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  1. The problem is, the feedback they get. Just check out the official forums how all the pubbies are just claiming that IS-3A is not overpowered, because it's slightly slower. It's basically the same reason why we have this current mm system. How many good players used to complain about old mm?, as QB said they only wrong thing with old mm was having different amount of tanks of the same tier. Most of the bad things in WoT are because WG gets awful feedback from players who think they know everything about the game and good players are good because hacks and gold rounds. Arty, superheavy meta, new mm, Type 5. 263 was a decent tank. Strong but far from being broken. WG reason to change it? ''It was not so popular, so we brought a broken thing so you can play with your dick and get +50% WR''. If finally WG decides to listen to the people who actually knows what's good for this game, this is gonna be a success, otherwise RIP WoT 2019.
  2. If you make it permanent it will spread even more the population for a server that's already fucked up like NA, I don't have an issue with casual games, you could say PUBG and Fortnite are mostly for casual players and that's what made them popular. But both games still had a challenge ahead for players who wanted to push things to their limits. Does frontline has that? No, it just doesn't. What can you aim to accomplish in frontline? A 15k dmg game?, luck based. A +70% WR?, Just platoon as much as you can. A good KDA?, I don't think this would be even relevant. Sadly it will interfere with what's already in place, because the public in this game is way different than all the others out there. There are a lot of +30 yrs old players who already formed a family and are just looking to have fun for a while. And considering what randoms are right now, I'd say 70% if not more would play frontline only. The thing is, once random queue starts going down, they'll just keep themselves in this mode not even bothering grinding or researching. Their goal is accomplished they are having fun and that's fine. Why would they want more? Also, what makes frontline good is the single tier mm. do you think NA can hold constantly a 60 players for battles for different tiers? It just wouldn't be capable of. As a last thing, besides arty, new mm and Type4/5 most if not all the facts that can make you rage in pubs will do it in Frontline.
  3. I think monthly is still fine, players will play during the month, and will be excited about frontline week, but definitely not a perma mode.
  4. The fact that there are not risks makes it kinda boring to me. I don't hate this mode, it's one of the most healthy WG has done lately. But if you spread it out for more tiers, it would make WoT literally a full casual game. MoE would be pointless, ranked would die even harder, no incentive for clan activity for avg players, some players would probably play this game mode exclusively. I'd go as far to say it would be even less skill based, since the decision making is way easier. Reasons to improve? Not many at all. I'm sorry if you really want it this way, but to me seems like throwing all the potential in this game to a casual loophole because it would be fun for a while.
  5. I played like 10 frontline games and got bored of it, all of them over 10k dmg, everyone plays so carelessly it's gets boring to me at least how easy it's to farm dmg. Removes in my opinion most of the skill in WoT, since even getting killed has its benefits because you can respawn and relocate wherever you need to. As I said I don't mind it, but I prefer the CS:GO playstyle of random matches than the BF playstyle of frontline.
  6. Why have it in more than 1 tier?, the game mode is fun for a while, after that the only reason to play it's because its benefits. If you wanna have it for more tiers then mm would get even worse in smaller servers. If you wanna have +-2MM for frontline then it will stop being that fun for many players because you'll need to shoot gold just like random battles. IMO WG is doing right with this game mode.
  7. Indeed, the xp system is not the issue, before, the only tank that could be completely inmune hulldown, was the IS-7, and well E3, but it's slow af. These tanks get more xp because they can play aggressive and hold those positions for long periods of time. Same reason why a lot of players were carrying +10 HE rounds in ranked to be able to deal minimal dmg to all these hulldown tanks. It's literally the Metapod pokemon fight.
  8. I'd like to see a ''Elimination thread'' about the most broken or balanced/properly designed for the game tanks in tier 10. I want to know what most people think about meta tanks with this possible rebalance coming.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. mati_14


      That shows the most meta tanks, but I'm also talking about bad tanks that aren't healthy for the game.

  9. I feel like premium shells are the minor problem that WG has currently. MM and tank balance are the biggest issue, specially prem tanks since WG is too afraid of compensating for them. I'd say 2016 WoT was the best when it comes to balance. E5 meta wasn't cancerous at all. Talking about tank balance, we have way too many all-rounders now. Back then, E5, 260(kinda) and 113 maybe?, now; SC, 5A 430U, 268V4, buffed IS-7, 277, 907, 113, you could add M48 if you want to. These tanks have no drawback at all. And also the broken shit like buffed 4005, Type 5, and not for me, but for some players Foch B and 155. Tanks like STB/50B/215B used to be strong in the right hands, no matter which mm or map you had to play. Personally I think the balance should be around those tanks. High skill cap should be the most rewarding tanks.
  10. It would literally kill the game, if it was permanent, absolutely nobody would play tier 8s outside frontline, which would shit on mm even more. Nobody would care about grinding +8 because you wouldn't have a fun place to play them. Tier 12 aka full tier 10 games are not fun at all.
  11. Man, I really wish this forum was alive like it used to be, now that QB has finally started to talk about all the issues with WoT. Whether you like him or not, it's basically the only one influencial enough to make a change in this gam

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    2. j_galt


      But thank GOD, you still have the energy to come back and bitch. 





    3. DirtyACE7


      My respect for QB is starting to increase. Finally a streamer that is probably the most influential of all community contributors is taking actual definitive shots at WG.

      I get really fed up with this game but most of that is because I get even more fed up with WG. I want WoT to flourish so much as it has so much potential but WG is refusing to pull the head out of its own ass to actually hear what the players have been screaming about all these years. They are just another symptom of what is going on in the rest of the gaming industry with the likes of EA and Bethesda as examples.

    4. mati_14


      @DirtyACE7 You couldn't have said it better. WoT really feels like a game with one of the biggest potentials out there, due to the variety, dynamics and long term content. But WG... doing so many stupid fucking mistakes, and now it's barely relevante NA/EU.

  12. WG is really delusional, how the fuck they dare to call WoT a Realistic Online Tank Game when they still have arty in this game? smh

    1. Haswell


      Are you saying you don't want a realistic rogue-like tank survival battle royale RTS FPS MMORPG? :doge:

    2. hazzgar


      The salt is real.

  13. mati_14

    re: Arty Focus in Hulldown Tanks

    you have 2 options, play to farm dmg, or play to win, if you wanna hold a crucial spot to help your team in exchange to get shit on by arty, you MIGHT win more, if you play more selfish, you are gonna farm more dmg but your WR will move between 55-62%
  14. mati_14

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    I pretty much agree with all you've said here except with the example, which I consider pretty extreme. What if you compare M48 with S.Conquer? Top DPGs are 5356/78% vs 5042/73% respectively. I don't know the overall WR of both. But I wouldn't even think about M48 being better than S. Conquer. M48 can stomp tier 9/8 as well if not better than S. Conqueror but will it perform as well vs some other tier 10s?. I know there's a difference between pubs and competitive, but do we take into consideration coordinated gameplay?. I don't know if you guys play MOBAs but I do and there's a big difference between solo queue meta and competitive meta. Certain things only work because of the strategy behind it, meanwhile other things work due to the lack of coordinated gameplay. As one last example, the ranked meta differs a lot from pubs in WoT. In my personal experience, I'd put IS-7 between the top just because it's the only tank that can poke hull down and bounce 99% of the shots. But I wouldn't say it's between the best for dmg farm/WR.
  15. mati_14

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Well, when it comes to this a friend of mine managed to 76%/4.9k with tortoise and almost 5k with E-100 and it's not like those tanks were hidden gems or shit like that. Idk how he managed to do it. All I know, he's crazy in this game. And we wouldn't define those 2 as top tanks tier for tier in the meta. It's like Carbon coming and telling 260 is still top because he can still output 5k with it. There are clearly better tanks overall. About the votes, why you wanna instantly go for the best tank rn. If that's the case just delete every tank from the list but T-54/Conquer/WZ 111 and T-10, because the winner will be there for sure. I thought voting for one tank would mean it has certain potential. I'm more interested to see where tanks like the ST-I or Conway are gonna end placed. We all already know which tanks are gonna be in top.