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  1. Gross income: 1 459 564 Services: 863 210 Net income: 596 354 Session statistics: Wins/Battles: 26 (40) (65.0%) Efficiency/WN8: 1 570 (81) 2 171 (78) 65% wr and slightly better than recent wn8 for the evening, but shit went downhill at 11PM pst, fucking late night trash.
  2. Hey, not my rules, dawg. Complain to Haswell. Get gud or stfu...
  3. Sorry, but per Haswell, you're not permitted to criticize me as your stats are worse than mine, baddie. If you have a problem with that, please contact Haswell. You may go now.
  4. Thanks for the love, ladies. Now show me your man boobs.
  5. Battle finances: Gross income: 757 839 Services: 255 697 Net income: 502 142 Session statistics: Wins/Battles: 11 (18) (61.1%) Exp x1: 16 852 (936) Exp: 22 114 (1 228) Free Exp: 954 Kills: 36 (2.0) Deaths: 9 (50.0%) Hits/Shots: 257 / 328 (78.4%) Penetrations: 203 (79.0%) Damage Dealt: 29 723 (1 651) Damage Received: 9 821 (545) Spotted: 36 (2.0) Defence: 31 (1.7) Capture: 34 (1.9) Efficiency/WN8: 2 031 (98) 3 040 (97) Haswell, what?
  6. JMak97008

    Day of evil

    Reporting all arty today...fucking cheats
  7. JMak97008

    Day of evil

    Thats probably a platoon'd winrate and likely benefits from pre-nerf arty use. Today, when a really good player brings arty into the game, and this is based on my experience only, it simply wastes a spot for a really good high tier non-spg tank and more of ten than not ends up as a loss.
  8. JMak97008

    Day of evil

    Damn I hope you guys dont do this. Not because I might get nuked by arty, but there are already enough matches being thrown by blues and purples bringing arty into matches. Fuck that shit! Stop throwing matches, unicums, by bring arty.
  9. Why do you think I am a "rush-to-the-good-spot" player? That you do not know one way or the other kind of renders your point irrelevant. I agree that the maps are more open, but the slow game play becomes a bug, not a complimentary feature. I disagree that the vehicles are more mobile, though we may be defining it differently. The mobility mechanics seem fairly similar between the two games for, but aw just feels lethargic, it takes forever to move around the maps. I notice that you didn't even address my core complain, but chose to attribute a tictac to me that I don't use or have a need for. Interesting approach.
  10. Havent touched aw in two weeks and have no real itch to get back despite having gotten a free lord of war founders pack with 90d prem time (reset twice already), 8k gold, and 4 prem tanks). Principal reason - aw is so damned slow. It just feels like it drags as you maneuver through the maps. Surprisingly, this didnt change as I thought it would moving from an all-in-one pc with integrated graphics to an i5-4690k with R9 280x gfx card. Nope, still slow as hell. And this is with all tanks at all gfx settings from low to ultra. And the aw maps, my god. They suck ass.
  11. I also thought of foregoing the cd/dvd and glad I chose to include one. You could do your first install via thumb/flash drive, but after reading how to do it and considering I'm a noob on this pc stuff, I got the cd/dvd. It also came in handy when reinstalling the OS multiple times and having the component discs with the drivers handy...made the set up that much easier. I'd recommend getting the cd/dvd writer.
  12. First, use the forums at pcpartpicker for opinions on this build list. Be sure to provide what you'll be using it for now and potentially in near term. Also - use slickdeals.net for pricing. While pcpartpicker is really good, they don't show fry's or tigerdirect or jet.com (all places where I got sick deals last month on components, e.g., 2x4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport XT for $29.99; 5TB external drive for $88; 4690K for $159; etc. CPU - low clock speed, but, being skylake, prolly more efficient. Low clock speed might hurt Wot performance. I bought an i5-4690k with a base 3.6 clock and can be overclocked to 4.something. Got it for $159 after BF sales, though it's usually $200+. That 3.2 clock, though...eek, but I'm unfamiliar with the skylakes. Mobo - solid choice. I also have an Asrock board. RAM - good brand, compatible. SSD - why this brand? The Samsung EVO 850 series seems to be top-of-the-heap (avoid 840 series) and Newegg has had the 250GB Samsung 850 for $79; Fry's has, too... GPU - nice card - 4GB on board. I have a R9 280X 1000mhz clock and 3GB RAM and I max out WoT and AW at max settings. 970 appears to keep pace. Is the 970 overkill for 1080p gaming? Case - I used a thermaltake v31 core case a few weeks ago for my first build. Really liked that it had a modular hdd cage and the sdd trays were on the right side of the case and not inside the main area. Space for three fans across the top, two in front, one in rear and two along the bottom. Fine case, though I wish they had grommeted all the cable routing holes. PSU - see where your xfx falls on this list - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-2547993/psu-tier-list.html, although I don't see it on there. Not familiar with XFX, though if this is a re-branded Seasonic then you might be good to go. That Folk dude will let you know. But use the list at Toms and shoot for nothing less than tier 2 units. Also, notice the reviews at pcpartpicker - does what it is supposed t, but, users wished they had gone modular. Me, too. I got a semi-modular and still wish I had gone modular (mainly because I wanna sleeve my cables). But cable management will be fa easier with at least a semi-modular psu, something to think about. BluRay writer? What for? Though, for $29.99, wth, right? Overall, just minor quibbles. Here's my final build from last month - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Dkkdyc Hope you find this helpful.
  13. Because I just completed my first build: Do your research. I spent hours reading about cpu's, mobo's, memory, gpu's, and psu's. Pcpartpicker is your friend for a) parts compatibility; b) power requirements; and c) prices (though, retailers like fry's, tigerdirect are not there, so also use slickdeals.net). Despite the research I still failed wrt to my mobo as I didn' t verify that it could run 2 gpu's (admittedly, though, I will only ever have one) and didn't realize it had only 2 fan headers on it (excl the cpu fan). Watch mulitple pc build videos. This was key for me to observe how people who know what their doing orient their cases as they're working on them, use their hands in the case, route cables, etc. Made my build a lot smoother. I did take a lot of time on the case selection. Had one picked out for aesthetics but glad I waited. I got a thermaltake v31 modular case, ie, modular as in the sdd trays and hdd cage and 5.25" trays can be moved/relocated. Very helpful in laying out your build and cable mgmt. PSU - I made the mistake of buying a semi-modular psu. Mistake because now that I've built the pc in a windowed case, I have the itch to sleeve my cables. This will be a massive PITA with my current psu. Spend a little more (use pcpartpicker.com to track prices) for a modular unit if you're doing a theme build or care about how it looks through your case window. CPU install... Yes, there should be some resistance pulling that lever handle and a lot of it. Push through it, but only after triple-checking that it's properly seated first.
  14. 'Sup, pumpkin...I have the same processor (no oc, yet, I'm a noob) and graphics card. How did you oc the gpu - AMD Catalyst center or another software pkg? Using the Catalyst Center, I got 1085 with no voltage change; though, with the Catalyst software, I don't think I can oc the memory. Oc'ing this gpu doesn't seem to make much difference as it still run wot and aw at max settings well ove 60fps. My rig: CPU - i5-4690k (no oc, yet) CPU Cooler - Cryorig H7 - marginally better than 212 EVO, but smaller and easier to install Mobo - Asrock Z97 Pro3 - great pice, features, but doesn't support cf/sli GPU - XFX R9 280X RAM - 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 1600 DDR3 SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 250GB HDD - some Seagate 1TB 7200rpm for storage PSU - EVGA B2 750w Case - Thermaltake Core v31 fully modular case - excellent case for $50.
  15. I just went with an i5-4690k (cuz I want to mess with overclocking); Cryorig H7 cpu cooler; Asock Z97 Pro3 (very good mobo, except, does not support sli/crossfire - so no to 2 gpu's until I upgrade the mobo); 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 1600mhz RAM (was onyl $29); 250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD; XFX R9 280X; and EVGA B2 750W PSU. $600USD after rebates. Runs WoT HD client at well over 60+ fps with all settings maxed out and I haven't oc'd the 4690K or the GPU, yet. Armored Warfare I am on ultra at well north of 60fps as well. Mind you, though, I am playing on a 1080p monitor.
  16. Fucking cheater, nice hax, loser.

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      Thanks god he has no obj 907 :serb: 

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      Medjed, first time ever in my is-7 and it aint like i got only 25 battles in it.

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      I just found this today, lol. The crying pubbie is real.

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  17. Yeah, it's a good deal. I have a 24" BenQ sitting on my desk with a TN panel and, tbh, I hate it compared to the glossy IPS Acer right next to it. My understanding is that all TN panels feature washed out colors. I did this whole upgrade thing to get the eye candy. I think Ill pass on this.
  18. WoT and AW look and play really good on the two monitors I have now at 60hz, but, that's after using integrated gfx the last two years, lol. Ive got newegg prime so it wont hurt to order and try it out, eh? This is what Im looking at currently - http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?sdtid=8304157&SID=b5dfddee939b11e5b6fae6fb3409ace10001&AID=10440897&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&itemnumber=N82E16824236313&cm_re=vg248qe-_-24-236-313-_-Product. Can be had for $180 after using visa checkout.
  19. I am so far. Just waffling on monitors now. Just received a BenQ matte tn display and an Acer ips glossy display, both 1080p and 60hz. Im seeing prices on 144hx monitors down to $180 which is $60 more than I want to spend. I just dont know how my 280x card will perform on a 144hz 1080p display, though...
  20. Got the EVGA B2 for $44 after rebate and will likely upgrade the mobo to crossfire or sli or whichever is the amd version of that. I bought the 280X a couple of weeks ago while on sale with rebate at amazon and had a $50 gift card to burn, so $129 after all that. That's a great deal for me.
  21. All put together and playing wot at avg 65 fps with a high over 100+ and a low no lower than 55 at 30ms ping. Ended up with a 4690k on an Asrock z97 pro3 mobo, xfx r9 280x, evo 850 250gb ssd, cryorig h7 cpu cooler, evga B2 750w psu...
  22. Pretty stoked. Got my 4690k for a sick $180 and now have my xfx r9 280x ($129 after using a gift card I had lying around). Ordered my Asrock z97 pro3 mobo ($79 after rebate); crucial ballistix sport xt 2x4GB for $29.99; a Samsung evo 850 250GB SSD for $64 (visa checkout promotion) last night from newegg. Then ordered my evga 750w SuperNOVA G2 psu for $45 (after rebate) from ncix. Just need the case, cryorig h7 pcu cooler, and wifi card and Im ready to build.
  23. Thanks, Folter. I bought the 280x at Amazon and they have their very generous holiday return policy in effect now. I have untl mid-January to return for a full refund. So, I'll keep looking for that really well-priced 970 or 290.
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