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  1. had three consistent 3k+ wn8 days and now I've been playing quite literally like an orange shitter.. wtf


    1. kestenovski


      i'm in similar position, couple days of really solid progress and tonight i couldn't connect 2 shots :S missing, bouncing, getting outplayed so hard. it's like i forgot how to play.

    2. kolni


      S T O P  P L A Y I N G if stats matter to you, it'll only tilt you more and more and more

    3. kestenovski


      personally i don't care much about stats. i care about having good games that are fun. tonight that just wasn't happening and i was really in a mood for some tanks so i kept playing thinking THIS NEXT GAME WILL SURELY BE GOOD. nope. it never was. i won 4 out of 15 games and only 1 of those 15 games was what i would call good. :feelsbad:


      i guess that's what happens when i break one of my rules... which is 3 defeats means a break. 

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