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  1. Holy shiet NA teams got destroyed today in WGL, why the gap between NA<EU<CIS is that big? Are the players better? The tactics? or what?

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    2. HemanathanRX7


      Meanwhile nobody even cares about the APAC/China Wildcard :doge:  I was actually surprised YATO actually held Kazna Kru to 4:5, but then it seems like Kazna Kru isn't playing their best, and Yato has the old team captain from ELgaming to help them I guess. NA and APAC always get rekt before the Finals by EU and more likely CIS, only can remember Elgaming coming as runner ups once while the other two were both CIS vs CIS weren't they?

    3. Medjed


      bcs NA sucks dick :trump:

    4. KruggWulf


      Few years back NA had teams that were leagues beyond the shit we're seeing now and made it farther in the finals. Then our server population, particularly the high end, dropped off quite fast

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