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  1. So WG came up with a bass-ackwards way of nerfing gold shell alpha. Weird flex but ok. But there's a lot of other things going on here. One thing to think about is that if the typical shell does more alpha and there's more hit points laying around, won't that mean that (if all else stays the same) profitability will be much higher? Which would be nice but knowing WG they've probably already done something to put a stop to us having nice things. Another matter is that the low and middle tiers are positively THICC with hit points in that test version, which is something WG wanted to test for other reasons anyway. Even with the new alpha buffs, many guns seem to take ages to kill anything. Might be a good thing to help prevent random one-shots, but then again it also makes certain tactics like seal clubbing in a T67 more viable because it now has stamina. Not sure if this is a good idea. And for whatever reason, arta was the only class that got buffs to its HE. For everyone else, HE is obsolete in the sandbox because the AP has pretty much the same alpha. Hard to tell if that was deliberate. I normally would have said that this would be a great opportunity to rebalance howitzer memes, but the FV4005 and Type 4/5 were already nerfed last patch. As for the actual gold spam problem itself, still the issue that if the target in front of you has armor, gold may still be the best option on the table and if so, you'd be crazy not to use it. Its good that gold now has a tangible alpha disadvantage, but the other half of the equation will be getting rid of the excessive armor that mandated gold spam to begin with.
  2. From the looks of those tier 8-9 changes, they're just trying to keep traits in common with the tier 10s rather than examining whether or not these tanks actually need to be changed. And even though a few of these tanks would be nice with some buffs, this is a very bad strategy overall. Given everything that we've seen thus far, I suggest the following: STB only needs the improved turret armor and the hydro suspension, nothing else. The Type 61 can't be shoehorned into the same niche so let it be different. Buff the DPM if it really is underperforming. Same goes for the STA 1 and 2. Leo, PTA, and Indien just need better soft stats and pen. WG doesn't even need to screw with the HEAT shells, they're not the problem. I can live with the idea of giving the 30b normal pen and velocity, that's ok. And the 430/430u need armor nerfs. If nothing else, just make the cupolas and turret roof into proper weakspots. None of this is rocket science, it baffles me that WG is just changing all these numbers without rhyme or reason.
  3. Seems the recent news is that the STB is getting a more significant turret armor buff. Combine that with the the new hydro and you have a niche. Still, the trouble is that WG is meddling with the alpha, pen, and velocity where they really don't need to.
  4. STB suffers because its gun handling is so clumsy. Throwing in the new hydro suspension is cool and all but seems very irrelevant. And the proposed buffs to movement dispersion penalties and aim time alone would have made the STB way more viable. But this nonsense of toying with the alpha, shell velocity, and pen? Just why? 30b getting normal shell velocity and pen makes it just another generic medium, which is fine. Though the funny thing is that if the 30b's current niche is really that bad, why are they throwing the new STB into it? Leo changes are just unnecessarily complicated. And even though it would help, I don't like the idea of changing the alpha. High tier 105mm guns should deal 390, and balancing should be done with other stats. In this case they could just give it a meme aim time that's so low and meme pen that's so high that the original concept of sniping from range actually works. As of the 430 and 430u nerfs.... Oh wait they cancelled those! For a second there I forgot that it was WG we were dealing with. Though in seriousness I still entertain the tiniest ray of hope that the devs actually saw reason and realized that the armor is the real problem here. Any second now they'll release an announcement for new armor nerfs..... any second now.....
  5. The only interesting thing I'm seeing here is the HESH. Other than that, there aren't any remarkable strengths to talk about and there are other light tanks with HESH these days. Honestly it would be novel if it had the normal 20pdr alpha and pen, played like a fast TD rather than a scout. Incidentally, as of the argument of whether or not 189 stock pen is good, first point is that in practice you probably aren't going to see a meaningful difference between that value and the stock shells of any other tier 8 light tank. They're all very similar. And second point is that what does this matter anyway if the current meta demands gold spam?
  6. I'd be willing to forgive a ton of the game's issues with balance, MM, bad mechanics, et cetera if only the randoms properly rewarded individual effort and didn't completely waste your energy every time your team decides to have downs syndrome. In the past, even the incompetent players understood that they had roles to fulfill and at least tried to do them. Now, even that is too much to ask. It would be nice to be able to rely on pubbie teams, but its just not happening. And we can see that the various playstyles have all been merging closer and closer together, more and more overlap. The whole concept has devolved into "roll through corridor, load code 22, LMB."
  7. Mikosah


    I'd probably run it with this build: https://tanks.gg/tank/lt-432?e=17.21.5&c=-1.-1.10&k=0 Though other combinations with vstab could work. Low chance of fire and premium income means that food is very viable, though you can probably live without if your commander has view range skills. The thing that makes the 432 strong is the combo of a low silhouette, good camo, and non-autopen armor with troll zones. Whatever its doing, its probably safer than any other tier 8 light trying to do the same. Compared to something like an M41 which will be using fundamentally the same tactics but is going to be spotted, hit, and penned so much more often. That's the power of a small, relatively well-protected chassis.
  8. If the grand battles could be entered deliberately, the situation would be very different. Having to gamble on MM was the exact same problem we had in the first place. But you know the reason WG chose both to set it up this way and to take down frontline for so long- the random queues were being threatened. As a temporary short term event, anything goes. But if there were any kind of long term alternative to the randoms, the whole business model comes apart at the seams. They need the randoms to be your only option and they need the randoms to be made of ebola and down syndrome, otherwise how will they motivate us not just to play but to grind and to spend. Was it always this way? I don't even know. It didn't feel this way four years ago.
  9. I think the strategy of simply buffing these premiums rather than taking away limited MM was probably the correct move on WG's part. At least as a stopgap solution until they figure out what the hell they're supposed to do with MM (6 month ETA remains as topkek as ever). And that explains why many of the buffs were so subtle. If the presumed outcome was that the current MM is going to stay the same forever, then that's a very different story. If so, then the simplest and most elegant solution is to buff the hell out of the pen values. That would make many of the clunkier prems comfortable without being game-breaking.
  10. My first reaction was that they just threw a green photoshop filter on the Skorpion and that the potatoes will buy this en masse because lolalpha. But you know what, I'm ok with that. The armor meta is cancer, shifting back to the sniping meta actually sounds nice. Not likely with the current maps, but you never know.
  11. The thing that bugs me is that on one hand WG made the proposal for wheeled lights to be 'active scouts' with terrible view range and redundant mobility for the current maps. And then they release a proposal for this new premium light tank that is more or less designed to play like a medium. Meanwhile the normal light tanks are rotting in obscurity. WG says "oh don't worry the lights are good passive scouts", and I call BS. If they're stationary, then their one unique advantage of camo on the move is wasted. Their view range isn't remarkable per tier. Their firepower is crap, and survivability even more crap. Moving at high speed brings on the risk of tipping and fall damage. And only a handful of maps are well suited to passive scouting in any case. If these trends continue, the only way it would make sense would be if the existing light tanks were given significant buffs, if premiums like the 432 was just rebalanced to be a medium, and the wheeled lights got some damn view range for heaven's sake.
  12. Let's suppose that the proposal to increase resistance to tipping and fall damage applied to the whole light tank class rather than just the wheeled vehicles. Even then, The proposal we see here looks like a very unremarkable light tank. Truth be told, the entire class was over-nerfed when the MM was changed. Lights as a whole could be given some pretty substantial increases to view range and DPM and they still wouldn't threaten the corridor meta.
  13. I don't know what WG are expecting. The armor buffs may have an impact against the guns with really bad pen, but otherwise its just for show. And the minor pen buffs may be a step in the right direction, but the difference is trivial and many of these guns aren't going to be hitting weakspots in either case. I've stumbled onto my own little formula for how to make a really clunky PMM tank suddenly playable and that's to give it high pen. For instance, if the JT88's APCR suddenly became its standard shell.
  14. I have a hard time seeing how AFVs are going to fit into the meta unless some massive changes take place. Let's suppose the AFVs have low pen but fantastic DPM, so that they can aggressively circle TDs and heavies. Neato, just one problem- the current maps aren't going to allow that tactic until the very late game. Otherwise you roll into a corridor filled with hostiles and have no room to maneuver. And how will AFVs handle the current physics? If they actually try to maneuver like they should to pursue the active role, they'll be flipped on their back in no time. Unless the maps become much more open and large, the whole concept seems impractical. Mind you, I still have nostalgia for the old-school McNugget Chaffee with the T37 turret that regularly participated in tier 10 games. The one whose purpose was to passive scout in the early game and utterly humiliate high tier heavies in the late game. If WG said that the idea was to bring back that sort of gameplay, I would have been overjoyed. But so long as everyone is bunched together in corridors, I don't see it working. And for the class to have poor view range just seems stupid. They already gimped the light tanks, and now they want the AFVs to be even more gimped? It doesn't make sense.
  15. Sounds to me like WG had this grand utopian vision- superheavies all over the place, tight corridors to funnel them into close combat, bottom tiers in total awe of all this armor they simply can't pen (desperately reaching for dad's credit card so they can free exp superheavies of their own), gold being loaded left and right, and every single shot bouncing. Every time a round is fired, cue cash register sound effect. And the players, they love it! Look at muh armuh! I am steel! I am invincible! Just a minor hiccup along the way that those damn pesky players actually want to pen the enemy sooner or later. And they don't like being bottom tier? Heresy! The one thing that's so odd in all this isn't the disconnect between WG's desires and ours, but rather that they have been in such utter disbelief that we didn't like 3/5/7. They were so sure that it was going to be a success, that being bottom tier was still fun, that taking away premium MM would be easy, et cetera. They just can't handle the idea that 3/5/7 is cancer, being bottom tier 80% of the time sucks, and that at the end of the day, potato and unicum alike want to put rounds on target and see positive damage numbers without breaking the bank.
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