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  1. It great! Im really enjoying it. The only gripe I have is because of all the light tanks in the mm, you can't be as effective. Also you cannot fight other light tank as they will wreck you.
  2. I've just started myself and am currently on the WZ-131. The 59-16 was heaps of fun and really enjoyed it, played 37 games and ended with 70% WR and 1k DPG. It gets awesome MM now so you can just stomp pubbies with view range advantage. I kept it. WZ-131 is a great little tank with heaps of potential! Its actually very good when stock, I even got the Ace tanker when it was stock lol I have a female crew with 3 skills which has made it easier, just get camo/view range stuff and you're good to go. Annoying things include constantly seeing tier 9s.. But I was never scared of tier 9 heavies or TDs. Its the light tanks you have to watch out for, they will destroy you one on one. The prem heat ammo is a bit annoying, would prefer APCR for the shell speed. So far I'm loving them! the 59-16 will also give you 8k wn8 sessions lol
  3. I just got the E50 and wow this tank is too good! Gun is F#cking amazing and so reliable even with only 220 pen and holy shit the armour hilarious! love having Obj 704s and T95s come round the corner and bounce off you Amazing at stomping pubbies which is the only joy i get from this game
  4. Its worse than before.... I never thought it could be possible.... I've played 15 games and haven't been top tier once...... 3 arty on each team every game who perma stun you..... My team has 3 top tier arty while the enemy gets 3 top tier tanks.... wtf is this bullshit
  5. Just avoid them unless they play bad and show their side, good players in a 252U won't consider is IS6 a threat since they can auto pen it basically without taking any damage. Keep the IS6 for money making though! Even just tracking the 252U and letting your allies shoot them will yield good results mostly, IS6 is really for shitting on tier 6s and 7s but sucks at t8 or nein
  6. Spec

    FCM 50t love thread

    Anyone know the DPG for 3 marks? Im at 1900 DPG currently
  7. Spec

    Object 252U

    I was at 84.5% today, just had a 4.6k damage game and IT WENT DOWN TO 83!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Spec

    Strv S1

    I'm finding it gets spotted pretty easily even when super far away... But I'm a pleb You can't even go to normal TD spots as you can't back up fast enough to get away, if you get tracked whilst in siege you are dead without question. I am liking it though as the current meta makes me want to shoot myself, can't play any heavies since the gold spam is out of control XD So I get sit back with the clickers and well, auto pen everything coz 288 apcr
  9. Spec

    Strv S1

    Yes same as tier 8 and above, 3. I'm kind of enjoying it only because it has stupid pen and apcr for standard ammo so can literally pen anything so no need for gold rounds. But it is near useless if you get spotted or get a city map or go in a bad spot. You cannot clean up towards the end because of siege mode and 1000hp I'm also finding it doesn't make THAT many credits since the shells are 1100 each and you'll struggle to do more than 3k unless the enemies sit still for you. Its not very fun imo and if you want a t8 prem get the 252U as its just more versatile. Already aced it too but I have only seen like 5 others through out the day
  10. I once did 1160 damage because the rest were over pens Most was like 50k to a Yamato in my NC, but he did they same to me immediately
  11. Platoon up with some fellow purples then it will be 27v3 not 29v1, they can just help you farm that last little bit. I only just got 3 moe on the Jagdpanther 2 without smashing my monitor with a sledge hammer.
  12. If you live in Australia another one is Umart http://www.umart.com.au/newsite/index.php
  13. Spec


    I really enjoyed it, loved whacking them omaha's for 2/3 od their HP on one salvo. Just got the budyonny and its amazing, 16km range so just spend the whole game lighting fires on poor BBs then get up close and end cruisers instantly when they show broadside
  14. Ok so I updated my rig last year, then upgraded it again this year. Ive done it all myself and super happy with it Specs: I5 6600K OC to 4.5Ghz 16gb of Kingston Hyper X fury DDR4 RAM ASUS Z170-P mobo Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming Corsair RM750x PSU NZXT Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler WB 2TB HDD Samsung EVO 120gb SSD NZXT Hue+ LED strips NZXT AER RGB fans x 6 All together in the EPIC Phanteks Enthoo evolv ATX tempered glass version Soon to come: White sleeved cables M.2 SSD 1080ti or SLI 1080's Full custom water cooled PC in 2018 maybe Thanks for reading
  15. Spec

    Object 252U

    Im 100 games in and finding that it is useless when bottom tier At 65% W/R and 2000 average damage per game Got one MOE so far along with one Radleys, couple Top guns and a bunch of steel walls Its impossible to stop when your top of the list and they don't have any T8 TD's But I do find sometimes I can't do more than 1k damage since the gun is so random with shot placement Vodka/10
  16. No there isn't, it would put too much strain on the server apparently :/
  17. Why is everything on Old School RS so cheap? Party hats are like 400k...?

    1. Luna


      They are given out yearly during christmas. Basically eliminates rare item value hoarding (helps more since the 1k gp token update).

  18. Spec

    Heavy Metal Thread

    Some friends of mine have started a Band and here is their first EP, for amateurs they are very good quality. They aren't Metal but kinda Indie/Rock but I like it: https://www.triplejunearthed.com/jukebox/play/track/3936721 They do have a Kickstarter but I'm not trying to milk
  19. PointyHairedJedi just showcased one of my replays on his channel XD https://youtu.be/pOmDXua85r4

    1. creator31


      u playing in africa?

    2. Spec


      Apparently im playing from the other side of the universe! my ping is usually 150 lol

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