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  1. Ok, that made me laugh. Of course, I'm retarded so I laugh a lot.
  2. None, I was hit a few times, but bounced all the shots. Tough call. We did spawn light on that side (tds went hill) so I was not going planning on ever trying to push hard regardless, but, and this may be wrong, I wasn't going to simply abandon that flank without at least finding out what was over there.
  3. The map was Karelia assault, I was top tier in an M103. We're attacking, I'm set up moving up the western side of the map. On my side I have a T44-100 who, for some reason, runs across the valley floor to set up around G1 and makes it there with all of 200 HP. He lights an RU251 hiding behind the rocks, so the IS3A who is also on that side dives below the bluff and kills it, ending up losing 1200hp in the process. His actions light up a T44 set up midway to the bluff, a Proc and an IS3 back at D1, and I'm getting tapped by a UE03 as I take up position on the bluff (he's still hidden). To top it off, each side has three arty. As I get in position to do some side scraping and hopefully hit the T44 or the IS3, my T44 dies. Followed rather rapidly by the IS3A. I'm getting bounced by 3 shots when I move out of cover, so I make the decision to back out of that area and set up on the far side of the bluff at J2. I had just turned on chat, and so I now have to endure all the talk about being a pussy, not supporting the IS3, not knowing how to drive etc. I make it back to cover, the IS3 and T44 crest the hill and we get into a battle where I take them both to 200 hp, and truth be told choked because I really should have killed both. I end up doing 2200 damage without a kill, the team gets smoked and I get into a running verbal battle with the IS 3A driver who tells me being in a clan would have told me how important it was for me to support his push. Clearly that was wrong, however what other options did I have, besides getting those two shots I missed to count on the IS 3 and the T44?
  4. I'll give that a try, especially since I've been playing my E8 at near Unicum levels over the last few dozen games. I'd almost given up on that tank (since the last time I got back to WoT) because it was getting (I was getting) hammered every time it left the garage, but now it seems that unless I really face plant or the team turns to dust, that rapid fire gun can really put out the damage. Following along here, the advice is split between playing with the big boys until you get gud, or staying in the small pond and learning tactics. At this point, I think the small pond deserves a chance. This is something I probably have neglected which I will start doing. I've never watched a streamer, but I have watched some Youtube vids. Good advice.
  5. I notice that almost none of the purple players state that they've never used XVM, just that they don't now and for a variety of reasons, however the main one seems to be the one you have highlighted. Which sounds more like "I get overconfident seeing that sea of red in front of me, and then I get smoked". Certainly that sea of red could use a little extra help, don't you think?
  6. I'll provide some personal examples of how XVM has helped my game get better, or at least helped me increase my damage output. First, on each map and with a normal distribution of classes, there are 'heavy' spots and 'medium' spots and 'td' spots to go to during deployment. One assume everyone knows this and one can get ones ass shot off rather quickly when one does this without considering who the opposition is. I've learned better deployment options because I've followed what Uni's do in certain situations, and not knowing their skill level would have meant their movements would have been simple random chance. A lower level player will take his T110E5 and put it into action with the other heavies. A Uni, if he sees a favorable deployment, will waffle stomp the 'medium' spot before turning back and dealing with the heavies. Knowing that a Uni is in that tank increases the possible variations of the game, and identifying where he will attack is knowledge that can help you decide which angle of attack you want to attempt. A platoon of three green-blue mediums is bad news, and one can expect a fairly rapid push on the medium side. A platoon of three red-yellow mediums rarely demands the same level of concern. I can watch Unis and near Unis redeploy on maps (either friend or foe, but it's more obvious with foe) in order to either capitalize on a weakness or stabilize a flank. I can't emphasize, for me, how important watching that has been in helping improve my game. One of the first battles I had with XVM was sand river, and we had a Uni IS 6 on our team as top tier. So I'm thinking, great, battles in the bag. Well We get smoked, and it was getting obvious ( I had already died, so I decided to follow him). What he did was gave up a strategically important position for a more tactically advantageous one. Not that it was going to alter the outcome of the game, but it was certainly going to improve his odds of dealing damage longer. Me, I used to sit there in my 'spot' and duke it out regardless, wasting the opportunity to improve my EXP by doing more damage. It was an important lesson to learn that one can still improve one's play even in a losing situation The other night I was on redshire in the north spawn in my M48 and saw a platoon of E100s from G facing us. This isn't necessarily an XVM insight, however if I didn't know who G was but had been using XVM instead, I would have seen the increased danger that their skill level posed to my team. Based on who they were, I decided to offer flank protection to my heavies. I setup behind the hill (there wasn't any arty, thank god) where I had cover on the inside of my heavies position but couldn't get hit from enemies in the middle of the field. They tried to rush our guys around that flank (my heavies were packed behind that rock formation in the east) but after tapping an E4 and the first E100, I was able to prevent my guys from being bum rushed. One of the E100s didn't shoot at my heavies at all, he kept his gun on my position the entire fight. If he swiveled towards my guys, I would poke out, he'd see me and swivel back. If he kept his gun on me, I sat back (unless one of the other tanks tried to push, then I would accept a hit and tap him). Our heavies lasted long enough for our mediums to win their fight, sweep back and mop up what was left of their eastern push. Not a great stat game for me, but a great tactical read because of the knowledge of the level of the players across from me. I also learned that Unis can shoot a dust mite off a mosquitos ass in that game; that E100 hit me twice at distance and I was moving and not showing much of anything. Another game, I'm on Lakeville in the M48 and the enemy only have two good players, both unis, one in a Cent AX, the other in a 907. Both those guys go city, a bunch of us go valley. Our valley push works pretty well, we had like 4 tanks make it across the ridge in good shape, so I swing back to move down the center road and support our city guys. While I'm doing that, I see these unis peel back and start taking on the valley tanks. By the time I can make it down the road (picking off a few cripples along the way) they've engaged and are waffle stomping our valley guys. We win the city, they win the valley, and it's me and a TD (that big Russian one) and some tier 9 heavy taking these guys on. Knowing how good they were really increased my level of focus, however it might have turned my TD compatriot into a moron, because he yoloed the 907 for some reason when he could have played off me to get better shots and got smoked. The heavy and I took out the AX, the 907 took out the heavy, and he ended up winning the match with 10hp. Which I count as a win for me Now, I don't know if they expected to win that game or not. And I am not clear why they didn't simply push the city than swing back. But I assume it's because it would have been a lot harder to get tactically advantageous positions if they let the push in the valley make it to the cap. Maybe someone here can answer that question. I have always viewed XVM the way I view damage counters, as another means of figuring out what I should be doing at any given time on the map. I don't think it provides a good player any important bits of information, he already has that when he logs in. But for those of us who are still learning (24k games, sheesh, that's like 12 year of kindergarten) it really is informative. But only if you are using it properly.
  7. To be fair, these are the only tanks I usually play. I can jump out of my M103 and into my T10 and waffle stomp my way to one win after another. But it doesn't give me the same amount of satisfaction as winning in the 103.
  8. T32: 1547 dpg, 56% WR T54E1: 1836 dpg, 42% WR Ripper: 1353dpg, 50% WR M48: 2300dpg, 51% wr I can do 3k damage once every 5 games or so, at a guess.
  9. I'm torn with this. One, I've disabled in game chat, because that's a distraction I don't need (and because it was way to easy to express frustration in game with it enabled). Two, I don't have the stats up, just the color code of the players overall and their WR in the current tank. In some cases, it's a psychological barrier to overcome (like, logging into your third match in a row with all tomatoes on your side and all kiwis on the other). On the other hand, knowing who I'm up against makes me play a more tactical game in a lot of situations. Not necessarily cautious, but I certainly don't yolo against the better players. Currently, I haven't updated the service, so I'll play a few days without it being on and see if it makes a difference. I'm thinking it goes beyond that, however. I love the M46, best fit for me as a player in the game. Not that I excel with it, but it defines 'comfortable'. I have a love/hate relationship with the M48. It's a deadly tank when in support, but I have a lot of trouble trying to push with it. Here's my problem in one tanks stats. I love the T54E1. Love it. I do 110% expected damage over 78 games. I do 103% frags. 128% dropped capture points. 69.6% spotted (though how the hell this tank can 'spot' is beyond me) 42% WR. I always, always play this up front. I stay just behind the heavies/meds, then jump out and dump a clip into the bad guys. I'll take two hits to give four, then do it again. Point being, I'm never playing passive, I'm dealing a lot of damage, killing a fair amount of bad guys and getting smoked in wins. Not sure what else this thing is capable of.
  10. There is some truth in this, I do use XVM and will allow that to dictate how I believe my team will respond to various scenarios. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to exploit a flank's weakness only to be left hung out to dry by folks who only want to play tank sniper. I'm less aggressive because most of the vehicles I play don't carry well (at least in my hands) and are better in a support role. So unless I see another player ready to try to push a flank, I'm content to wait for targets to show up myself. That's only true in mediums, btw. Looking at my stats again, I'm seeing a 14% reduction in spotting, a 12% reduction in experience but an increase in the average tier being played of 9%. That's probably a recognition that I'm not playing as aggressively as I used to, which kind of sucks because the inference is that if I allow myself to get my ass shot off, my team can clean up the other side better than if I play like most of them. What are the realistic chances that I have of carrying games playing mostly US mediums?
  11. Since I've observed how some of you guys play *ahem* there are definitely times when I'll displace from a losing side in order to survive a bit longer and do some more damage, however that's not my normal game play style. What seems at odds with a claim of stat padding is the increase in survivability, I would expect a losing stat padder to die just as often as before, while my survivability is going up. There aren't many games that I survive on a losing team, especially at the higher tiers, because most folks want to get kills/damage more than cap points. BTW, it's only 14 days ( I use Age of Strife stats page) and it's been 318 battles. 49% WR vs 51% nominal
  12. I've raised my WN8 to about 1800 over the course of the last 30 days. My K/D R is 44% higher, my DR is 30% higher, I'm surviving about 10% more battles, I am at about 46% for fire for effect (vs ~30% previously) but my win rate is worse now than when I started. I play mostly mediums (with a healthy dose of the T32 thrown in) and do reasonably well in most, though I would never be accused at being able to 'carry' a battle (once in a very great while). Where I really seem to get smoked is when I'm in Tier 10 matches. I seem to play ok, but quite a few of those games end up being 15-3 wipeouts. I tend to be aggressive when I'm top tier, play support when I'm mid tier, and be a sneaky bastard when I'm bottom tier. I'm at a loss to figure why this is happening. I don't rage as much, since I'm personally doing better in a lot of metrics, but it does get frustrating to continually lose these matches.
  13. Does this self install, or do I have to play around with the files in the WOT directory?
  14. Boy howdy! I'll add that getting XVM installed is a great investment in time. Knowing the potential skill level of the opposition can allow you to either get to a good spot to score some points against weaker/equal opponents, or avoid a location where the higher skilled folks are likely to end up. Eventually those bastards will find you, but if you can get a few shots in first, it helps boost your stats.
  15. So I'm back playing again after a layoff or several months, and I'm finding I'm making the same stupid mistakes I had almost purged from my game play by the end of my last time in game. To whit, being too aggressive in tanks that cannot handle the aggression. That said, I'm on Prok in my M46KR (grinding credits because I lost 1.2mil trying to play tier 9 and 10 too soon) in a tier 10 match. It's an encounter battle so I figure I'll avoid the cap and hill and go over to the east side of the map where I can peek over the middle and hopefully spot some targets for the TD's in the back and not run into the bulk of the tier 10 meds on the other side. After one minute and some very bad play, I have 13hp left with nothing lit in front of me except the fast lights and med's running around the middle of the field. So I figure the only constructive thing I can do is head over to the cap and hopefully force the other side into exposing themselves by trying to reset. Surprisingly, that works like a charm, and somehow I survive to the end of the game by capping all 100points. There's only one of their tanks left by the time the countdown ends, and I'm pretty happy to have turned lemons into lemonade, as it were. Until I get a message from a Uni asking my why I capped (I have chat off, I'm too volatile in chat to trust myself to letting my feelings out during the game. I've found it's much less stress on me to offer praise in a message than an insult in game, so that's what I do now). So I explain my rationale to him, and he tells me I was a nub because we get more xp for kills than capping. And rather pointedly reminds me that my stats suck. So, was capping a good option for me in that scenario, or should I have found a bush and tried to be a fat sniper and hope the team was able to kill the other side? I always heard that killing all the enemy wasn't that big a deal, but maybe I'm not up to date on the latest way that stats/xp is recorded.
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