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  1. Lookin' for a clan!

  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for a clan for 2 reasons. A few months ago I decided I was ready to get involved in the more team-orienated aspects of the game. I'm wanting to play with good people who, in general, are at least a little better than myself so that it pushes me to continue growing. With the recent IS-5 announcement, I've been even more-so motivated to join up. I may not have a shot at the IS-5, (more on this below), but I'd like to get there eventually for any future reward tanks. I've defintely been trying to do my share of learning by watching streams, reading guides, ge
  3. Hi all. I'm having trouble with Light tanks in general. I started my WoT career on the American TD line, went into the Russian heavies. I currently have the ELC, the AMX 12t (working towards Batchat eventually). I have the Chaffee, Luchs. I know French lights are a little different than regular lights. But aside from the occasional pretty good game. I can't seem to be consistently good in any of these tanks. I know that not having 6th sense is a major setback. So maybe that's all it is. Maybe that one skill breaks light tanks for me and I just have to suffer through bad games (an
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