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  1. I think that would be a good idea for us, but not the playerbase as a whole. Remember that the average tomato sits in his heavy tank in his flank-proof corridor until he dies or his team wins. This would mean he's taking constant hard arty hits for playing that way... and while you'd think that would encourage him to move and be productive, I suspect he'd rage-quit and uninstall instead. Before you say "no great loss," realize that my point is that that's a large (and, presumably, profitable) share of the player population. Wargaming is (in my opinion) better off having arty screw over good players in our medium tanks than bad players in heavies, because they have to chase the money.
  2. Yeah, I was looking at the 121B changes thinking, "Well, this is worth at least trying out as a CW scout." The extra 20m of view range (which will be 23m+ after bonuses) should offset the Bat's camo advantage (assuming it even has an advantage, as we don't know how much of a boost the 121B is getting), and while it won't have the clip that lets a Bat who screwed up at least sell himself dearly, it should be better at shooting on the move.
  3. Played ten games and came here to see if I'm just playing it terribly, or if it's really as shitty as it seems. Glad to see my suspicions confirmed. Looks like it's time to break out the +200% XP boosts I've been hoarding for a rainy day.
  4. I think they're wary of overdoing the buffs. If they overbuff and then nerf (their old method), everyone who spent gold to power-grind that line will complain.
  5. Everyone trying out LTs may be a problem. I worry that WG is going to look at the LT stats and decide LTs are still overpowered because so many LTs yolo into each other, leading to one team suddenly being down 4 tanks and losing. It's not just because there are so many of them -- it's because so many of the players are BAD. I think that's contributing to the huge number of blowout wins I've been seeing (caveat: anecdotal, just me thinking about the past few days) as it doesn't take much luck or skill difference for one team to win the initial LT battle and be up several tanks. Even if those LTs are poor tanks (and the tier 9s aren't), that's a lot of extra guns.
  6. I've been saying for years that base XP is an excellent metric... but, alas, one we don't have.
  7. Does anyone know what happens to reward camo? I saw that regular bought-for-gold camo will be removed and the gold refunded; I'm hoping reward camo goes back to "available to mount to one tank of your choice." Edit: NM, found it in the fine print on the Common Test announcement:
  8. The inability to push is SO FRUSTRATING! I don't normally rage at pubbies, since I can usually just go do things myself, but in the Udes? I'm about to turn into one of those guys that shoots scouts that are hiding next to me instead of scouting for me. "Light them for me and I will kill them for you, you cowardly oxygen-thief!" I can tell you with high certainty the type of game I'm going to have as soon as I see the map and the team comp. Maybe I should see the Udes as a Zen test, requiring acceptance of the way the game will be...
  9. I think it's OK (or I wouldn't have proposed it) because it's simply making clear something I could accomplish by turning down my details. I suppose, though, that it should be limited to only note tanks that fire in my current field of view -- I can see the advantage gained if it's tanks you can't see.
  10. It's nowhere near all the time, but two tanks close together are hard for me to separate if I'm not looking right at them. It's probably just tunnel vision and I need to do better at multitasking, but when smoke builds up from lots of tanks firing, I don't always see which tank it was.
  11. I know about that, but all OTM reload mods were ruled illegal today. While I could mod it, it would likely have the same or similar signature as the original.
  12. Hey, I used "it" in the text...
  13. I don't need an actual reload timer (I can count), but since I run with lots of details (smoke, exhaust, etc.) it can be difficult to see which tank fired. The sounds help a bit, but there are large-bore guns, and large-bore guns. Does anyone know of a mod that will simply highlight a tank's OTM for a second when it fires? I figure there's no way that could be ruled illegal, since it's information delivered by the client (that the client covers up on max graphics).
  14. I suspect it's usually because a friendly (to you) tank just got lit, or someone just hit/bounced them... but sometimes you have to wonder if they saw a squirrel in a tree or something, and you watch your perfectly-aimed shot land exactly where you aimed it, doing nothing but rearranging the dirt.
  15. That's a good point, Jesse. I do think, though, that they're unnecessarily poisoning the player base against the changes (as well as making the testing less useful) by using the maps that have been designed/reworked over years to reduce flanking and engagement ranges. Roll the maps back to 8.0 and let us try these penetration changes.
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