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  1. Lookin' for a clan!

  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for a clan for 2 reasons. A few months ago I decided I was ready to get involved in the more team-orienated aspects of the game. I'm wanting to play with good people who, in general, are at least a little better than myself so that it pushes me to continue growing. With the recent IS-5 announcement, I've been even more-so motivated to join up. I may not have a shot at the IS-5, (more on this below), but I'd like to get there eventually for any future reward tanks. I've defintely been trying to do my share of learning by watching streams, reading guides, getting involved with the community, etc, but I don't feel like my numbers really present me as a 'highly skilled' player, and I'd really like to change that. I very much want to be involved with a cool group of people who can help me grow. I want to contribute and do my part - not be dead weight. About the IS-5.. I'm a collector, and one of my goals for a while now has been to have the complete set of IS tanks. With the recent announcement of the IS-5 being a very limited reward-only tank, I started having a flood of emotions. Maybe I'll never be able to get it. Could I get involved with a clan that, even though it was mostly a carry, they would see me as not complete dead weight and help me get the reward tank? If I'm not able to get it.. would that kill my desire to keep collecting. I absolutely hate when certain things are made completely unavailable, and I'd even be ok with having some incredibly hard requirement that took me months or even years to fulfill.. Sadly that's not the case here. At the end of the day, the IS-5 isn't my sole reason, or even my main reason, for wanting to find a clan. I'd love to hear from any/all clans that would want me. And I'd really appreciate it to hear from the more top-notch clans as to if they'd be willing to help me grow to meet their standards so that maybe one day I CAN earn a reward tank. And lastly.. I'm pretty desperate for the IS-5, so.. if you think you'd be able to help me with that I'd love to hear what you'd want out of me to make that happen. Tank Info: Top 3 Tanks WN8 with 100+ battles, Tier 6+: Tiger I - 2014 IS 7 - 1855 AMX 13 75 - 1852 Top 3 Tanks WIN% with 100+ battles. Tier 6+: IS 7 - 57.72% Tiger I - 56.05% KV 85 - 53.42% Current Tier X Tanks Owned: IS 7 - 1855 - 57.72% T110E4 - 998 - 42.86% (Only 70 battles. Have not played much in the past year since not really CW viable. Also I don't really like it) Working Towards TIer X Tanks: E100 - Currently on the Tiger II over halfway to the E75. Tiger II stats - 140 Battles - 1528 - 51.43% BatChat - Currently on the 13 90 over 3/4 to the Lorraine 13 90 stats - 157 Battles - 1633 - 40.13% (I know...ugh..) I know most of that can be gathered here at WotLabs.. hoping to save some headache for peeps. Also, as mentioned above, I'm a collector, so I have a lot of tanks right now.. I usually keep a tank, so there aren't many tanks in the lines that I've grinded out that I didn't keep. Thanks! Edit: Updating some Tank info
  3. Hi all. I'm having trouble with Light tanks in general. I started my WoT career on the American TD line, went into the Russian heavies. I currently have the ELC, the AMX 12t (working towards Batchat eventually). I have the Chaffee, Luchs. I know French lights are a little different than regular lights. But aside from the occasional pretty good game. I can't seem to be consistently good in any of these tanks. I know that not having 6th sense is a major setback. So maybe that's all it is. Maybe that one skill breaks light tanks for me and I just have to suffer through bad games (and yea.. I kinda care about stats. Not enough to stay away from tank lines I don't know.. but enough that when I do bad, I get a little upset). I need some help though. I can't seem to find the groove. I'll provide stuff as necessary.
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