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  1. Upcoming is a word that means "coming in the future", as in you will be livestreaming soon. Please learn to grammar.
  2. The fact that they want people with 1750 wn8 explains why arty is still a thing.
  3. I have even simpler advice because we seem to be doing that. Notice your mistakes, and learn from them, and you will go far. (I've been doing this since I was green, and look where I am now)
  4. Not PP, but I might have something marginally useful. I try and run at about 100 points above my recent all the time, though I can usually manage above that. This is great because then when I am having a session where things just aren't clicking (ie. I'm yoloing too hard, getting clicked, missing shots, whatever) I can reset my session stats, forget the bad games, and come back in an hour or four or five and try again. If on the second try I am still playing like shit, I go find some fast bois to run or a team battle so I can be shit and no one cares.
  5. I would use vents (admittedly I don't have the tank, so yeah) over optics because I am too shit to make use of optics. This is also why I run vents on all my other tier 10 meds.
  6. X3N4's still around, I'm pretty sure occasionally streams as well.
  7. I'm not a PP or supercum, but I can play meds and heavies fairly well. I personally run Vents on every tank and Food over AFE on tanks that don't burn (E5, Bat, etc.) + BiA when possible. I consider the increase in view range to be enough to compensate for the loss of Optics, and I find I am often waiting for the reload on my tanks, hence making Vents viable on most tanks IMO.
  8. Back when I used mods and after I got tired of looking at QB's ugly face, I started using this instead: But I don't use mods any more cuz yeah.
  9. Who would know that people who are unicum at pixel tanks are also unicum at finding shitty anime (or maybe good anime, I can't tell) to terrorize the rest of us with.
  10. Learn to farm the damages matey. Even in the most hopeless games there is damage to be had. Take all the damage that you can, and a little more for good measure.
  11. I love being an asshat to pubbies platooning with awesome people from WoTLabs!
  12. You are better than I was at that point I think and I consider myself a fairly fast learner at this game.
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