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  1. Looks crap, only subhumans and retards will buy it.
  2. That looks very uninspiring. Basically its BF4 mod with WWI weapons and same shitty gameplay. #RIPCOD, yeah nice joke. But I have to admit, their marketing is awesome, so many retards will get fooled for 80$.
  3. State of CS right now:
  4. or there is just less area to focus like in real life ? You have team mates to check different angles. For me 4:3 feels much better, easier to aim especially on stretched. But other shooters I'v played on native resolution
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    2. leggasiini


      she is retarded donkey 

      thats why TAP is better

    3. nemlengyel
    4. Fabunil


      on the plus side, you can now effectivly dig out campers in cw on mountain pass kappa

  5. Can you name a better written fantasy series from last 20 years ? Overrated, dunno but fantasy books readers most of the times have a good opinion about ASOIAF. Nope, its even worse so far. Not much on the screen makes any sense.
  6. GoT is propably most atrocious thing I'v ever seen. 100 000 000 $ a season turned into gargantuan pile of crap.
  7. Cant wait for https://www.twitch.tv/elajjaz streams :) and runs
  8. hpgsq2glntfunssdyu9h.gif

    1. Siimcy


      xD in 2k16 Kappa


      Happy 1st april :doge:

    2. CoolOff


      I came here to post this gif smh. Only reason I come to Wotlabs these days is to talk about Tay-Tay.

  9. Yeah, Amir switched to CSGO. We will see him playing for G2 next major
  10. Account banned until: 20/03/2016, 14:52:00.

    Shouldn't have team killed Dyaebl :( He mad polack sent replay to WG.

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