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  1. Figured it out...enable G-Sync in nVidia Control Panel and then select full screen. Selecting full screen and windowed just locks it to the display's refresh rate or 120 in my case. Seems to me that if selecting full screen unlocks unlimited frames in full screen, then selecting full and windowed should behave the same way.
  2. Yes, a Predator 100Hz display oc'd to 120Hz. In nVidia Control Panel, Vertical sync was set to "Use the 3d application setting". VSync is turned off in WoT.
  3. Got lucky and scored an EVGA XC3 Ultra 3080 to replace my EVGA 2070 Super XC. OC'ing the 2070 and running at 2050Mhz, nearly all settings maxed, I was able to run at about 115fps with dips to low 100s on a 3440x1440 uw. However, after installing the XC3, running stock, and no in-game changes, Im stuck at 115-118fps, although it's rock solid at that frame rate. Im also running a 10700K with 4x8GB Patriot 4400s. Running these two at stock witht he 3080, I get stuck at 115-118fps. Even running an oc'd 5.0Ghz and 4000Mhz 16-16-16-38, there's no buding off the 115-118fps. Any thoughts, ideas?
  4. I see...although I don't see needing anymore than 32GB over the next 3-4 years and while I kind of get your point regarding resell, that's just not a factor for me. But, I did ditch the Crucial RGB nonsense and though I still stuck with 4x8GB, I ended up ordering 2 sets of 2x8GB of Teamgroup Dark Pro 3466 CL16 which are apparently b-die modules. Also, taking your advice, I ordered a Scythe Fuma 2 that is neck-and-neck with the Noctua offerings.
  5. Cringey for the same reasons that Folter noted on page 1? What coolers you think I should take a look at? Something like a Scythe Mugan/Fuma or all the way up to a Noctua?
  6. Certainly not unlimited. I was willing to spend in the $600 range on a 10600K. I ordered that RAM, but, per usual, am having second thoughts about it. I may not want the RGB given some of the hassles that come along with having to download multiple software packages to control RGB throughout the case. If I were to change the RAM, I'd likely go with 4x8GB of Teamgroup Dark Z for about $114. The NVME was a luxury item I threw in there since it's a very good unit at a really nice price.
  7. Ok, this is all in the context of 4x8GB which I know you're encouraging me to avoid doing. Why the RAM I linked to - Because e-die (effective overclocking capability) and rgb whore. Not more complicated than that. I was also looking really hard at the non-RGB version that is also on sale for $122. But I thought, $25 difference, why not go RGB. The really dumb thing here is that going with the 4x8GB is a more expensive path ($12 difference) to 32GB RGB RAM in this set. On the other hand, I started off looking at the Teamgroup Dark Z and Vulcan Z 16GB kits and 4x8GB in those is about $110-$115, so about $30-$35 difference to the Crucial RGBs I linked to. Flame me...Probably need it to a) abandon the 4x8GB approach; and b) go non-RGB to save money both ways.
  8. So, I've ended up with the following: 10700k + Z490 Aorus Elite AC - https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?Submit=StoreIM&Depa=1760 - $489 Crucial Ballistix 4x8GB e-die RAM - https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-Ballistix-Desktop-Gaming-BL2K16G32C16U4BL/dp/B083VMSY1B/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=BL2K16G32C16U4BL&qid=1600798276&sr=8-1&th=1 - $147 ADATA SX8200 Pro 1TB M.2 NVME - https://pcpartpicker.com/product/zR3H99/adata-sx8200-1-tb-m2-2280-solid-state-drive-asx8200pnp-1tt-c - $110 Feeling like I did ok. I know 10700K lags the 3700X in productivity and there's a small separation of performance in gaming, but my preference for Intel (rational or not) is satisfied.
  9. Thanks, Raj. I pulled the trigged on a $490 10700K + Gigabyte Z490 AORUS ELITE AC mobo. This mobo is pci-e 4.0 ready. I get an 8-core i7 cpu for just a few dollars more than I would get a 10600K.
  10. Two things now: First, the B550 Tomahawk mobo is $159 and comes with a game, so additional savings there. Second, Newegg has a 10700K + Auros Elite AC Z490 mobo for under $500 which when paired with $120 RAM kit puts me at where I was going to end up price wise with the 10600K.
  11. Thanks, Magical. Of course, as soon as I replied to Fulcrous, I started reading more about the 10600K/10700K vs the 3600/3700X...and am wavering, again. Typical. It seems clear to me that, if value is the priority, then the AMDs are the go-to, especially the 3600X (25% cheaper). The 3700X packs a huge value punch because it retails for about the same as the 10600K and it has 2 more cores and the 3700X is right there at 1440 gaming (which is what I do) and the 3700X is 25% better in productivity (which I don't do - at least, Im not using the applications that reviewers use to test productivity performance). The only real downside here for me is having to learn about the AMD components, like the mobos and RAM. I primarily use my PC to browse the web, use MS Office applications, and play a handful of games (none of them competitively), so the AMD 3600X/3700X ought to be more than enough. Buying the 3600X yields the best value saving nearly $80 relative to the 10600K and the B550 mobo price is $10 cheaper than the Z490 I'd get, and I'd be getting the same RAM (3200mhz and oc it to the preferred 3600mhz for Ryzen). So, a $90 savings for the 3600X, BUT, I'm still at 6 cores. I think I'd only want to go AMD IF I can get 8 cores, for the reasons Folk above cited. And the 3700X is the same price as the 10600K, mobo is $10 cheaper, and same RAM, so a $10 savings AND I get 8 cores. Positive signs - Announcement of a release date for the Zen 3 puts downward pressure on the 3700X pricing and that $10 savings grows. That's my clear-eyed view of things. Though there's a huge BUT here...there's no use oc'ing the 3700X, though oc'ing the memory, IF you can get it to work properly can yield some additional results and close the gap further on the 10600K. That means buying more expensive, faster RAM which eats into the tiny savings by going with AMD and it means tinkering with memory timing, something I'm not inclined to do (though I will on Intel because I'm already familiar with it on that side). Though, even still, I'll have 8 cores with the 3700X. Ugh...
  12. Point well made and proven. I think I've petty much up my mind to stick with Intel. I'll hem and haw for a bit waiting for either the 10600K to drop to $260 (msrp) or maybe stretch for the 10700K if it hits $350. Unless the AMD announcement has an immediate effect on prices, I'll be leaning this way... Thanks for all the advice and info.
  13. Yeah, think I am looking for new. 4790K could take me another year or two, but used or new, they're expensive and moreso than even a 3600/3600X.
  14. 4790K new is around $275...I get to keep my current hardware, though, I don't scratch that upgrade bling itch, lols.
  15. I used to run the 4690K at 4.5ghz, but after installing the 2070Super and going triple monitors, temps went way up and the only I brought them down (without installing new cooling) was to downclock to 4.0. I was going into the 10600K with a mind toward oc'ing up to 5ghz (though Im using an air cooler, so...). Really appreciate the build suggestions. For now, I guess, I'll be waiting. As noted above, I impulse ordered a 10600K upgrade, but then canceled after thinking about it. I'm not going to pay $30 more the cpu to have right now (was $260 a few weeks ago). And, with AMD's announcement (or is it actual release?) in October, maybe that will push some prices down. No...only what is there now.
  16. Im being a bit of an Intel snob and not liking the idea of shifting to Ryzen. When I built my current PC, AMDs cpu offerings were crap and I went with Intel. I'm familiar now with Intel, but maybe that doesn't actually mean much at all. Although, I do understand that going AMD will save some cash (EDIT - not if I go with a X570 mobo, thought, lol). In an impulse-fueled rush, I went ahead and ordered a 10600k ($292); the Z490 Tomahawk; and 4x8GB Team Dark X...only to cancel the order this morning after exercising a few brain cells. So, I am waiting, though I can't help combing the web for deals and ideas on this upgrade. I don't need to upgrade right at this moment. Im currently running WoT at 110-130 fps with nearly all max settings and keeping temps in check, so... Maybe a jump to AMD is on the horizon. The $ savings might mean I get to feed my RGB need. You're absolutely right...I won't be upgrading for another 3 years minimum and likely, as with this current build, more like 5 years. On the RAM...what sorts of problems can arise by filling all 4 DIMMs? Ive been running 4x4GB DDR3 since I built this rig and have had no issues. On the other hand, that's merely my user experience. After all the memory research I've done, I do want to try tweaking the memory speed to stretch 3200mhz to 3600+. But I keep getting that advice to go 2x rather than 4x on the RAM. I'll look into that more. My OCD compels me to fill all 4 slots. And right on about the 4690K/4790K...2 years after building this PC I was wishing I had gotten the 4790K. Going 8 cores and 16 threads is 10700K/9900K or 3700X territory, right? That 3700X...it's cheaper than the 10600K for goodness sakes! Whatever CPU I get, I want to be able to OC, so the non-K 10700 just isn't on the table.
  17. Thanks. Meant to say 10600K throughout the post. It's a bitch finding 10600Ks right now with any reasonable shipping time. I just got this itch this week and don't really want to wait for a mere announcement to be followed by a few more months of waiting for actual stock to appear and it seems the hardware companies are all doing the same thing these days - announce...wait...announce again...wait...release very limited quantities...out of stock...limited stock...wash, rinse, repeat.
  18. Got an upgrade itch that I want to scratch. I play only Wot, though I have dl'd and installed GTA V and the kids play Fortnite and Apex with CoD coming in soon. CPU is running at 98% load when playing WoT on the UW display using almost all max settings. No major application or other productivity needs. Current setup: CPU - 4690k oc'd to 4.0ghz Mobo - Asrock Z97 Pro3 Cooler - Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi RAM - Ballitix Sportk DDR3 4x4GB GPU - EVGA 2070 Super PSU - EVGA G2 650w Displays - 1x 34" 3440x1440 uw + 2x 27" 2560x1440 I've been looking hard at upgrading to a 10600K, X490 mobo, and 32GB RAM (cuz why not fill all the slots) which has set my budget for me at around $650. That's an amount I can handle, but would rather spend less. Specifically, I've been looking at: CPU - i5-10600K - $295 at Amazon - Like this cpu because I will, again, be messing with OC'ing, though I see myself stopping at 4.7/4.8Ghz Mobo - MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk - $189 at Amazon (RGB whore and like the nvme covers) RAM - GSkillz TridentZ RGB 3200 C16 DDR4 - 4x8GB for $169 at Amazon; though I have looked at a non-RGB RAM - TeamGroup T-Force Dark 4x8GB 3200 C16 for $116. Having slowed my roll here, I've started looking at the 3600 and 3700X from AMD which I was initially not even looking at (Intel snobbery perhaps). Seems that the 3700X is right there on gaming and significantly better on productivity relative to the 10600K while the 3600 lags only slightly on gaming while being better at productivity against the 10600K. I'm wondering what the real, practical impact on world of tanks is between something like 10600K and 3600/3700X. Im pushing 110+ fps on nearly all maxed settings in wot with the 4690k and 2070Super. Will the 3600/3700X/10600 substantially improve my gaming sexiness or am I nibbling around the edges?
  19. Several weeks ago I was playing WoT and ended up with a green screen, yellow screen, and a blue screen (non-bsod). Couple of hard resets sorted the issue...until last week when I saw these weird characters spread across the screen looking like that old video game Centipede. Restarted and saw two vertical blue bands at startup followed by a black screen. Subsequent restarts did not fix the issue. I did get to a point where I downloaded a new amd driver and was able to use the PC and even play wot for an evening. The next night, the same issue had returned, this time, though, with multiple vertical green bands...although the pc let me boot into the bios, as soon as I exited the bios, got the blue bands and then the black screen. This card has been awesome for me and when paired with my oc'd 4690k (4.5k on air), ran WoT really well (90fps on mostly maxed settings). So, I'm pretty bummed this card has gone kaput. Although, a glimmer of hope...the card I have is a Double Dissipation version which appears to have a longer warranty and I may still be in that warranty period. Meanwhile, I've been looking at replacements...omg. It's a rough market out there. I've looked at 1050s, 970s, even a GTX 690, but I'm far out of this game... Anyone have any tips, suggestions about used cards to replace this 280X? I'd really appreciate some help. In addition to the 4690k, I've got an EVGA G2 650 PSU (custom cables that are 8 + 6 pin) and lots of room in the case. I only play Wot and would like something to run at least Medium on the new engine and hopefully on Ultra. Price is around $200. For example - there's a guy nearby who is selling a EVGA GTX 970 FTW+ for $200 that I think I want to grab...but not so sure. Thanks in advance...
  20. Easy now. I did read. I understand what you're saying, but was confused by the last post. I appreciate the time you're taking to help me with this.
  21. My monitor default is 60hz and I want to up that refresh to 70 or even 75. I can run wot at high fps and want to see more of that via a higher refresh rate, hence the attempt to oc the monitor. I surely wouldn't.
  22. Details as in gfx settings? Currently, I only play wot and the gfx are nearly maxed out on all options and without vSync, the game tells me that I'm running 85+ fps. So...once I make the refresh rate change in Radeon Settings, update the windows display adapter, and restart, then I should open wot and enable vSync and see if the fps is locked to the new refresh rate by looking at the in game fps? Thanks for dealing with these questions...
  23. Cuz I'm dumb and want to make sure I understand. I should go ahead and, using Radeon Settings, create a custom resolution and in there change the refresh rate, then go into windows display settings and select the new refresh rate, and then restart the pc? Start up a new game, enable vsync, and then check fps? If I set refresh at 70, then with sync enabled, I should see 70fps? If so, then the refresh change worked? OK, following adder's suggestion above? Thanks!
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