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  1. Bought this back, this is one of those tanks that makes me question WG's "stats".

    >34/.33 accuracy, depending if I'm running food, and it misses, And it misses,

    I have no issues that I miss with AP at long ranges, but at E75/E100 size targets at 350M that are sitting still don't think I should miss 5 or 6 shots.

    I missed 5 shots in a row at 150M vs the side of an AFK E100 (well "missed" in that shots aimed at turret side somehow  hit the corner of the turret roof and ricocheted(1) went into the tracks (2) or missed entirely (2)

    I love the tank, but I don't get the abysmal accuracy I seem to have with it. 

  2. And bombers that drop gravity bombs! Vs Spaceships!

    And the First Order that needed a secret weapon to blow up the Republics Capital , now seems to have a fleet large enough that they just took over the Republic without any issues at all

    And a Fleet of Ships chasing the rebels can't actually catch them, or send out their fighters to attack the rebels..."because"

    And the Super Powerful Leader of the First Order who managed to rebuild the First Order out of the Empire's remnants just dies...because

    And a fleet that has 6 hours of fuel..which is apparently more than enough time to fly to another planet, look around, get thrown in jail, break out of jail,and fly back to the fleet .

    And Captain Phasma, who we were told was such a badass in Episode VII, then were promised to see her redeemed as a REAL badass in Episode VIII..gets dropped into another pit/

    And a visit to a salt planet , which is Hoth pt2 ,except much less cool. 


    I didn't love VII that much, I did love Rogue One, this one...this one was crap.

    Really liked Mark Hamill..had no idea he could be so good, and I really liked the "fuck it all I'm going to live on a planet where I have no real responsibilities" , but that was about it.


  3. Yeah, this is another one that I really think is an April 1st release...but if not ..(power to weight 4.64..can this even go up a hill??)


    Tier: HT-8, Germany, premium
    HP: 1700
    Engine: 780 hp
    Mass: 168 t
    Maximum load: 175 t
    Power-to-weight: 4,64 hp / t
    Max speed/Min speed: 20 / -15 km / h
    Hull turning speed: 18 °/s
    Turret turning speed: 15,6 °/s
    Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,918
    View range: 400 m
    Radio range: 740,4 m

    Hull armor: 180 / 130 / 100 mm
    Turret armor: 230 / 160 / 100 mm

    Gun: 12,8 cm Kw.K. L/50 A

    Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 630
    Penetration: 220 / 260 / 65 mm
    Rate of fire: 4,171 rounds/minute
    Damage per minute: 1835,4
    Reload time: 14,384 s
    Accuracy at 100 m: 0,384
    Aiming time: 2,59 s
    Depression/Elevation: -8 / +25

  4. Interesting idea (and I reminder I have no friends to try this..poor me <sigh>) but I'm thinking it relies far more upon the skill of the players involved, rather than the 1HT/1Sniper/1!LT composition.

    If any of them make any kind of real mistake, they're going to get wiped out (well maybe not the HT) so basically you have to have 3 players who aren't going to make any big mistakes. Plus 3 players who know how to actually move and support each other, rather than the TD hiding a little to far back, the scout moving somewhere he can't be covered etc.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Errants said:

    So, I've 13,100 gold left, after converting the living fuck out of it for equipment. Which premiums should I pick up, if any, while on sale? Looking for fun/profit, as I've solid crews on every line in the game. For ease, I'll only list those that are for sale in-game, and that I don't already have.

    DE - Steyr WT, Panther/M10, VK 45.03
    GB - AT 15A
    FR - AMX CDC (sold once for 34-3), M4A1 Rev
    JP - STA-2
    CN - WZ-120-1 FT, 112
    SW - Strv S1, Strv m/42-57 (no devoted Swde Med crew currently, though the IV-VII weren't painful)

    IMO (so, yeah not that important) hte WZ120FT is one of the best premiums in the game. Great DPM, can snipe, can brawl, fast, great camo, good VR, trollish armor..

  6. OK finally picked up the 183.

    This thing is...hilarious. Nothing like one shotting a full health E75, followed by one shotting a full health WZ111-1-4, then planting the next 4 shots into the ground right in front of the tank. Followed by bouncing a 310 AP shell off a 13 105

    T49's are for wannabe's, this thing is the real RNG machine. 

    (I may feel differently after I've played more than 4 or 5 game in it)

  7. Hey all

    So being a follower I've started playing a lot more TDs. (and it helps that I'm pretty sure the new French and Chinese Premium TDS are some of the best tanks in the game) 

    But I've always equipped my TDs with Rammer/Vents/Binocs (I find, for me,optics are good, but if I *need*  view range in a game I'd rather have binocs)

    Talking to another player this evening as his 704 and my Jagdtiger were the only two tanks on our team to manage to do more than 1K damage in a T10 match , and he mentioned that he saw someone here mention that GLD's were better for TD's than Vents

    I had never heard this, I've always assumed vents to be better in 99% of cases, as shaving a few tenths of a second off aim time didn't seem like that big a deal,(compared to reload) I actually recently sold pretty much all the extra GLD's I had in the depot, 

    Just wondering if this is actually a thing, are GLD's better for big gun TD's than vents? Figured I'd ask for opinions before spending a few million credits to buy them back and test them out on various TD's



  8. On 10/30/2017 at 10:37 AM, Errants said:

    I ran all of that line as 2nd line support heavies. Worked fairly well. Open maps are your bane, anything with hard cover that you can peek around/hide from arty/hide weakspots makes them infinitely better. Additionally, the Tier VI and VII work best when they orbit the map (opposite directions for them, of course), leverage the fact your gun is so off-center.

    Yeah I think I'm going to have to sit way back and support, keep seeing these things all over the place, and they're just so easy to pen with even a semi accurate gun. Just wish I knew if the new T10 was going to have good armor, or if they're going to continue the "well the armor is kinda crap but it's a DPM machine" idea.

  9. So  I've never played this at all, but thinking of giving ii a try- mouse and keyboard OK or should I dig out my old whatever it was flight joystick ? Any suggestions on lines that are good for beginners or that should be avoided?

    Mindless fun sounds great, but I don't want to start going up a line then discover the high tiers are useless.

  10. 15 hours ago, Tanager said:

    Same boat here.  I utterly lack any ability to influence outcomes in this thing (other than negatively).

    Yep, traded mine in towards a Lowe. (So it was a very expensive Lowe)

    Watched a few more replays, style seems to be do nothing, wait to see where the red team is going, go there and shoot them run away or redeploy depending on how it goes.

    Style 2 seems to be camp in one spot, completely ignore supporting your team, wait until the red team is over running your team, farm what damage you can while telling them they suck,. I think there has to be more "look at the damage i did but my stupid team lost the match" replays for this tank (or line actually) than any other one in the game.

    In either case, line is not for me, just irritated I was stupid enough to put 3 female crew into the line. Ah well, maybe that T6 premium is fun.

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