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  1. First time logging into Labs in ~8 Months. Are any folks from the good 'ol days still around besides the moderation crew? Is this game ded? Should I install? I see AW really shit the bed - heh. @solono still takes my patreon money so I'm guessing he's alive.
  2. *googles Yang-Mills *Shudders Good Luck
  3. Well that's disappointing for both. Thanks for the write-up homie.
  4. Here is my Mini ITX Build from a few months back. So far, very happy with it. Case is sill bigger than I would like, but sacrifices must be made for dedicated GPUs.
  5. I use a 2GB superclocked 750TI. No complaints for WOT/WOWS/AW all on MAX
  6. I want the TD eventually because Swiss.... But Im sure a shit going to have a blast in my XM1 tonight with all the pubbies in the prems. I find this extremely annoying as well. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm going insane because I could have sworn I didn't leave sniper view zoomed all the way in
  7. Funny how less than a week ago you had no problem talking about AW here. I negged you because you had nothing useful to say - just baiting.

  9. So are you planning on doing some piecemeal grinds to unlock key mods and then grinding a line to T8/10? Or grind a line to T8/10 and then do the shitter trees to spec out the top tier tank after the fact.
  10. So basically Russian MBT or GTFO. I'm on the starshit, didn't even think about unlocking a better commander for MBT
  11. Google Doc and/or Calendar = Problem solved.
  12. Looks interesting... It might be gimp'd by bloom after shot. The low intra-clip time is useless if its aiming time is shit (a la post-nerf T57 reloaded before reticle is ready.)
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