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  1. Thanks for doing all the work in reviewing the line, much appreciated. Just used free XP to clear the tier 6
  2. 30% off this tank this weekend - looking at the w/r it's achieving, it's still worth getting presumably?
  3. So is this worth getting anymore? Everything seems to be armour focused now, and I find in my 50-120 I just get rushed, although I do try to not be at the front, so long lived high damage games don't happen often. Does sound like APCR would be mandatory but is it better just to get something else? It's win rate does seem to be at the low end. Is the armoured line a better option now? Thanks
  4. So with the tier 10 light tanks coming with excessive view range, is it worth considering camo over repairs for this tank or should I still go repairs first?
  5. So given that there is more experience of the Emil 1 now, I'm wondering about crew skills. I have my female crew in mine and the Commander has 6th and is working on Repairs and I guess vision perks after that. I assume Snapshot first and then Repairs on the gunner? I've also read the gun breaks a lot on this tank - is Armourer essential after Repairs or does it need Safe Stowage next? For the driver, does it need Preventative Maintenance - given it is a perk is it best to take that and the progress through Repairs? I do plan to progress to the Kranvagn eventually.
  6. Ragutis

    The Chinese 112

    I've just bought one and would really appreciate a steer on how to set it up in the post-buff world. Vert Stab & Rammer are a given I think. For the 3rd slot, Optics, Vents or Gun Laying Drive? I've seen a few comments about swapping vents out in favour of optics and also the armour now allowing more time to aim, but I only have a near 2 skill crew so no BIA yet. Also, my driver will have Preventative Maintenance (appreciate that's only for the engine) so is it a good idea to swap AFE out in favour of food? Or will I burn a lot? I have a premium repair kit and premium first aid kit. Thanks
  7. So how to equip it to make it OP? I've just bought it for missions for the T55A. Rammer and vents are no brainers, but what for the third? I've seen good arguments made for toolbox, EGLD and Spall liner. My crew can be fully trained on repairs so I'm tending towards spall liner given it is an arty magnet, but I would be interested in people's views please. Many thanks
  8. Just rebought it as well, having done badly in it. Is the best equipment still Binocs, Rammer and Gunlaying Drive? thanks
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