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  1. thank you so much will start watching those.
  2. like reading through these and saw your comment about not calling it soccer. The U.S did get that term from the Brits so blame them for our nation calling it soccer. I do call it Euro football as well even the pro US brand. more on topic to the whole anime thing, any recommended one's that are along the Bleach Naruto style, i do like the combat and such. thanks
  3. sgtshultz

    The M103

    correct me if i am wrong but i can add the top turret and top gun with out tracks or a suspension module?
  4. sgtshultz

    The M103

    thanks for the replays. I went and ground out the e100 first, soon after i get its top gun , i will be grinding to the E5 so the replays and everything on the 103 which i assume will play like the E5 will be great
  5. This was GREAT. Thank you so much for the replay, i have only gotten this tank on Sunday and still have the stock gun, but i am now paying attention more to the placement and angling of tank till i get the big gun. plus one for you sir.
  6. I had a love hate relationship with it at first. Though when i finally committed myself to playing the tank to get the t54 and started to not play this as a heavy and charge in all over the place, i found it to be a great tier 8 medium. Sure the gun was not great on alpha, and the pen was lacking, it did teach me about being a support player, being patient and how and when to flank. Once i learned those the tank clicked for me and getting exp. to unlock the t54 came quickly, more important however i enjoyed playing it. I never bothered with gold rounds for it, i figure gold in pubs is not teac
  7. Just got this bad boy last week. Got the turret from exp and been using the bellvue suspension so i could mount it. That with the 105 i had a rough few games in it till i started getting the feel. Hell angling the tank actually works! Side scraping? yep that works well two. I can now hold corners for a bit against all tier 9's and a few tier 10's. Think this will be the first tank i will not sell, it is that much fun. Cannot wait to see what this thing is like fully upgraded. Tough for me to even want to play my t-54!
  8. sgtshultz

    The M103

    Luckily the one thing i have seen in these forums is honest people like your self and others who give me both pros and cons to this tank, which is what i prefer so i thank you for this. As i said to RC i thank you for your honesty about this tank. Luckily for me i also have the Tiger two fully researched and half way exp to the e75 just in case i do not mesh with the 103. I am trying to see if i can over come my noobness and learn how to play the 103 or go with the e75 that is more forgiving of mistakes with its armor.
  9. sgtshultz

    The M103

    that is what i found. As people responded to his original post they gave links and videos of people playing the 103. If the link is bad (should not be) it was on roughly page 3 or 4 in the american section. From what i have read being support when in tier 9/10 matches is the best way to go. If you are top dog however, play with controlled aggression. Hope this helps.
  10. sgtshultz

    The M103

    thank you LJ i appreciate that. also that digging i found more stuff i the m103, just had to look a lil better.
  11. sgtshultz

    The M103

    Hello all, i found one article posted on some tips to play the 103 and i also saw that Kewei has some replays up. Are there any instructional videos for this tank to play as support since i can no longer hull down and be close to invulnerable? Also how do i download and play old wot games if they are older than 9.5, when i try it says file will not work. So i apologize now for this post if it is repetive but i found nothing in the searches. If you can help an old noob out and show me the tools i need to watch older replays i would be most grateful. Update: about 4 pages in i found anot
  12. ok thank you ! umm trying to find user tab, cannot seem to get it called up so i can edit my profile on this site. or am i totally not looking in the right place? please forgive my cpu noobness Found what i need to do. sigh such a cpu illiterate.
  13. Hello, I wanted to be able to put a thumb pic and possibly a gif into my picture of user and into my signature. Anyone tell me where to find how to do this so i may try so i dont see the blank shilloute above my user name and so on like i see others have? thanks!
  14. Hello all again, I was wondering if anyone has played with the mouse sensitivity for when moving around to aim while using a medium tank. I currently have the t-54 and i have smooth ride, snap shot, vstabs to help. While the recticle is small is seems i can never get the gun to be where i think it is. I end up going into sniper mode or using auto aim for when im really flying around. However i am trying to break the sniper scope for every shot so i can snap shot more effectively. I have been playing with mouse sensitivity for my razer naga mouse and nothing seems to make it easier to get
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