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  1. Diablo 3!!! Add me, kittikat#1113 I run regular all the time. Not much into Seasonal Grinds, though. I solo GRift 40~ish, so feel free to join me whenever. Even if you're making new toons.
  2. Add me, kittikat#1113 I run regular all the time. Not much into Seasonal Grinds, though. I solo GRift 40~ish, so feel free to join me whenever. Even if you're making new toons.
  3. lol everyone seems to know this but Iron_Soul_Stealer. He wouldn't believe the truth if it sat in front of him. He's really dug in deep in his tin-foil rabbit hole. You should have seen how he obsessed with how certain he was that I was Jewel_Thief last year.
  4. stealing this shit, you cutiepie <3
  5. Apparently Iron_Soul_Stealer from WoT TinFoil Hat Fame filed an actual ticket regarding me and KMaus as being one and the same: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/427121-wg-customer-relations/page__st__100__pid__8742277#entry8742277 "I'm unsure why you think [Redacted] is the same person, that IP address traces back to North Carolina, and he/she has quite the moderation history." More of the Rabbit Hole.
  6. When you gonna post?

  7. gimme moar tags in your TS so i can see more peoplez! when i'm on it always looks so desolate and empty, like y'all are hiding from me Oh yeah, and grats xD
  8. So the new patch dropped recently, with a plethora of new goodies added into the mix. I quick little run-down for those not in the know, and for those who may still find this info useful: Greater Rifts Probably one of the biggest changes introduced with 2.1 are the Greater Rifts. Greater Rifts are accessible through completing a Standard Rift and receiving a Greater Rift "Trial Keystone" which allows you to do a Gauntlet-Styled monster-spam wave-fest to determine what Greater Rift Rank (ie. how difficult) you get to enter. After you complete your Trial, you get a Greater Rift Keystone with a number on it. This is the G-Rift Rank. G-Rift ranks go up to, and past 41. GRift 41 is the highest anyone's gotten to so far. To give you a comparison on toughness, GRift 1-25 is a gradual ramp-up of difficulty from Normal to Torment 6 - GRift Rank 1 being Normal and GRift 25 being equivalent to Torment 6. GRift 30 would probably sit around torment 8-ish. Greater Rifts are time-based against your completion/kills. But no worries, mobs don't drop ANY loot or gold until you reach the Greater Rift Guardian, so you don't have to worry about wasting time clicking on random loot on the ground. Elite Mobs (Blues and Yellows) drop little purple Skull Bubbles that help boost your GRift progress bar as well, so don't forget to snag those! Legendary Gems Patch 2.1 also introduces Legendary Gems. These gems are only accessible from Greater Rifts. And only from the Greater Rift Guardian at the end. To note: Loot does NOT drop at all in Greater Rifts EXCEPT from the Rift Guardian. Legendary Gems are able to be leveled up through Greater Rift completion. The reason for doing harder and harder Greater Rifts is to level up your gems to 25. The higher your level your gem, the less successful of a chance you have to level it up in lower GRifts. Treasure Goblin Portals Another addition from Patch 2.1 is the chance for Treasure Goblins to drop a Portal which allows you to go into their world and make a cash-grab of all their money and loot. These Portals are only accessible from Non-Rift games (ie. doing Bounties). Last night, I was running with Nemesis (-G-) and Allurai (OTTER) and we had the great fortune of having a Goblin drop a portal. Allu got about 105 Million Gold, Nem got about 75 Mil, and I walked off with 65 Mil (fluctuations dependent on your +Gold Find%). So, if a Portal happens to drop for you, hopefully you have a couple pieces of +Gold Find on hand to help boost you up. I'll know this for next time ^^ Separate Season Ladder Characters Patch 2.1 also introduces a new game options with their "Seasons." Basically, it's a Ladder game that lets you start off with NO paragon points, NO stash, and NO interaction with "regular," non-season characters. The draw to this is obviously getting on the Leaderboards on the Ladder and a few unique Legendaries that are only accessible through Seasons Gameplay. Once the Season is over and the Ladder is reset, the characters and their gear are then migrated into the rest of your regular characters. But this is about a 6-month wait. I haven't dabbled much in the Season aspect of the game, as the Legendaries I've seen don't make up for the drag of grinding a new character from scratch for me. There's a couple other additions to the game, but I'm just listing a handful of the major ones that are most noticeable and pertinent to general interest. And I'm too lazy to keep typing. If you want to add more shit to this list, feel free to comment and I'll copypasta your crap into this post. Also, if you want to run GRifts or other shit with me, feel free to add me: Kittikat#1113 If I don't add you back, it's either because I don't like you or my friends list is full, so fuck you (mostly it'll be cause my friends list is full, this happens once in a while)
  9. Buy me a Constellation.

  10. posting just to see what my colors are in this thread. oh look, i'm actually bluer now. good job never! xD
  11. lol, i love germany, but i really would like to see messi be able to carry home a win. it's just wrong to be called the greatest soccer player of your time without winning a cup, imo. would be like gretzky never winning a cup, yet being considered the greatest hockey player of all time.
  12. Well, if you think incest is best, then you should be all onboard for TWINCEST!! Mmhmmm.
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