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  1. Even if the changes don't actually put arta into its proper place (nonexistence), if the carcinogens believe it to be so and consequentially play arta a lot less, we'll get a favorable end result.
  2. I already miss being able to stack BIA, recon, and SA for max view range. The new vision skill only gives 4% more view range when maxed out, which is significantly less than what can be done with the above. Though the investment of 10 skill points compared to currently having to max out 3 different skills (which may all be bottlenecked to the commander) may be simpler, many tanks in my lineup need more than 4% view range from the crew. The new camo skill also seems like it has less effect in total than the current one, another disappointment. As of how the system as a whole works, I'm sti
  3. Under normal circumstances, this would be a non-issue. If some tomato in an E3 chucks HE at center mass and does say 300 damage he's only cheating himself out of the 750 that should have been dealt by one of the other shell types. The only way that the HE tactic gets ahead is if the other shell types have very low odds of success. Otherwise, HE consistently loses in the long run. If HE really has become an actual threat to the high tier meta, that would mean something has gone terribly wrong with the conventional AP/APCR/HEAT performance against typical armor profiles. As of the odd detai
  4. I like the idea that you'll have a tank with excellent mobility, scary DPM, small silhouette, good camo and other soft-stats. Sort of what light tanks used to be when they were good once upon a time. Is this that? I don't know. Probably not.
  5. I remember the chatroom that used to be on this site and the men of culture that used to meet there. Some of that spirit moved to the discord server, but even so it just hasn't been the same. Even the certifiable freaks of nature are all acting like normies these days. Have the good times returned at last?
  6. If it had crappy armor, I would have said this was a typical redline sniper with low DPM. But the fact that it can actually tank shots with its turret or maybe a cheeky sidescrape turns the whole situation upside-down. Others already mentioned that this means RIP T34, but I'll also throw in there that other glass-cannon sniper/support mediums like the ravioli and STG are also RIP.
  7. This might seem like an odd nitpick, but I'm driven up a wall when WG has what is essentially the same gun have significantly different pen and alpha when mounted on different tanks. In this case, the GSOR TD has a 105mm L7 gun, but with the 320 alpha of a 100mm gun and the 226mm pen of a 20 pounder gun. FFS pick one of the three and give it that rather than playing mix-n-match.
  8. There are a few potential meta-tweaks here. The new enhanced rotation mechanism, or as I now call it, the "sit-n-spin" increases both turret and hull traverse speeds and also reduces movement dispersion. It can also gain the slot bonus for either movement or firepower categories. And TDs, which still cannot use Vstabs, can now equip the sit-n-spin. I expect this will likely be the most popular of the new equipment items. And then there's the commander's vision system, which in theory could completely change the scouting game. The question is how many light tanks are going to use it in pra
  9. Not to mention how it stacks up to the Type 64. But here's an idea that I pitched on the WG forums that might get some traction here- bump up to tier 7, adjust hit points, give it back its original 400m base view range, accuracy, DPM, and other previous advantages. Balance from there.
  10. The new equipment items that they've shown so far actually seem pretty cool. The problem is all of these weird rules restricting items to certain classes or giving particular slot bonuses. For one, makes it hard to test if the new items are well balanced with the slot rules in effect. And secondly, the whole idea of diversifying loadouts is contradicted by trying to motivate particular slots to use particular items. As of whether the typical rammer/vstab/optics meta loadout will ever be unseated, I have my doubts. But that of all things isn't the major problem here. The real question is w
  11. I don't like the idea of just throwing armor onto everything to keep up with the power creep. If you balance armor around gold shells, then that's all that'll get used.
  12. When the HE changes were first announced, I said to myself that a test of whether or not they could make it work would be KV-2 and its state under the new mechanics. If it became a useless POS, or if it became game-breaking, or if they had to change it so drastically that it completely lost its previous role, then clearly the new mechanics just couldn't be workable. I wasn't expecting option 4- that they make it an exception to the rework to avoid all of the above. But that in itself speaks volumes. The rework concept had one merit- that it was taking all of these useless HE shells on sma
  13. I don't like the sound of the crew/equipment reworks. All they have to do is just take the current skills/perks/equipment that no one uses and buff/tweak them so that they're useful. Admittedly the process of moving a crew from one tank to another is clunky, but the only real trouble with it (an annoyance really) is that if you're using credits then there's a lot of little steps in retraining each guy for the new tank, resetting skills to get back to 100% training. New accounts get hosed, but WG could just give them crew training/transfer vouchers to get through the low tiers. As of the sixth-
  14. ^MFW I read this thread. So let's get this straight, passive play is the problem but it isn't caused by arta or chai snipers, these only cause trouble because other tanks spot targets for them? Meanwhile, we're also establishing that mediums fulfill the spotting role sufficiently so that we don't need a dedicated scout class to begin with even if mediums basically cause all the same 'toxic behaviors' as lights? Also that light tank players pad their stats because lights have super low requirements. Why might that be? Ok, so here's a few mild rebuttals: 1- passive play happens because
  15. I think you're on the right track, but let's try asking a slightly different question- what exactly is wrong with the current HE? And my answer is only a few minor details. One is that low caliber guns have absolutely no use for it, just too unreliable even at the tasks that it is supposed to do. But there is an exception, HESH serves its role pretty well. Most low caliber HE really just needs a bit more penetration and it'll counter thin armor just fine. Eliminating penetration entirely does not advance any of our goals. As of the task of resetting caps, they could just assign a gua
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