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  1. @koel76, It's not that I have any problem with that, I wouldn't be here if I didn't like it. I just don't want the site owners to get into any unnecessary trouble.
  2. As I understand, it doesn't matter where the servers are, what matters is where the service is available from. It's the same category by which you can't watch Netflix from EU, despite servers being in the US (only in this case it's EU copyright laws instead of privacy laws).
  3. No idea. Probably by having enough users report a service.
  4. Just so you know, you are required to delete (or provide and automated way of doing so) accounts and any associated data on user request by law in the European Union, without any explanation from the user, as long as the service provided is available from any country in the European Union. I'm guessing nobody around here would make a big deal out of that, but I thought you might want to know.
  5. Thank you for the effort, this is highly educational.
  6. In the end I did go with the engine first. It felt more capable to reach key positions in time. Now, after my 119th battle I researched the tracks, too. Still going strong at 62% WR. I absolutely LOVE this tank
  7. This tank is an absolute monster! It's everything you could wish for in a heavy (reliable armor and a great gun). I had enough free xp to unlock the turret, so I did that and used the best KT's gun. It took me (only) 60 battles to unlock the 12,8cm gun. So far I've had 75 battles with a 65% WR, by far the best results than in any tank I ever had (yes, I realize it's a small sample size). I have yet to unlock the suspension and the engine. My current equipment is as following: rammer, vstab, Enhanced Belleville Washers. Crew skills: sixth/preventive/safe for first, BIA for second, repairs at 40-ish percent as third. My question is should I unlock the engine or the suspension first? If I go for the suspension first I could remove the washers and put something more useful in that eqipment slot (vents or gld, haven't decided yet (leaning towards vents because I didn't find the aim time to be that big of a problem)). On the other hand, there are games where I really miss the engine power, especially if I need to go up a hill or half way across the map.
  8. swevener

    T-44 Mines

    I kind of have the same problem. If I start on the south spawn and the enemy doesn't have any fast tanks (which is rare) I go to the hill. In the other case I stick to the island in the west but I feel that's quite a limiting option.
  9. I've been lurking for a while, so I thought it's about time to say hi At the same time I would like to say thank you to all the posters providing useful information covering various aspects of the game. I can't emphasize enough how helpful that information is for someone trying to improve. Best wishes to everybody!
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