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  1. It took you long enough to get on wotlabs ^^.
  2. Actually I have been stuck on that light tank mission to damage 3 arty in 1 game. I'm seeing an opportunity come up :D.
  3. vurhd1

    Day of evil

    I support this motion but can't participate. I've achieved the ultimate level of purity: Selling all of my arty. Also if you want to actually get the point across do it on the east server. West server players are irrelevant :P.
  4. I would describe him more as an e50 damage padding scrub. ^/s He teamplays very good.
  5. lol the irony. I watched the first 2 episodes eating popcorn XD.
  6. Its actually horrible. I play mine because when you pen that shot it suddenly become so fun.
  7. "On the bright side, we may get a new Swift album sooner than we thought," I like
  8. I noticed that you fire A TON of blind shots. Is that essential or just for the little bit of potential damage.
  9. Honestly its just a combination of tons of experience. Calling yourself (probably in stronghold) and by watching other callers. Most of the strats I use are: - A modification of a strategy I saw from another caller. Occasionally exactly the other strat. - A random strategy I tested with trial and error. - Some cool spot / abuse I found in a random and implemented in organized play. It's also extremely important to know firing lines and what flanks shut down other flanks. For team battles its really making something up on the spot since you pick a lineup for some random map, same with skirmish
  10. IIRC, bronze/silver qualifiers start at the beginning of December. Or at least they did last winter.
  11. Feel free to add me :). I have a bunch of 8+
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