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  1. Lols, I didnt realize that he wasn't in the US...Imma noob.
  2. See if this deal works for you...as of yesterday, Fry's was still shipping. You have to sign up for an email code or you can call Fry's one. $167 for a 75hz, freesync, full hd ips monitor...https://slickdeals.net/f/10508488-fry-s-email-exclusive-27-lg27mp59g-p-1ms-75hz-1080p-free-sync-gaming-ips-monitor-167-w-tuesday-promo-code?src=SiteSearch
  3. I noticed something similar this morning...choppy as hell. I'll check settings to see if something changed.
  4. I'm attempting to overclock this monitor hopefully up to 75hz (one Amazon reviewer got up this high). My build uses a XFX R9 280X and I have Radeon Settings installed. Using Win10 64-bit. Monitor is connected to the pc via hdmi, though I don't know the hdmi version. So far, I have tried both Radeon Settings and CRU to overclock this monitor. In Radeon Settings, I've gone to Display, create custom resolution, and changed to 61, 70, and 75 followed by going to the desktop, right-clicking, display settings, display adapter, then monitor tab and selecting the new refresh rate. The screen blacks out when saving the custom resolution in Radeon Settings and after selecting the new refresh is display settings, but when I go to the ufo test site, that site reports 60 refresh (the bar beneath the ufo animation always goes to "Ready", though. Using CRU, I follow the instructions to add the new refresh rates, change to LCD Standard, and then restart64 to restart the driver, then go into the display settings, monitor tab, and select the new refresh, and, again, ufo test with a reported 60 refresh. Can anyone help me find a guide for this specific model or provide some advice on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  5. The only money I've spent on this game has been for gold and prem time and only then when it was on a steep discount. I badly wanted to get the spershing and is6 2-3 years ago and could never justify it. Without them I've grinded out the m48 and is7 (and other tier 10s) while accumulating 60 million credits and several 4 and 5 skill crews. So clearly, the prem tanks werent necesaary. Hence, Im still sitting on the fence wrt buying prem tanks. Prem tank over $50 is a no-go from the start. Tier 8 heavies in the $30 range is acceptable and Id buy there. Tier 8 meds in the $20 range and, again, Id buy there. In fact, I bet the volume of prem tank pirchases would shoot up at those prices earning wg tons of profit. The very best type of package for me right now would be a tier 8 prem, 90 days prem time, and 5k gold for $75. Id see real value in that. But, at current prices that'd be well over $100 and that price point is just unrealistic to a casual gamer like me. As you can tell, yeah, I think the prem shop prices are not just expensive, but overly expensive. Consequently, I won't be spending more money in this game despite having $200 set aside for it. That money will likely be spent on buying another game or two, but not on wot.
  6. Bullshit. You could have wasted that IQ; you could have languished in that environment; you could have abandoned the network; and you could have cbosen not to use your balls and stake out on your own... In your case, the opportunities were there and you took advantage of them as many millions have before you. Further, what of those with more modest intellectual capacity and without environment and networks but still exercise their balls and make something? You act like that success is just presented on a platter and is waiting for nubby fingers to grasp on to it... Or maybe I misread/misunderstood you?
  7. Of the short video I watched with junkers chat yesterday, that part stood put as the most ridiculous. First, it was the only substantive item that could be discussed because the rest of it was idle chatter about what wasn't done and non-specifics about coming changes. Second, the "host" was praising these changes as very well received. That was bullshit. The community overwhelmingly rejected the new sounds while on the test server and when released. Further, the community generally appeared pissed that wg focused on sounds and physics at the continued expense of real problems, like arty,rng,map rotation, etc. Third, objectively speaking, players were not complaining about physics or sounds anyway. Garbage video...
  8. Finally finished my build - http://pcpartpicker.com/b/N94CmG Thanks to folter and others for their input!
  9. Fair point. School districts also treat cheerleading and bowling as sports, too. I'm neither here or there on the whole e-sport vs sport argument, if there is an argument. I was curious why he didn't compare e-sports to clearly recognized sports. Keep in mind that the original point made by Ian was that since tanky-tanks is an e-sport that this trip would address his gym class requirement. That's nonsense, but when you (not yoy personally) can't reason your way into an argument, you have to make unreasonable arguments.
  10. Lolz, making fun of golf, pool, and bowling is not an argument for e-sports being a "sport". It is funny reasoning for why golf, pool, and bowling are not sports, though you'd have to find to someone who actually classifies those leisure activities as a sport first. It's interesting that you didn't compare e-sports to activities that clearly are sports, e.g., football, baseball, track?
  11. Oh my, the comments on the petition site are priceless. Poor Ian is being punished by the school district. Poor Ian will be denied an "experience". Poor Ian will be stopped from starting his youtube/twitch career. This is Ian's passionate project. You have to be kidding me. This, people, perfectly reflects why academic achievement sucks in American schools today. "Experiences" are presumed to be more important than learning to read, write, and reason. "Passion projects", once the bain of overpaid egotistical actors/artists, are more valuable to a child's education than being in school and actually learning. Look at the so-called "adults" commenting on this petition...each of them are doing Ian a real disservice by indulging him this "opportunity" while completely ignoring why he's in this predicament. What utter bullshit... Lol... Now this has turned into a "dream" and, of course, you can't deny a child his right to a dream playing a video game... Casas, "To follow rules and especially guidelines as regimentally as denying yourself such a potentially enriching experience sounds Orwellian." This is a child, Casas. And following rules even the rules prevent you from playing video games is not Orwellian. It's reasonable and logical to have children in school. You've improperly framed the issue here. It's not the rules holding him back. It's his attendance record. It's fairly annoying to see so many people ignore that this rule would not be an issue had young Ian not already reached the maximum number of absences. I remember missing a state champion's invitational track meet while in high school. Competing in and performing well would have greatly enhanced my scholarship opportunities. But I couldn't go because of school-related requirements. My parents were confident enough as were the other adults around me to remind me that school was more important. Hence, I find it absurd that you'd suggest he'd learn more on a one-week trip to Poland to play video games than he would school. If that were true, it's only because the adults have allowed the education system to crash and burn at the feet of every-kid-should-live-their-dream nonsense that is so prevalent these days.
  12. Lolz... Again, don't be butt-hurt. I can't fix your problem. I've already suggested how you could approach this and that was to drop the the-school-is-the-problem shtick and to address the rule and why there should be an exception for you. Own your attendance problem. Make it clear this is a unique opportunity. Enlist your teacher's support by asking them to acknowledge that you can make up the missed work and that your status as a student gives them confidence that you'll successfully make up the work. I'm the stay-the-fuck-off-my-lawn guy, so I don't see a reasonable basis for arguing that you should be excused from school and that the rule re: excessive absences ought to be ignored so you can go play a video game. There is literally nothing about this trip to Poland that would benefit your schooling no matter the tenuous connection you try to create between this trip and your courses. I'm curious why you're offended by my so-called "nit-picking"? If addressing what you've literally posted is nit-picking, well, guilty. But wtf else am I or anyone else going to address except for what you actually post? Again, deal with the actual criticisms leveled and stop the whining. Indirect insults? No, they were direct. And they weren't bullshit, either. Someone has to tell you this... You're the epitome of your spoiled gratification-now generation. It's why you firmly believe that the school and school board are the problem here or that the rules are the problem. There's nothing unreasonable about an excessive absence rule for students. For fuck's sake, you're in school for 9 months and you're missing more than a day a month. I guess employers who have sick leave policies are so unfair, too, right? I get that an expenses-paid trip to Poland is fucking awesome. I had two of those (to England and Germany) when I was a competitive runner in college and didn't want to miss them. But I had a perfect attendance record and pulling better than 3.8 gpa and my profs had no problem with me missing multiple classes and even an exam. I sorry that you find dissenting voices and opinions annoying (typical of your safe-space-needing generation), but you'll need to change that mindset quickly.
  13. You didn't say WoT is physical. You did say that WoT as an e-sport should satisfy your gym requirement or, at least, that it associates closely with gym class which is just a stupid suggestion. You keep demonstrating why the school and school district shouldn't grant an exception to it's attendance rules. The sense of entitlement is strong with you. It spills out of every comment on this topic you make. The school, the school district, parents, fans... They're all the problem and an obstacle to what you want to do...skip school, again, to play video games.
  14. Fair point if I was saying that physical fitness was the end-all and be-all of physical education. I observed that it was silly to draw a correlation at all between "gym" and sitting at a pc playing a video game. That's hardly objectionable. As well, I used the phrase physical education because even if we expanded beyond just the immediate gym class he has and tried linking to the rest of a physical education curriculum, his association still fails as, avain, playing video games shares no attributes at all with physical education whether that's gym, nutrition, physiology, sex education, etc. The attributes of teamwork, team composition, leadership are all more closely associated with sports, not with gym.
  15. But, of course you stopped reading. There is zero connection between actual physical fitness and playing a video game. Really, though, you got more physical stress from sitting down in front of a pc than you did playing football? C'mon, man. I mean, look, this clearly demonstrates that you're not thinking at all. This reveals that you either don't know what physicality or stress is or that you've abandoned reason altogether. You actually want people to believe that playing a video game on a pc while sitting down caused you more physical stress than playing football? Really? What the fuck? You're not that mentally and physically fragile, man...or are you? This doesn't pass the smell test anymore. There is nothing more here than a whiny plea to go play video games.
  16. Don't be butt-hurt. It is, of course, obvious that I don't understand or know what benefits you think you'd accrue by taking this trip or how this trip would correlate to your courses. This should be obvious as until your post just above, you hadn't stated those benefits or provided your course load. So don't pretend that either should have been obvious to readers. I like that you draw a correlation between gym, i.e., physical education, where you get physical activity and e-sports where participants in this video game sit on their asses...lolz. We'll disagree on the other presumed "connections" between this trip to participate in a video game competition and your coursework. My point was not to argue the connection, but to observe that you had failed in this thread and the petition on your behalf failed to present a cogent argument that, in part, should have addressed the presumed educational benefits. Really, though, you built a pc and now a course on computer applications is irrelevant? Viewing different architecture in another country provides you some idea of engineering principles? What...you don't get the differences between architecture and civil or mechanical engineering which is the difference between theoretical creativity and applying scientific and mathematical concepts to conceptual designs? Please, please don't run these arguments in front of adults in your real life. Further, you also believe that the school and school district should support this absence from school because you'll be among the first to have traveled to a video game competition? Are you kidding me? This is not a valid argument at all. It's a mercy plea, at best, and at worst reveals that you need not be missing any more school for video games. You're not even remotely unique among students missing extended periods of time from school and that's what this is. This is not about being a local video gaming maverick, it's about the appropriateness of a young boy missing yet more school and the impact of those absences on scholastic achievement. The problem here is not the school board. It is, of course, you. You want to miss school and do something else. You want the exception to the rules. Hence, you have to overcome the applicability of the rules. By doing so, you'll attract support. I am telling you why your "argument" here is not attractive for support. It lacks merit, it lacks coherence, and it lacks reason. Declaring that the school board is the problem and asking people to sign on to such an assertion in order to convince the school board to consider an exception to it's rules seems to be the dumbest thing you'd want to do. Why would the school board want to agree with you that they are the problem? Why would it be persuaded when the whole of your argument is rooted in an appeal for respect for video games and an unsubstantiated assertion (I'm referring to the supposed learning benefits in the petition for popular support) of learning benefits? The core of your position here is whining that the school board is a problem. Period. It is nothing more than that. You just repeated it yourself. The reason you are missing this is the same reason you're still in high school...you're a young, intellectually undeveloped and immature boy. That's not an insult, either. You're what? 16 or 17 years old? For goodness sakes, you equated physical fitness to sitting in front of a computer, man. You intellectually know that's an unreasonable argument, but you still made it...and if you don't see the unreasonableness therein then you're proving my basic point. Once you accept that the problem you have is you, then you'll be able to properly frame what you're trying to accomplish (that is gaining an exception to the rules) and formulate an argument for such an exception. But attacking the school board as the problem and appealing to the school board as such and with popular support is just stupid.
  17. Yeah, the medical case seems to reflect a lack of institutional confidence to exercise some judgment and not be afraid that it would be confronted by a lawsuit or be compelled to impose the same judgment to other cases (similar or otherwise). One quibble... Yeah, school districts do see their share of state funding tied to enrollment, but attendance? And New Jersey as a whole is putting something like 25% of it's state budget toward k-12 funding, hardly a case of putting money into other things.
  18. It is whiney because the appeal being made is one that you're not even attemtping to make. In other words, you assert that "barriers to success" are other people who just don't respect video games or fail to understand the outcome of a video game. Yet, your current predicament involves neither your parents or your fans, but rather your teachers and school administrators. At it's core it's a complaint about others, and worse, the "others" have no role in your continuing success (defined as a e-sports career?) which you seem to believe rests with this trip. Hence, it's whining about what "parents" and "fans" think about video gaming. Further, the petition suggests that the problem is his school and the local school board and that each must be persuaded that this trip to play a video game is "worth his education". Now, forget the horrible formulation here... Where in the plea is there an argument that this trip to play a video game would complement his primary school education? You see, there's more time spent complaining about the parents, fans, school board, school than there is devoted to presenting a coherent, persuasive thought-process that reveals all the wonderful educational benefits this trip would provide you. Hence, it's more whiney than it is thoughtful, engaging, or even thought-provoking. Edit: Stop throwing your friend under the bus. It's neither an explanation or courteous. Yeah, he wrote it, but you've had three pages here to elaborate on the concerns presented by your fellow posters here and you could have already re-written it twice by now. Again, it's whiney in nature...
  19. I sympathize with Ian; however, what we're really talking about and what he has to overcome is that this is a video game. Yeah, yeah, wah, wah, no one respects "gamers" or "competitive" gaming. There are valid reasons for such attitudes. Ian has to overcome those. Absences for school-sanctioned extracurriculars, e.g., athletics, music, forensics all share a common characteristic - they're school-sanctioned, i.e., you have teachers and coaches employed by the district providing instruction, mentoring, etc. Those activities also promote academic achievement by tying participation to attendance and scholastic performance. Ian has to sufficiently demonstrate that his preferred extracurricular shares these characteristics...good luck. Now, perhaps if Ian was a stellar student who commanded the respect of his teachers and attention of the school principal and district administrators, perhaps he could craft a compelling argument that would persuade those people to support his endeavor. However, the current "petition" basically is a whiney complaint that "gaming" is not respected and appeals to Ian's "solid" status as a student. Neither individually or in combination is interesting, let alone compelling. Additionally, arguing (in circular) that such a trip to Poland would be beneficial because "it would be beneficial" is hardly the way to approach presenting a compelling justification for what is a request to grant an exception to well-established rules. Seriously? "Enhance his knowledge of international relationships"? That arrogantly presumes he has some existing idea of" international relationships" which he likely does not. Digital pen pals via a video game is merely a digital friendship, not a relationship within which there are shared goals/interests pitted against competing interests that require specific competencies to negotiate, compromise, retaliate, etc. So, Ian's real problem is explaining why his extracurricular activity deserves the same attention as school-sanctioned activities that would present a compelling basis to except him from eatablished rules and requirements. Start there and you might get some traction. Sincerely, The two cents of a shit player and shit poaster
  20. Still hooked and being reeled in....fucking trolled, much?
  21. Oh wow, so good at internet tanks...fuck you Seriously, stop being douches because you're good at internet tanks. Wow, you're so good at tanks, really, be proud of yourselves, cunts. How do you unregister? Shit forum doesn't need me.
  22. What a bunch of cunts. Fucking crybaby cunts.
  23. Guess not. I'm pissed off, er, tilt, uh, whatever dafuq you ppl say on the interwebs.
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