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  1. I'm finding the coupela nigh impenetrable with <300 pen from the front. This is lovely when playing Tier 8 and the tank is hull down. I've gotten to the point where if I'm not in a Tier 9 TD or higher I just back my tank up, and go somewhere else/flank. I'd rather fight a side scraping E100 atm.
  2. 3x Marks Tiger II, thank you Kv5 Weekend <3

  3. Kimbo is Reopening Recruiting, We have a very simple concept. Don't suck? Don't want to do CW but want good people to talk shit with and do Stronks/ Platoon? You may find a home with us. Please PM me here or in game for details. Kimbo: Making plebs regret their poverty.
  4. New Model is much like old one, but crisp, clean, it's like a little black dress. Frankly I hope the tank does not get any armor buff. I don't want people realizing my special snowflake is in fact special, This would invite Soviet nerf hammer.
  5. I have over 1100 games in mine with a 55% win rate in it. I love the tank. However it is highly dependent on being sufficiently crewed to really shine (3 skill minimum) You have to maximize the reload and the pen on the gun, You know that you can hit an pen reliably against the front hull of an IS3, so if it hits you, you Must Hit Twice. Your reload is 2-3 seconds faster than his. You Can Hit Twice. Play it the same vs tier 9 heavies they all have slower reloads than you do. Side scraping can work, but if you're outside of auto bounce angle, you're penned. Use your extended H
  6. Got this map with Tiger1, Tiger2, M6. I can say this much, if you take heavy tanks down to the beach you're doing it wrong, It takes too long to climb the hill, flexing is thus not possible if you need to return to base. The Cliff Ridge above the beach allows you to battle while dodging arty (mostly) then return to shoot the pubby scum which crawled up the beach (from above) Mediums take the magic hedgerows. Td's guard beach. Arty can die in a fire. Scouts, not sure yet.
  7. I was under the impression this was retconed in a prior discussion and that the entire UFP is 200 now. (tbh if they can get to an angle where they can go through the 150 they can go through the 200) Can someone confirm which way this swung? Found it: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/01/23/23-1-2014/
  8. Learn to use the Overmatch mechanic it can save your ass/make your trading much more efficient. Two tanks at 50% health is always better than one tank at 100% health. Let Reds show you where the Germans is. Don't get greedy. It's an ambush. If your pubby yolos a tank that does not have support you better damn well shoot the hostile. Unsnipe between shots. Keep aware of your surroundings. Face hugging with tall tanks eliminates some of the advantage of sloped armor making penetration easier. When face hugging try blocking their shots with your gun. Wiggle while r
  9. Thank you, the bit about zooming out between shots, that's an excellent point. The diagram you posted is spot on, it seems I am taking damage due to stupid positioning I will rectify these things. "And why did you go for that last shot on the M103" greed + didn't see him, tunnel vision is a bitch. I see my map awareness still needs work. Thanks again.
  10. I've been playing my 120 and my 121 in a very similar fashion. The 121 is a larger frame, with the same alpha, it does not trade as well tier for tier. It also feels less nimble. You are correct in that aside from my 120/panther 2 my stats are poor in all of my mediums. Hell most of my stats are poor. I only started playing decently at about my 7k game marker so I'm doing damage control.
  11. This is in conjunction with my other thread in the mentor section: I was going to do a run of 10 games However I stopped at six because I was on tilt and needed a break. (I go from a 50% win rate to a 48% with the tank in these matches) I want criticism on what I could have done better/how I screwed up. http://wotreplays.com/site/1726945#pearl_river-itchytasty-121 Here I'm not sure how to have improved this aside from not getting hit from the Waffle 4 and the Prot, but if I had waited... our north would have been crushed. http://wotreplays.com/site/1726985#erlenberg-itchytasty
  12. Will be playing on East Coast tonight. From 5PM est - whenever I pass out.
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