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  1. confirmed 3.9K needed to raise MOE %, 3899 was not enough T_T
  2. CGC has too shit of a reload for that I'd believe with todays stronk players But but.. I want all them MOE's :P
  3. Platoon?

    1. _EXODUZ_


      Ye, bro... gimme around 20mins desu desu. xD


    2. BiddinWar


      I'll be on my TS

    3. _EXODUZ_
  4. Well yeah.. fuck it 'll just go for 4k per game and see what goes
  5. Didn't see it -.- Also, 261 has 0 in vBaddict so..
  6. I don't think so.. i don't know. Wargaming sucks at explaining this shit
  7. Who are these 4 people and on what arties? o.o CW counts for Mark of Excellence?
  8. Heyo o/ Ye ye, I know people don't like arty but I still want to know. Anyone knows the 3rd Mark of Excellence requirement? I know its ~2000 for first mark and ~3000 for second, so is third ~4000?
  9. So after a lot of playing with the 261 ( its my second most played tank xD) my stats on it have changed quite a bit, for the better or the worse I do not know. Sorry for resurecting old thread but thought it would be nice to see some progress on my improvement with arty And for all arty haters, yes yes just downvote whatever..
  10. M40 is nice, very stronk T8 arty though personally I do prefer the SU-14-2 (higher arc, even if it doesn't seem like it, much worse gun traverse arc thingy [left and right thingamabob]) M12 is really nice, probably my fav T7 arty alongside the Lorr 155 50. M12 is stronk when in "TD Mode" due to it being realtively lowprofile meaning you get center shots on tanks, so if you get side of tank -> More likely to hit side of tank or side turret if worse comes to worse. But don't take my word for it, not that stronk at arty but I got a few games in arty so I know at least a bit about it.
  11. Cuz I want all dem tanks. I can afford food, piece of cake c: Yeah... I'm a cheapskate cuz I can't buy gold so no retraining!
  12. Heyo o/ Grinding towards the Bat Chat 25 t (currently at AMX 12t with a 100% crew) and I'm wondering what skills you guys would recommend for what kind of playstyle. I don't know what my playstyle would really be in a autoloader thats a medium so any variation of skill setups would be much appreciated. Currently I haven't started training any skills on the crew so I'm butt nekkid :c Equipment for a autoloader seems like a nobrainer for me, Vert, Vents, Coated optics. I know for sure I don't want binos since I don't like sitting around too much. Is food a valid option for the BC 25t? If so, at what point is it valid? Sorry if these questions may seem nooby, but I am a noob :c Thanks for any help ^.^
  13. Alright, its not unreadable for me. I see it fine 90% of the time, was just wondering if it was possible. Thanks for the help everyone.
  14. No, I want it for example to look like the IS-7 has a border around itself. Outline might be the more correct word for it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_font#Outline_fonts
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