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  1. Got you already Hopefully I'll be playing a bit more next week so we can div up.
  2. Any chance the scrubs playing Wows have a channel too? I wanna make new friends and sink all the things!
  3. No major events, apart from the GNB and project R, and we all know how the first went down. Most focus for "free" stuff goes into Ranked, and some occasional Bundle sales for iconic warships (Tirpitz, warspite).
  4. Keepers list : Tier 1 : none Tier 2 : go away Tier 3 : F... no thanks Tier 4 : Are u kidding? Tier 5 : Murmansk, Minekaze, Kongo Tier 6 : Fuso, Nurnberg, Farragut Tier 7 ; Nagato, Myoko Tier 8 : Amagi, Mogami, North Carolina. Tier 9 : don't know, haven't bothered buying those yet... Tier 10 : same. Basically, those are the ships I play on a weekly basis, for fun. The others are for the grind, or the occasional stress relief. I'm only going for the Cleveland when I'm raging after CV infested games, and swatting planes is soothing And when I want fires and lols , I just roll out the Mogami with 155s, just for the sheer number of shells hits.
  5. Pretty much what has been said above, except one thing : The goal is not that you get somewhere, it's about getting your guns in range of potential targets. Not much of a difference you might say, but it actually helps me mentally focus on finding the good angles beetween islands, predict movements of the enemy, and move so that I can fire, rather on focusing on moving my ship to a certain location. Of course, having the experience of multiples battles on certain maps helps a lot in predicting the enemy's team movement pattern.
  6. Well, at this age, they are pretty much a digestive tract, that yells when empty.
  7. I guess that I'm a donkey then... Got to figure out which things to implement. I found out about the various minimap circles after playing, but I still can't find how to map the "go into max zoom" button to my 4th mouse button. I'll have to dig up.
  8. F... this week end, So much donkeys in ranked and random that I restarted WOT for a change...
  9. A little side note, after that much rejoicing : Been firing up WOT for the first time since last August, and boy do I suck. Got wrecked at tier 6, but surprisingly, I still know how to play my T62A Question for all : what are the settings, or the mods I should now use? been out of this for too long, and I couldn't figure out even the button for going straight into full zoom.
  10. Feel free to hit me up ingame, I'm currently playing lots of Ranked (solo only...), but i can spare a few games in random, up to Tier 8 currently.
  11. Acutally, it helps new players to understand the game concepts one at a time, mainly the players that are not familiar with WOT.
  12. Depends on your actual Rank, IIRC you only see the captains after rank 5 or 6 of your account.
  13. Been trying ranked for the past days, and so far, It's going well, although as mentionned the 15-12 ranks is indeed a purgatory. Myoko seems the ship to go, although I might rebuy my nagato. Hatsu on the other hand is garbage compared to other dds, can't seem to impact on the course of the games, only provide some distraction.
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