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  1. Thanks for all of the input so far, guys! I picked up the 4690K last night at Fry's for $180 (yeah, a $60 savings). I'm was ready last night to pick up a EVGA GTX 960 4GB SSC from TigerDirect for $169, but difficulty with free shipping and applying an additional discount along with no weekend support from them and I begged off. Instead, I'm going to pick up a XFX 280X Doubl Dissipation 1000mhz Boost from Amazon for $179 after rebate, but then adding in $50 Amazon GC, my total will be $129. I don't think I can get a better outcome than a 280X at this price. Plus, being the "holiday" season, I get until mid-January to return for a full refund. Anyone think this is a bad approach? Final build list (I think) - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/qYFz3C
  2. Thanks, Shade. I keep reading that the 280x is a superior card, but, otoh, it has a slower clock speed and so many here say wot is better on nvidia. Hence, I haven't paid much attention to the radeon cards. I think my parts list is complete with the i3-4170 and the 280x, removed the dvd and added an 850 EVO SSD (120GB) - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hm9BK8 BTW, if I don't have a dvd drive, how do I get win 7 on this machine to upgrade to win 10? Thanks, guys!
  3. Hey fellas, I need a little more advice: Does the i3 4170 pcu have the processing horsepower to help me get to Improved graphics with a mix of med/high settings @ 50fps avg on a 1080p display? Can I get to that Improved graphics with a mix of med/high settings @ 50fps avg with that pcu above if paired with a: GTX 960; Radeon R9 280; Radeon R9 280x; or GTX 750 ti FTW (superclocked version)? Im really sweating the i3 cpu and am starting to think about the 4690k and oc'ing, but don't really want to spend that extra jack on the i5 and a cooler and a z board... I cant afford the GTX 970. Am I unnecessarily sweating the i3 or does it put me on a path to my target graphics settings and fps when coupled with the gpu's listed above? Thanks all...
  4. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/X9yQ4D Updated parts: GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SuperSC ACX 2.0+ replaces the xfx r9 280 gpu. Good swap? I also swapped in Kingston Hyper Fury 1866 8gb RAM. Is the $40 diff in gpu's worth it? EDIT: $20 as newegg has the msi 960 for $159
  5. But will the 4170 pcu tolerate that ram speed? Is it even relevant?
  6. Thanks. So you got the 4460 cpu. I have been eyeing that one, too in addition to the i3 4170. I suppose that the processing power of the 4460 lets you do well fps-wise on wot in spite of having the 750 ti gpu. Im gonna run a parts list with a 4460 and 750 ti and see what I come up with. Sorry to the op for thread jacking...
  7. Thanks, Folter. What did/do you think about thr xfx 280 gpu?
  8. Itchi, im also interested in this card. Youre running it max on wot, what cpu do you use? TIA
  9. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bK6NMp Modded parts list to include a cooler master vsm series 550w semi-modular psu and xfx r9 280 gpu. Price is doable but on outside edge now at $575.
  10. Thanks! What do you see as the drawback on the proposed 750 ti gpu? Do you think I wont hit my fps goal or is your concern a quality of gpu one for wot and other games? I appreciate the feedback... What practical (observable) performamce enhancement will I get from 2x4gb ram relative to a single 8gb stick? Im just unfamiliar with the deep technical aspects here...
  11. Thanks for the monitor tip, I will check that out. My current PC is an all-in-one that Ill keep handy for the wife and kids, so nothing to salvage from there. Good suggestion, though.
  12. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bK6NMp Updated: Modded parts list to include a cooler master vsm series 550w semi-modular psu and xfx r9 280 gpu. Price is doable but on outside edge now at $575. -------------------—------------------------------------------ And, yeah, this a budget build because Im a shitter at tonks. But, I want pretty colors to shat on while playing. Here is what I am thinking for my build: PCU: i3 4170 (locked at 3.7ghz) Mobo: Asrock h97 anniversary GPU: EVGA 750 ti Superclocked Memory: 1 8gb Crucial Ballstic Sport XT 1600 AOC 24" monitor My hope is to run in 1080p @ 40fps avg, though I really want 60fps avg, but don't think I can do it without spending over my budget - $500 neighborhood. Part Picker list here - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3KTZMp Advice wanted: CPU: 4170 chosen because only 100mhz slower than the i3 4370, but a lot cheaper. Also 4170 chosen over the Pentium g3258 to avoid oc'ing and upgraded mobo but to also ensure I can play some other games, though wot is all I shit on now. MOBO: will the h97 allow future upgrade to i5 cpu? GPU: consensus seems to be nvidia, though, the radeon r9 270 gets some love amd specs out better than the 750 ti. Not sure if the 270 is worth the price increase? Anything i have misconsidered here or should be thinking about? Thanks in advance...
  13. In a tier 8 or 9 match I can do really well in my Pershing, though had to use a bit of gold in this one! Victory! Steppes M26 Pershing Experience received:2,260 ( x2) 29,178 Battle achievements Mastery Badge: "I Class" Repairs: -6 636 Ammunition: -33 605 Total: -11 063 WN8: 6 851 (100) And then get in a tier 10 match and go: Defeat Windstorm M26 Pershing Experience received:124 7,761 Repairs: -13 095 Ammunition: -765 Total: -6 099 WN8: 450 (20) Maddening sometimes...
  14. Portland, OR here. 17k battles and really only started to figure this thing out maybe 1k battles ago. I am truly your average player who has yet to spend any money at all. Garage: IS-7; Obj 140; T-62A T-54 IS-3; Pershing; T-44 T29; T71 Hellcat; Stug; T67; T14 I've signed up here to be a more consistently better player. I can run several purple matches a day in nearly all of the tanks above (IS-7 is a bitch), yet, will also run a 600dmg 24 wn8 in the 140 or 62A (which enrages me). Also looking for help for those instances when my IS-3, Pershing, and T-44 get mashed into a tier 10 match. Very rarely get to my own hp in damage in those matches and maybe that's just the way it is, but could use some help there. I also would like to platoon with some folks to finish the personal missions (irony noted). I play exclusively on the west coast server on a wireless all-in-one PC with good fps and ping. EDIT - Also, I am all pubby matches. No strongholds, no CW, no tournaments at all. 27 million in the bank and 115k free xp.
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