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  1. Thanks for teh info and suggestions all, there is some points in here that are well made. Right now I've moved the crew out of the T-44, but as soon as I can scrape up 25-50K free XP for the engine upgrades, I'll move them back and see how some of the idea work. I think one of my main issues was not backing down or trying to get away from fights, I know I should have, but I just didn't. It's odd that I can do it in my light tanks, but for whatever reason, decide to fight it out in teh mediums,
  2. Let's get it out of the way: yes I am. That being said, would like help. I learned to play this game over teh course of a thousand or so battles on other people's accounts. Most of the tanks I learned to play on were Tiers 6-8. A few were T9's. Even while I was steadily improving, I didn't do great in any of the T9's, (mainly due to much higher chance of fighting vs good players) but I did OK in tanks like the E-75. The one tank I was "banned" from playing on my friends account was the T-54. I was absysmal in it. Move onto now, started my own account. Up to the T5 mediums, no problems, I can make the derp guns work (who can't) and the T-34 with teh 57mm is simply a fun machine gun. I moved onto the T-34-85, and I had some very bad luck in MM, (ended up seeing over 70% T8 games) but still my performance,even in top tier wasn't at the level I thought it should be. So naturally I decided to skip the T-43 and move onto the T-44. And wow, I'm terrible in it, Now I may have made a mistake, in that I had the first 100mm unlocked, planned to go for the first engine upgrade first, had some appalling games, and chose to unlock the top 100mm, so I still have the stock engine, somewhat limiting my mobility, But.. I average about 700 damage a game in it.vs T9, I average over 1100 a game against T9 in my IS. So in a T9 game, my team is better off if I'm driving a T7 heavy (with the 100mm) than a T8 medium. And that's just..wrong. I never really put it together, but- had issues with teh T-54, had issues with the T-34-85, suck in the T-44. I fail at medium tanks I've read the guides, I know I'm supposed to use the medium to flankabuse vision etc etc, I just don't get how to actually put that into practice on most of the maps. Not even sure advice will help, because I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong, but any general advice/series of replays if anyone has them involving med tanks would be appreciated.
  3. Gear right now is Vstab,Optics, and Vents, Might just drop Vents to test the binocs. Also seems to be a lot of TD's that I'm getting hit by, might just be a run of luck (only been using it a couple days), or maybe just will wait until the view range nerf, see if that makes me closer to uber,
  4. Crew is at 100% camo, except for the commander who has it at 55%. They're only on their second skill set. I have noticed there aren't alot of palces to hide, but as I said, just seems I keep getting spotted while trying to sneak around. Just have to learn to hide better I guess. Thanks!
  5. Thanks all- I actually upgraded to the top gun rather than the second engine, think I may ahve made a mistake as it really seems to lack the "oomph" it needs to get places/circle tanks. The ammo racks have defintitely been fewer in number, (thanks for the suggestion about hiding the right side) Still having multiple crew fatalities every game. Even with the large med kit's passive bonus. Some of us are just lucky I guess.
  6. Hey all. Trying to learn the scouting game, right now using the T-37. And while it's a fun tank, and i have optics equipped, I keep getting outspotted as I'm happily driving along or sitting in a bush somewhere. Now I usually spot who's shooting at me, but at teh cost of 100- all of my HP's, it doesn't seem like the best way to go about it. I equipped optics as per the recomendations in several dozen threads.. what I'm wondering though is- do Binocs make more sense for low crew skill/mid tier scouts? I understand that a well trained crew will probably max their VR with optics, and have the benefit of them being on all the time. Before I get to that stage though, wouldn't the 25% boost when I'm stationary be better than the 10% added on when I'm driving into an ambush?
  7. Hey all. Free Xp'd past the T-43 to pick myself up a T-44, still has first engine but I unlocked the turret and 1st 100mm gun. seems like a fun tanks, but.. I read about teh ammo rack on the tank before I bought it, but I thought I had read that it had been "fixed" so it didn't take quite as much damage, also, pretty much every single shot that pens the tank kills a crew member. I'm having a hard time in it so far, simply because most of my crew is dead. Out of 7 games so far, I've been ammo racked (killed) 3 times, and had multiple crew casualties (gunner,driver,loader- I don't think the commander has been killd yet actually..hmm) In another three. I know that 7 games is statistically insignificant, just wondering if this is what I should expect every game, or if it's been a small run of bad luck. Again, tank seems fun- and I have 2 engine upgrades and a much better gun ahead of me, so it will only get better, but just want to know if I should plan on never ever getting shot in it.
  8. LOL Thanks all, had wondered if it was related to "Chai". Had assumed it was, but didn't know if they took their name from it, or if it derived from them. Now I know.
  9. Probably unwise to actually ask the question, but... "Chai Sniping" I've seen it used in a derogatory way "usless Chai sniper" In a positive way " If only they were more effective Chai snipers" Sarcastic "we need more Chai snipers" Hopeful " I need to learn how to Chai snipe better" (this was actually not sarcasm) So, just because I'm always entertained at the thought of finding out what a games idiosyncratic terms are... What the heck IS Chai sniping...
  10. Thanks all, -hadn't thought about it being a padding tank, LOL now it's actually more embarassing I can't use it. Equipment wise I'm running Rammer/GLD/ Binocs simply to try and be able to shoot from farther away- should I be using Optics and Vents over teh GLD/Binocs?
  11. Hey all So picked up the Tiger I. And (like many) I'm having issues making it work- I can win games in it- but I mainly win games by having a good chunk of the enemy team shooting at me, keeping them tied up while my team (hopefuly) kills them. Everything is upgraded, I *love* the gun, tank moves decently, and while it seems that every T5 up in existence can pen the front armor without much trouble, I still like the tank overall. But.. I am *way* below doing the tanks HPs in damage,(averaging about 1100) and it's my only tank that I have below a 1.00 damage ratio in. I know the theory -sidescrape, stay behind the front line and snipe, but I'm having trouble putting it into practice, -I almost prefer being mid or bottom tier in it, as I hate hanging back when I'm top tier. So I was wondering if anyone either has multiple replays/youtube vids, or if one or more players are known for being fantastic in the Tiger, and have games that I can track down and watch. I prefer to watch multiple games from one person, rather than just the "this was really great game" as I find it's better at letting me figure out how to emulate the playstyle and learn. Anyway of anyone has any ideas/suggestions I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Yes..but I looked and all I see is threads that seem to suggest you fight 1/3 of your battles (give or take) at each tier. And forgive me for pointing out the obvious..but it seems threads where people post things like "I lose too much" WITHOUT showing their stats on any of the WOT forums, are immediately met with a barrage of "You're obviously not pulling your own weight" replies. I wanted to show that I am pulling my own weight, and still both WR (although that as mentioned may change) and Wn8 stats would suffer- simply because wehn I ws playing , there were a number of T8 game going on.
  13. Again my bad, 20 games absolutely too small a sample size for the concern about the WR- as my team has a huge impact on that and yes, that is random. 20 games is not to small a sample size to notice a trend, )and actually it was more than 20, my T6's have been fighting T8's all day in most missions, the T-34 was simply what I focued on as it's my favorite new tank and the one I decided to track) So, WR yes, shouldn't have mentioned it in the OP. My bad. The idea of how many games a player gets as low tier though is not going to be entirely random, it would be based on time of day played, how many players are on etc And the number of times someone gets to be top vs bottom tier, would defintely influence their stats. To a degree at least.
  14. It's not though. MY original OP was a mistake (my bad) in that it was about me playing too many (imho) games that were T8 with bad teams. And i focused on the tier difference , for the bad teams, everyone who has corrected me is correct, It is unlikely I wll have that many poor teams again, at least in a row. The bottom tier thing though is not dependent, it would matter on how many people on the server are playing at the smae time as I am, but in Tier 6-10 tanks. Obviously I hit a patch where there weren't enough T8 tanks to fill all the games, so I kept getting picked up. This doesn't mean that this patch was a random occurence though. I should thank everyone for their input here btw, (I'll see how many +1's I can give out) I do appreciate it, and while I don't think you are all understanding what I'm saying, the fault is mine, since I /failed in my OP. (so much for joining this site and impressing everyone with my insights )
  15. LOL actually- maybe it should be Wn8 numbers I'm questioning... wow that's embarrassing, well maybe both sets. OK, so it *is* a small sample size, but given (as I see it) the number of tanks being played has massive influence on my tank, again- does anything really matter before you get to your T10's? I did well enough vs T8's that I should have had far higher scores and damage inflicted (and therefore higher Wn8) if more games ahd been against even tier opponents.
  16. And that I get- if someone were to apply to your clan, (or any of the elite clans- I'll assume Foxey is one) and you want to look at T10 win rates (and skills) That make sense to me T10 will never have a bottom tier game, and (I assume) the t10 tanks are close enough in ability that the player makes the difference. And it is a small sample size, I may have 20 games as top tier over the next 30, but I may not. I'm not trying to sound argumentative, I just don't get some people's seeming obsession over judging other people based on their WR (and that may not apply to anyone here) when the vagaries of the MM system can kinda screw you over. "Even you" with stats most if us can only dream of. LOL I'm kinda of a reroll, I played maybe a thousand games or so on the GF's and roomates computers before I bought my own. Game is much (much) easier to learn when someone is right there to explain how things work and tell you what you did wrong. So yes,I'm much more experienced than my number of games shows. But still, it seems to me- it's entirely possible the next 80, or 180 games could have the same 70% as bottom tier as the first 20.
  17. Cross posted from manin forums, just in case any of the elite players here that don't frequent those forums want to add input.. Bought myself a shiny new T-34-85 yesterday. Great tank and with everything unlocked already I love it. So far over 20 games.. 80.49% Hit rate 1.55 Damage ratio 2.15 Destruction ratio. 884 average damage per game 1.4 kills per game 45% Win rate. Why? well those first 20 games have had 4 T6 games. 2 T7 games. And 14 T8 games. I'm a decent player. I'll even sound like an arrogant [edited]and say I'm sometimes pretty good. But I'm not good enough to consistently beat T-44's,IS3's, 110's ,50-100's, RHMs etc with my T-34-85, even with all the upgrades. And unfortunately, in many case, my team hasn't been the more competent one. Now maybe tomorrow I'll play 20 games and have nothing but T6 matchups. (heh). But it's also entirely possible I'll have the exact same matchmaking again. So why with matchmaking like this, with the number of games I'm going to have to play to unlock the T-43, do people judge based on Win Rates? Again, I am in no way, shape, or form, a unicum with the tank, but I think those stats are better than many, if not most, and yet the WR is appalling. Therefore, my WR goes down. Therefore, players who track these things look at my soon to be plummeting WR and come to the conclusion "wow, he has high numbers, but his WR is sad, he must be a damage farmer" Now I'm not particularly concerned, I like to keep my stats up, but that's so I can tell how I'm doing. But for those of you who judge on WR's... how do you do this before T10? Why - given the matchmaking I've seen so far with this tank- should someone be judged on their WR?
  18. Thanks! That helps quite a bit- certianly not all, but a number of my deaths have come from trying to bail out teammates who overextend or from trying to hold a flank by myself. (Many more have come from other stupid things i do..and some have come from arty..) Actually tried using some teammates suicidal tendancies to my benefit, and it works. I completely apapreciate the "inherently cowardly" person, playing more like it has not hurt my WR or Wn8, and my survival has gone up ever so slightly.
  19. Hey all. Quick background. I played +/- 1000 games or so on roommates/GF's computer (basically everyone I hung out with played this game) so I had an easy time learning. Pretty much had someone there or around to answer every question, or (more often) point out what I did wrong. Finally bought my own system, started my own account. After 1k games on it, I'm at 1443 Wn8, 53.54 WR (was at 54..but I've been dying after these PM's started), 1.34 Damage ratio, 1.4 Destruction ratio. So not fantastic, but not horrible. But not where I think I should be either. More importantly - I have a 20% survival rate. I go in to the game, I do (usually) more damage HP's than my tank has, I wreak havoc early, i get killed. I wait around to see how my team does. How do you guys pace yourself? Like if you're alone (or almost alone) on one side of the map as the red team pushes, do you just pull back and let them have the side? Do you play to maximize damage inflicted or to minimize the damage you take? Do you try and do damage early or try and save your HPs for later in the game? I realize that every game is situational, but just looking for general advice I guess. I know I need to survive longer, I'm just not sure how to go about that while still inflicting the damage and contributing.
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