnog!
    GojiraTX (8:51:17 PM) why do you hate me
    Maledictus (8:52:01 PM) Gojira, I don't hate you, I am trying to be friendly and offer you a beverage. It is you who are being rude and not answering.
    GojiraTX (8:52:43 PM) dude. the only reason i even started this pm was for one fucking question
    GojiraTX (8:53:00 PM) once you aswered i'd be on my way
    GojiraTX (8:53:15 PM) but you won't even do that
    Maledictus (8:53:15 PM) I am just being a good host. You literally just barged in here and now you won't take my beverages. How rude!
    GojiraTX (8:54:31 PM) i know what you're trying to do. it's not working. I'm not going to give up until you give me an answer
    Maledictus (8:56:33 PM) Well, I am not going to sacrifice my being a good host, just because you want to be rude!
    GojiraTX (8:57:16 PM) how am i rude. i wanted a simple answer and you decided to do
    GojiraTX (8:57:20 PM) this..
    GojiraTX (8:57:42 PM) you're treating me like an idiot
    Maledictus (8:59:51 PM) I am sorry you feel like that. But I have been nothing but nice and you are all upset and being rude. You sir, are not a good guest.
    GojiraTX (9:00:32 PM) wth are you even talking about
    GojiraTX (9:01:33 PM) I'm sure you're sitting there laughing your ass off right now. but for me this far from funny
    Maledictus (9:02:20 PM) You came over here and barged in my place, therefore you are a guest. As a guest it is rude to insult your host! Don't you know etiquette?
    TL:DR: Such trollz. Much mad. Very wow!
    Still going.......
    GojiraTX (9:03:08 PM) it's pm chat on world of tanks
    GojiraTX (9:03:26 PM) what ettiquite is required for that
    GojiraTX (9:03:30 PM) nome
    GojiraTX (9:03:32 PM) none*
    GojiraTX (9:03:49 PM) you sound like someone who enjoys rp
    GojiraTX (9:03:58 PM) the way you type
    Maledictus (9:04:37 PM) This is my safe space. WOT is about safe spaces not killing tanks.
    GojiraTX (9:04:59 PM) a tank is not alive
    GojiraTX (9:05:04 PM) you cannot kill it
    Maledictus (9:05:50 PM) You came to me, not the other way around. I offered you a beverage. You have not answered. I cannot help you feel better unless you want to feel better.
    GojiraTX (9:06:24 PM) i came to you becuase i wanted to know something
    GojiraTX (9:06:34 PM) what you had against me
    Maledictus (9:06:35 PM) Do you want to feel better Gojira?
    Maledictus (9:06:46 PM) I want you to feel better.
    Maledictus (9:07:00 PM) Your unhappiness is making me unhappy.
    Maledictus (9:07:08 PM) Help me.
    Maledictus (9:07:15 PM) Help you Gojira.
    GojiraTX (9:07:19 PM) it's not wrong to ask a question like that is it? what do you have a against me
    GojiraTX (9:07:36 PM) ..
    Maledictus (9:07:59 PM) Gojira, if you have hate in your heart let it out!
    GojiraTX (9:08:08 PM) kys
    Maledictus (9:08:55 PM) Hate leads to the dark side of the force Gojira. You don't want to be on that side!
    GojiraTX (9:09:09 PM) kys please
    Maledictus (9:09:30 PM) YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE GOJIRA!!!!!!
    GojiraTX (9:09:39 PM) k
    GojiraTX (9:09:40 PM) y
    GojiraTX (9:09:40 PM) s
    Maledictus (9:11:11 PM) Why did you turn away from the light Gojira!
    GojiraTX (9:11:31 PM) why did you not answer my question
    Maledictus (9:11:50 PM) We could have helped you!
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    Constar reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Epic "trolling" is epic   
    Read first 1/3rd or so. Got bored.
    You're terrible at trolling
    Other guy is terrible at hitting the little x in the corner of the chat box.
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    Constar reacted to MacusFlash in Fallout Series   
    Bugs... Bugs never change...
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    Constar reacted to Toasty_Kun in The maps "Prokhorovka" and "Fiery Salient" need to be removed.   
    In my honest opinion, these two maps are two of the utmost god awful maps in the game. The maps require no tactical skill and is all a matter of out-camping the enemy team and staying hidden.
    Honestly, I hate to embarrass myself, but I usually just always exit a battle on Prokhorovka before it even starts, except in rare cases dependent on what tank I'm playing and what side of the map I'm given. I just find no real point in sitting at B2 or K2 for 15 minutes just to get killed by invisitanks and to just not do anything at all.
    Here are the best reasons why these two maps need to be removed:
    All of the Tank Destroyers and Most of the Heavies simply camp the 1-2 line and wait for somebody to get spotted The second you get spotted except in cases if you're a speedy medium or a light tank, you're done.  Getting shot at G1 by somebody sitting at B6 is downright ridiculous. Huge damage farm for arty, literally no place on the map is an arty-safe spot. Too much concealment. Tank destroyers camping B2 can happily spam-click somebody spotted sitting at H2 because they won't be spotted. The hill needs to be reworked. Invisible players sitting on the hill can happily farm off of spotted players sitting at E6, and invisible players sitting at E6 can happily farm off of spotted players sitting on the hill without being spotted. These are my maiden reasons why this map is horrid and it needs to be removed permanently from the rotation, I do have more reasons but they don't belong on this list due to the nature of them.
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    Constar reacted to jessicaelbow in wtf why i keep getting downvoted   
    seriously my rep is in the shitter---my rep among my wotlabs peer is very important
    please support and upvote lets get me back to 0
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    Constar reacted to Dealth_ in Get outa my Grille.   
    fuck you arty shitters, go and die from cancer
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    Constar reacted to sela in 0.9.8 Folterknecht's Modcorner - Icon; WN7/WG-Rating calculator, XVM Config incl WN8, Skill+Perk Descriptions improved   
    You can get Koshnaranek's servercross files from the russian forums, it gets consistently updated each patch. Or you can use PMoD if you want to do a little bit of configuration.
    RU Forums: http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/forum/174-игровой-интерфейс/
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    Constar reacted to Xen in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
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    Constar reacted to Victrix in [MAHOU][SHOJO] is recruiting!   
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    Constar reacted to Luna in E-50 - The Curse of Armor   
    Water is a noob.
    The tank relies on angles in every aspect. You get bonus depression after 20 deg, you can wiggle like a mofo to force your enemies to constantly have to switch aim points (side vs lower plate), you can chew threw the sides of tanks much faster than having to aim in from the front, increasing effective dpm.
    The big thing is that your armor is only truly "armor" against most T7 tanks and some T8 meds. Work to reduce your exposure time while firing because then the enemy will have less chance of being fully aimed in on weakspots (turret face primarily). Abuse the fuck out of that gun depression wherever you can, it is truly stellar.
    While yolo'ing can be effective, there is a huge difference between aggression and straight up suicide. If you are going to go facefirst into 1-2 tanks (generally only should do this if they are 1-2 shots each), you HAVE to make sure that you will not get punished by someone from across the map. Make sure all tanks have been accounted for, or else you might have to deal with a 1v3 and them having a full hp tank to come beat on you while you are occupied.
    Aggression is a much better tactic. Force engagements to be on your own terms, minimizing the time you spend loaded while maximizing the enemies. Don't try and trade shots, try to force the enemy to shoot at you (ideally it misses/bounces) so you have ample time to get 1-2 shells in with minimal risk. Make sure you have at least enough tanks behind you to keep the enemy scared to push. You may not have enough to survive if they do, but the longer you can be active and more damage you can put out greatly increases your odds of winning a flank.
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    Constar reacted to kolni in How do you play artillery?   
    Short answer: You don't.
    Long answer:
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    Constar reacted to DaveFred in Does Bunny condone homophobic references?   
    I was playing a game tonight and there was a Bunny platoon on the opposing team. They lost. I was followed into my garage by MrSharpi who started calling me a faggot, and asking me if I liked being shit in my mouth. Now I know this is the internet and I am a big boy, and I won't lose any sleep about this, but I am wondering if this is typical of Bunny? Is this how Bunny promotes the game? Do they frequently follow people into their garages after they lose and make homophobic references to them or scatological references to what should be in their mouth?
    I would have thought better of a top clan.




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    Constar reacted to Paaranoja in feeling old   
    I was just asked in game to connect via facbook with a pubie that found my comments funny. I had to tell him i dont own a facbook, and when he asked why i replied i dont need one and that i find it highly useless and at the age of 26 i really dont want to be on facebook. He didnt know what to say... as if i told im not really breathing air. I never thought i would feel old/out of place in an online game at the age of 26.
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    Constar got a reaction from Constie in Claus' World   
    thanks Claus and whalecum.
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    Constar reacted to Okeano in Jokes that made you Groan.   
    Pun = worst thing in human history.
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    Constar reacted to EchelonIII in I installed XVM. Holy Shit.   
    Ever wonder why you're skillcapped below 55 like a baddie?

    Yeah, that's why.
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    Constar reacted to ShftyMagoo in WoTLabs Age Distribution 3.0   
    Fucking kids
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    Constar reacted to Pocktio in New map, Overlord   
    These were all sub 1k wn8 subhumans. 
    Why are you defending shitters and calling their random as shit luck tactics?
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    Constar reacted to CraBeatOff in Batcat 25t - "high" DMG, low WN8   
    It means stop playing like an invisible sniper who is just trying to tally up damage.
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