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  1. Deadeye on M41 = Fires for everyone! In completely unscientific and useless test, seems my rate of causing fires has gone way up in the last 50 battles while using it on the bulldog with autofungun. Confirmation bias aside, i have in fact caused more fires since i started using it. Just don't have any hard numbers for you.
  2. Nope. This is a terrible chapter in game development where "most" games aren't actually innovating anything and just making copycats and raking in cash as fast as they can before abandoning the game and making another cash-cow copycat.
  3. Shitpoasting here is bad. This isn't the official forums. Im done with this thread.
  4. Where did i accuse you of being a mac user? Was a general statement about how MS will never convert the apple zombies. PSA: Failing to comprehend what you read and taking offense to something you misunderstood is idiotic. Seriously, just stop making nearly every other post in this thread and let it die. Maybe then other people can post opinions you can also whine about.
  5. PSA: Whining about other peoples OPINIONS is idiotic. Then jumping all over any one who disagrees with you just makes you look like a douche. I hate Windows 8, And i don't really give a fuck if your a Win8 nazi about it. Win8 acts like they are trying to appeal to the "Mac Zombie" crowd. But MS doesn't realize those people would buy a steaming pile of shit if it had an apple logo on it. Edit: btw, what % of your total postcount is in this thread? without looking i would guess 75%?
  6. My best 62A games are always the ones that i honestly just look up at the end of the game and realise i have a ton of damage and kills. When i worry about it, like last night, i totally suck in it. Really being a master of the mousewheel helps this tank a ton. Constantly zooming and checking your exposure and angles. This tank excels at being an opportunistic bitch, and also making people take stupid shots at your turret so you can punish them for it. If you want to bush camp or use the Go dark, shoot, retreat tactic, you would love the Leo1. Especially on maps like Prokhorvk
  7. Limiting it to X number of games though might make for long que times.... I think the way to handle seal clubbing is remove profit/xp/cre xp from Tier 4 and below once you get X amount of games.
  8. With sheltered MM the idea would be to make a level playing field, so tier 4 wouldn't have to worry about 6. Normal MM would start at 5. Not allowing equip is one way, making it actually affordable is certainly another, with your idea allowing at least a little customization. Equip cost scaling with tier? Want to mount those optics from your tier 5 onto your tier 6? pay the upgrade fee which is = to the difference of the cost. Make equip tiered like tanks, allow higher tier equip to be put on lower tanks. you would gain no other benefit to higher tier gear other than being able to put
  9. Not that they are underpowered as much as players with millions of credits and lots of clan/tourney gold can afford what newer players can't. When your tank has an effective 375 view range, and most tanks that level even with a 75% crew have an effective of 220, they get frustrated by "Game bugs allowing invisible tanks to kill me". They assume the game is trash, or people are hacking and never learn HOW or WHY they are spotted. The permanent 6th sense in every tank posted above would very much help also. Crew skills and equipment really give a silly advantage at low tiers, one
  10. But it isn't "flawed from the ground up". It's generally quite good with only a few exceptions. Nothing will ever be perfect. And if it has nothing to do with padding, why has that been one of the main points of every post you have made on the 62A? Could WN8 be improved? Of course, but any such improvements will only just put the next "broken tank, or padder tank" to the forefront. Same as would happen with ANY metric.
  11. Garbad, Does it matter? Really? We are back to the WN8 doesn't really represent the top 1% of players conversation again. While i do understand your point about people posting asking for "the best tank to raise WN8" shouldn't be happening, instead they should be asking how to actually improve as a player, you have to understand that those people pushing the 4k+ WN8 in it have already broken the scale where Wn8 is meaningful to represent the skillset they have in WOT. The 62A does at least help teach players not yet capable of 4K+ some very valuable skills, at a tier that matters.
  12. Sheltered MM would fix quite a bit actually. Part of the reason low tiers aren't balanced is the fact that they see those higher tier games MUCH more often based on the fact you spend progressively longer in each tank as your tier increases. The spread should be no more than +1 till tier 5. With some type of system that rewards you for playing tier 5+ once you reach X amount of games. Like reduced credit/xp, but wouldn't apply to tanks with less than X amount of games, so grinding new lines is possible. Another option would be to bar Tier 4 and below tanks from using equipment, and
  13. Whoever RNG's first. The aim time and dispersion of most low tier tanks makes it impossible to shoot effectively. By god if the other team has a PZ1C it's over. they just MELT anything they get near. Tier 1-4 seems to have almost NO representation to what the game actually is.
  14. It makes me really question the motives of seal clubbers, and Wargaming's take on their own game. When the majority of players don't make it past tier 5 anyway before they quit, you would think they would at least make it FUN.
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