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  1. So whats people's opinion on beer around here? I feel like a cold Corona with lemon where its at, but I'm willing to be persuaded.
  2. Gates of Fire is pretty good, liked that a lot. I found the "tree fucking" somewhat amusing though. The historical fiction by Conn Iggulden is pretty good too. He did two series, one on Genghis Khan and one on Julius Caesar that were pretty good.
  3. Can anyone quickly summarize why the hate for the official forum is so strong? I gather the people in charge are retards, but anything more specific would be interesting. I confess, 9000 ish replies is a bit too much to sift through.
  4. Whats the best way to get into this game, if one is interested?
  5. I dunno, I read a lot of stuff, I've read Robin Hobb, David Eddings, Mark Lawrence, Eragon...Actually I normally don't read that much fantasy, I'm just curious if anyone's got decent book recommendations for any genre, just throw something at me. I actually got bored of GoT, to the point where I managed to read all but the last book and gave up, so Epic Fantasy isn't a great choice I think.
  6. Is the Type 62 worth having? And also, are Eve stories still a thing? Finally, can you recommend any good fantasy series, that aren't GoT/Epic Fantasy?
  7. It more or less does, but the angled sides that are 90 mm thick are capable of bouncing T10 guns, same as the T-34-85 so its not that bad. The weakness is the cheeks and to an extent the mantlet, again like the -85.
  8. I feel like the biggest problem with the Type 59 is that I don't have one.
  9. T-43 is a decent tank. Overall average, but nothing bad about it either. The problem is that every tank on that line (except perhaps the T-44) is worth keeping and there are other T7 mediums that are better (T-34-1, China OP).
  10. Pretty dumb question but I haven't yet figured this out: Does HE penetrate based on the nominal thickness or the effective (angled) thickness of armour? I feel like it should be the nominal thickness but I am just not sure. Halp?
  11. Damn, I'm just sad I didn't find this thread earlier this morning, its sooo good.
  12. One of the hardest things about this game-for me-was vision mechanics. The problem is that it is never explained and it is highly unintuitive. Is there a good reason that view range is capped at 445m? Not really (except game performance, but why 445m?). When someone tells you, its not that hard to understand. Applying that knowledge in-game is another step entirely but that key knowledge allows you to take that step. This is a recurring theme for WoT in general. Another example of this is the idea that effective Armour thickness increases as the angle of incidence decreases. When someone e
  13. Gypsy_Slayer


    Whats the best way to grind this tank? I currently have the IS-2, T-34-2, WZ-120 and the WZ-132 researched. I figure it will be easier getting the top 100mm on this tank than on the WZ-120. It looks pretty nice, an armour layout superior to the IS-2 sounds nice. Does it give up some of it mobility though?
  14. I dunno, going town is sometimes okay. Pushing on to cap is the bad idea, you get fricken raped. Town is only really worth it if you destroy them fast enough and come back to wreck the other side. I dunno, maybe someone knows. Its just I struggle to find decent spots on the other side. Or maybe I'm a dumb pubbie lol.
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