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  1. So with the Gift Boxes, can you get a duplicate of a tank you already have? If I have the 40T, Skorp, and T26e5 and roll anohr T8, will it be a Type 59? Actually don't want the Type 59, just wondering what my chances of getting a massive gold increase would be.

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    2. mistervanni


      u get gold (a lot like 8k?) for rolling a premium u own already

      can see QB' vid about opening 75 boxes for details...


    3. DHP


      u get the type 59 if you have all the other one. Then after you get gold if you get another T8.

    4. Canadian_Reaper


      Thanks Guys! Picked some up and got the Type. Hopefully if I pick up some more it'll be the gold.

  2. For you guys buying Gift Boxes, does it matter which boxes you buy? IE Do the Chinese NY boxes give you a better shot at the Type, the Modern better at T26E5? Wasn't playing at Xmas last year, so not sure if they're linked.

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    2. kreigermann


      waaaat.... all these people pulling hype59s.. watch.. I'm gonna just get coal.

    3. TAdoo87


      I didn't get a tier 8 out of 75 boxes, so it is far from garantied. (It was still a good deal)

    4. Hellsfog


      The boxes are all the same. The only difference is the decorations correspond to whichever box. 

  3. Apparently can't delete status updates, so let's just say i suck at reading posts.

  4. How do you guys make so many credits/hour? I keep seeing things like "I made just over/under/around a million credits playing for an hour" and I'm not seeing how.. Granted you're probably a much better player than I am, but running a 50% Credit bonus, my absolute best games make around 150K, And those are good enough that I don't see anyone consistently doing it 6+ times in an hour.(or maybe that's your average game and I suck that bad)  Am I that delusional about my skill level? Are there better than 50% credit boosts ? Or am I missing something?

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    2. DHP


      where does one get +200% credit boost ? :fat:

    3. Fulcrous



      Every so often people are asked to send in pingplotters when the servers are shitting the bed. Then someone from WGNA manually credits reserves.

    4. TheMarine0341


      3 hours last night I went from 5.1mil to 8.9mil credits

  5. Stupid WG, the 215B is supposed to remain valued at 6.1 Million credits so I can get a new T10 and get 3 million credits. This might be the most outrageous thing you've ever done.

    1. NightmareMk9


      I think the sale price is 10,000 credits.  I agree, complete BS.  Somewhere is the patch notes they talked about giving it a value of 5 Gold.

    2. RealBattousai


      yup in notes it said 5 gold, either way not selling it.


    3. Archaic_One


      Was the Foch 155 the same way?  Thats a pretty shit thing to do if so.  

  6. IS buying accounts actually a thing? The number of purple/blue/teal players with 55%+ Win Rates and yet apparently don't have a clue how to play their tank is ...odd. Plus none of them seem to have clans. Purple Conqueror driving into mid field Malinovka at the start of a game is a thing. 

    or it could just be a bunch of elite types have decided to fuck over any team I'm on. 

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    2. Epic


      I know several purple accounts that have been sold recently, especially since the rumours of no more t10 CW reward tanks... a 907 is its pixels in gold right now.

      Also another reason XVM is ebola... better just play without it.

    3. Fulcrous


      11 hours ago, sohojacques said:

      It must be. The number of statistically blue players I see hugging the redline and only doing one or two shots worth of damage, if any, can't be explained any other way. 

      Tbh that is how you blue xd. Try to pad but be useless anyways. *totally not representative of all blues*

    4. sohojacques


      @Fulcrous I'm really referring to mid to high 50s overall WR. No way base camping can achieve that. Or is there!? Maybe I'm blueing it wrong. Must... camp... more...

  7. I'm sure you people have millions- but my 36th game in the RHM, Ace Tanker, plus my first Pool's medal. 4782 damage . 4038XP. (x2).

    I think I'm a fan of this tank...

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    2. sr360


      Between 10 and 13 kills.

    3. Nehkcist


      Knock me down and slap me happy, 10+ kills indeed is nothing to scoff at. Haven't been playing much lately. Gratz to the OP :)

    4. sr360


      Yeah, I only have 4 Pool's, one each at tiers 5,6,7 and 8. I have a couple of 11-12 kill games at tiers 2-3 but those don't qualify for Pool's. That's a rare medal and well earned!

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