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  1. Bought this back, this is one of those tanks that makes me question WG's "stats". >34/.33 accuracy, depending if I'm running food, and it misses, And it misses, I have no issues that I miss with AP at long ranges, but at E75/E100 size targets at 350M that are sitting still don't think I should miss 5 or 6 shots. I missed 5 shots in a row at 150M vs the side of an AFK E100 (well "missed" in that shots aimed at turret side somehow hit the corner of the turret roof and ricocheted(1) went into the tracks (2) or missed entirely (2) I love the tank, but I don't get the abysma
  2. Does this thing burn easily or have a just had a super shitty streak? (yes I know, if I don't want to burn, don't get spotted or hit) But the fire chance is supposed to be 10%, I've played 12 games in it and been lit up in 10. I run food instead of AFE, but really thinking I might need to change that.
  3. Still want to try WT. Just not enthralled that apparently (?) I need to fly a plane as part of the respawn during RB. I'm sure it's equally annoying as WoT, but the idea of only shooting a tank once instead of 5 times seems cool.
  4. Yep, figure I'll be picking this up next time it's available. Might not be the best, but it's going to be fun.
  5. Yeah I actually like the Shermans, I have most of them already, but I don't know if 'm going to be able to convince myself this one is worth picking up, if I want a T6 Russian crew trainer I already have the T-34 85M and the Rudy, both of which (imo) are better
  6. Wait, I'm so computer unsavy that it's embarrassing, is the fact that I'm running an I5 2400 @3.1 ghz holding back the GTX 1050TI? Know it's far from the best card, but the score on Ultra was just over 10K, (which they said was still "great result") but I saw some far higher scores with the same card on reddit...
  7. But then I have time to explain to my team in chat exactly why it's their fault that I died.
  8. And bombers that drop gravity bombs! Vs Spaceships! And the First Order that needed a secret weapon to blow up the Republics Capital , now seems to have a fleet large enough that they just took over the Republic without any issues at all And a Fleet of Ships chasing the rebels can't actually catch them, or send out their fighters to attack the rebels..."because" And the Super Powerful Leader of the First Order who managed to rebuild the First Order out of the Empire's remnants just dies...because And a fleet that has 6 hours of fuel..which is apparently more than enough tim
  9. So with the Gift Boxes, can you get a duplicate of a tank you already have? If I have the 40T, Skorp, and T26e5 and roll anohr T8, will it be a Type 59? Actually don't want the Type 59, just wondering what my chances of getting a massive gold increase would be.

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    2. mistervanni


      u get gold (a lot like 8k?) for rolling a premium u own already

      can see QB' vid about opening 75 boxes for details...


    3. DHP


      u get the type 59 if you have all the other one. Then after you get gold if you get another T8.

    4. Canadian_Reaper


      Thanks Guys! Picked some up and got the Type. Hopefully if I pick up some more it'll be the gold.

  10. For you guys buying Gift Boxes, does it matter which boxes you buy? IE Do the Chinese NY boxes give you a better shot at the Type, the Modern better at T26E5? Wasn't playing at Xmas last year, so not sure if they're linked.

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    2. kreigermann


      waaaat.... all these people pulling hype59s.. watch.. I'm gonna just get coal.

    3. TAdoo87


      I didn't get a tier 8 out of 75 boxes, so it is far from garantied. (It was still a good deal)

    4. Hellsfog


      The boxes are all the same. The only difference is the decorations correspond to whichever box. 

  11. Well now I feel stupid for rage selling all those T10 tanks. Had saved up enough to buy 4 of them back, guess I'll have to wait for On Tracks now.
  12. I wanted to do all my tanks in red and white. No white. Stupid Wargaming.
  13. It's good, nowhere near as powerful as it used to be. I'd say possibly the French ,and definitely the Chinese T8 TD's are far better tier for tier than the E25 is though.
  14. Yeah, this is another one that I really think is an April 1st release...but if not ..(power to weight 4.64..can this even go up a hill??) https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/12/03/9-21-test-vk-168-01-mauerbrecher/ Tier: HT-8, Germany, premium HP: 1700 Engine: 780 hp Mass: 168 t Maximum load: 175 t Power-to-weight: 4,64 hp / t Max speed/Min speed: 20 / -15 km / h Hull turning speed: 18 °/s Turret turning speed: 15,6 °/s Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918 View range: 400 m Radio range: 740,4 m Hull armor: 180 / 130 / 100 mm Turret armor: 230 / 1
  15. Looks cool. I'll probably pick it up for that alone, unless it's a ridiculous price for something I'm probably not going to generate a lot of credits in.
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