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  1. Consider ROXY. We're relaxed over here, while still doing CW, Tourneys, Stronks etc
  2. ROXY still searching for new redline snipers
  3. Good luck with your search. Guys with your CW competence are even hard to find with even 2k recent sometimes
  4. ROXY would like to give you a shot. Contact me
  5. ROXY Is recruiting. come check us out
  6. Cannot confirm or deny.For the sake of my family, and everyone i know
  7. About Us: ROXY was initially founded as a Tournament clan, and while we still hold true to our roots and participate in regular tournaments, we have shifted to a heavy focus on Clan Wars. We are are the English speaking subdivision of CHAI, but our map movements are largely independent. Recruiting Standards: We are currently looking for tankers who have 1700+ overall or 2200+ recent WN8 have 4+ competitive T10's are available 3-4 nights a week Tier 10 stats will be heavily considered when evaluating potential candidates, as well as teamwork/game sense in pubs. We are also looking for dedicated callers with a decent background as a Field Commander/Combat Officer who are available more than 4 nights a week. Potential callers will be invited to call battles during Strongholds, and evaluated from there. If interested, contact me, a_canuck, here, in game, or find me on the CHAI teamspeak server at ts.cgchai.com
  8. looking for people to platoon with my 13 90 2k+ recent

    1. IAmA_Tank_AMA
    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      hello there. Did someone say 13 90s?

  9. What is the generic best course of action for a light tank on a heavy dominant city map? (Kharkov, Himmels, Stalingrad etc)
  10. Hey. My clan wars attendance is a little shoddy given I work evenings a lot, but it seems to me I meet your req's.
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