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  1. Anyone who still plays can please explain me how to play Erlenberg with paper tanks? I hate so fucking much 1.0 version.

    1. kolni


      It really, really depends on tank comps 

      north spawn i like to play 1-2-3 and farm the enemy heavies as they push but you also stand no chance to push into K line so I tend to rotate into middle once the farm stops. Biggest downside is that you have to commit and cant really run if you get swarmed, even when you see it coming it’s hard to get safe on time (you need to either get out of spotting range from the castle or hard cover).. despite that it does work well damage wise, win wise i havent figured the map out better than push mid and cross your fingers.. if you do see you’re gonna lose then A0 is a great damage farm unless your team wins 0line at least.. you can stall for really long regardless of where you’re losing

      south spawn i just wing the middle with sub par results due to lack of a better idea, sorta okay but never felt reliable

      if it wasnt for assault maps not taken into consideration id have this map permabanned over any other map, if i play something that can play minsk well then i ban erlen anyway

  2. wait Carbon played Chieftain? In which account tho??
  3. I wonder what would happen to the economy of WoT, more HP means more xp and creds available... Idk, but if WG keeps the current income ratios this change might be healthy for the game. EDIT: The alpha increase should be lower, around 20-30%, otherwise tier 8-9 will get shit on if they buff its HP up to 30%
  4. This has been the trend for every single fucking 1.0 map, I don't fucking get it, why WG designs maps around TDs.
  5. Old Kharkov was garbage for tanks without armor and somehow better than maps like Studzianki, Erlenberg, Pilsen or Minsk. New version looks promising but... it's WG
  6. Holy fuck, reading your posts feels like somebody it's been digging inside my mind. I kinda get that feeling too, but in way where I can push myself really far over the average as soon as I enjoy or have fun with something. It's been weird, particularly for uni, my career it's kinda small when it comes to the amount of people studying it. And most teachers have a really good impression of me but I haven't been able to keep up with consistent results when it comes to marks. I failed to approve some classes in my first years because I couldn't find the class interesting at all, and of them told me he was completely dissapointed about my results. At the same time another teacher told me to check out for opportunities to study in a foreign country(never did this lol) , because I was the kind of student a world class uni would be interested in. When it comes to games/sports, I've always liked to pushed myself as far as I could when I really enjoyed something, I had this competitive mentality of trying to play against the best even if meant getting shit on a couple of times. Kolni completely has a point here. If you care about the things you can't control, you'll only get frustrated more and more over those things. I've even taken this into IRL stuff, and it seems to work out well for me most of the time. Maybe it's the reason behind why I can't care enough about politics, trends or social movements. Particularly in WoT, I even broke a phone because I got pissed off by arty. As I grew up, I realized I was getting better results when I was focusing on myself and myself only. When I had fun, when I wasn't pissed were the times where I managed to play as well as I was able to. Making mistakes never made mad, because I could get something from those mistakes. Now I just play WoT when I feel I want to, and it feels much much better. Winning games became irrelevant for me too, even though I still get annoyed when I lose a game for not killing one tank because of a low roll or getting set on fire xd. I've been playing some other games too(LoL, HS, OW, HotS), and I've noticed a similar pattern. When I have more fun, I get better personal results because I can think clearly, without the tilting factor. The only thing that makes me sad when it comes to WoT, it's the feeling that if I would have played any other game, like CS:GO or LoL for this amount of years, I'd probably be around the top and maybe in a competetive scene. Obviously I've never put numbers as good as Kolni numbers in WoT, but good enough to be around the top 100-200 players overall in NA (being from Chile xd). Now, what I'm looking into, it's taking this mentally to my important IRL stuff, even if I don't enjoy certaing stuff too much. Right now, I have to memorize a shitton of fossils, all of them with similar characteristics and small differences to identify one from another. I absolutely HATE memorizing things because you have to do it. It's not gonna have any other use than what I'll answer in my upcoming test(at least, not in a short period of time), and I can't help with this feeling of doing what I feel it's a waste of time and effort. It feels kinda shocking to see the psychological implications behind climbing from mid to high level gameplay, and also how one single game has influenced my way of looking at things while I grew up. EDIT: Sorry if I'm driving away from WoT but I feel like high performance in games or sports are strictly related to how flexible your personality and thought process is to the different situations you get put on.
  7. Unless you filter the WR only taking into account skilled players only, it's completely pointless. Do you really want stats about players with low understandings of the game? Probably 268V4 still has the highest tier 10 WR, because it's hard to deal with even though it's not the top pick for good players. SC and 430U are powerful in every single scenario and sadly, HE has been the only thing holding them back. 277 gun is aids, 260 can't sidescrap vs +270mm pen, 5A same thing, IS-7 is alright but low pen APCR makes things hard vs types, 430Us and SCs. If you manage to set up 1v1 situations, SC should win most of the time, if you can't, you can still play a support role because the gun allows it. And we are not even talking about fighting lower tiers, you sit hulldown, and unless arty hits you, you are completely inmune to tier 8 and a lot of tier 9. SC should definetely be nerfed. A tank with its characteristics should never get that DPM and gun handling.
  8. HE shits on you regardless of what you play, but if you check what tanks were the most played last ranked season S. Conquer and 430U were by far the most powerful/played, maybe contested by 907?. When it comes to heavies, CW was dominated by SC and 277 until Chieftain(which should probably be nerfed a bit) was released. SC has enough DPM to trade 2 for 1 in most cases, you are not meant to contest other hulldown tanks, but having APCR as prem allows you to track & damage pretty easily, locking down tanks or trading favorably without much retaliation besides once again HE garbage. Also unlike the other hulldown tanks, SC has the best gun handling by far, even sniping is still good and you have can fight hulldown at +150m you are gonna win most of the time, because roof is not easy to hit and your gun is more accurate with a higher RoF. Think of 215B, back then we had a tank that was already strong but lacked armor, all it's playstyle was around its gun. The replacement is the exact same but with much better armor, no drawbacks at all. As one last thing, post 1.0 maps are quite cancer for heavys since WG thought they needed to either give a camping spot or change close quarter combat areas to every single reworked map i.e. Erlenberg, Pilsen, Fjords, Fisherman Bay, Siegfried Line. Being aggressive with a heavy is worse than has ever been because of arty, excessive amount of TDs and HE garbage.
  9. I was about to ask this, can you change it whenever you want?
  10. I'm blocking fucking erlenberg, it's pure cancer unless you play arty or a superheavy. I really don't understand why WG changed both flanks making them pure fucking aids.
  11. that broken shit was actually fun to play, unlike the current game.
  12. play xin, reksai or jgs with good dueling potential. Urgot runs oom a lot during early game.
  13. I managed to play EBR rental. The tank is alright, what makes it bad right now are the fucking maps. I got Fjords, Paris and Mountain Pass 3 games straight and stopped playing it. Got a 7k combined game in Prok tho. My problem once again, is WG being unable to design mechanics that are good for the game. If you wanted to keep these tanks like active scouts, you could have gave them high view range while going +40kph and decrease it being below 40. Who cares if it's not a realistic thing. The shitty ass view range fucks up the wheeled vehicle because you get outspotted by lights and some TDs unless you can take an advantageous position during the first min and a half, which is possible in 1/6 maps I'd say. Man I REALLY wish I could play 2016 WoT with old maps and climbs.
  14. I seriously don't get the issue with boosts. The moments I remember the most in WoT esports are when Applewow got stuck on Cliff and when one russian guy countered a boost vs CanadianImpact in Steppes. It really gave to me more variety to all the maps. I really miss 2014-2016 WoT
  15. Well, I guess you don't play too many slow tanks. This fucking map made me drop my E3 mark by one percent 3 times because I spawned south. 2 times due to a fucking fast cap from the enemy team that just rolled over north.
  16. Even though all you said about prok is true, how does this make a big difference between pre 1.0 and post 1.0? The only tank that could push 1/2 safely it was E3 or T95 if had a good matchup, talking before Maus overbuff. Let's not forget when STRV came out, it made this even harder, because you would have a TD penning you 9/10 times at 250m and you never had chance of spotting it by yourself. 9/0 hasn't changed too much either. Now you can hulldown safely on hill from south, but if you overpeek you are dead. From north, you sit in the other side waiting to have shots over mid. And that's why most of experienced players would play mid most of the time. You can influence both sides of the fight putting tanks mid. But this doesn't mean there is no counterplay to it. You always had/have to be checking for none of your flanks to fall, or suddenly mid become a death sentence. A few days ago, I just got shit on in a 3/5/7 game because after 3 mins a 268V4 literally stomped 1/2 line, pre 1.0 only slow tanks could steamroll, at least you had a time to react and relocate. In the other hand, you have long and slow games because so many tanks now can poke safely. And we both know we are not adding arty to all this shit, which makes even less positions playable in most of the maps, unless you want to sacrifice your tank. Please, don't use erlenberg as an example, we all know how WG fucked that map for no reason at all, even I remember some players(here) complaining about the old one. Nothing but 5-6 line should have been modified. I'm quite surprised you brought Pilsen tho. Personally I can't stand that map now, and I used to like the old version a lot, because I could make most of the tanks work unlike now. And while I agree Frontline proved that bigger maps bring more healthy gameplay, the map was designed exclusively for that game mode. I think 1500x1500 it would be the biggest map you could built for 15v15, otherwise if the game pace is too quick you wouldn't have a chance to be relevant on something that can't pass 35kph. Frontline just plays completely different than all the other gamemodes, but once again I think what we try to achieve here is the good feeling about old patches, where your decisions was what made you have a good performance, whatever you wanted to play. As the last comment, I get what you might be trying to change, but you'll might end up creating a different type of gameplay instead of getting back what made you play for +30k games. Whether that's good or not, I'm not sure, and I don't think there's a way to predict how it would go.
  17. pff because old prok and mali were clearly different due to the map design and not because of the meta. BULBA is back and you already became a fucking egotistic bitch?. Oh wait, you already were. Come the fuck on, at least bring some fucking arguments to your shit, you talk like if you knew the game better or if you were a better than me when reality is quite the opposite, not even taking into account that you play with 100-120 ping less than I do with probably +100 FPS and you can barely keep up with me. The viability of map positions gets reduces when the meta shifts off to tanks that can do almost everything well. Do I need to remind you of a map that had a lot of playable positions and still got removed because pubbies complained? Stalingrad. Pure corridors but so many of them that you could always look for a different position to shoot X tank. Sure it wasn't good with lightly armored tanks, but you were far from useless.
  18. you should know already that this would not change anything at all. If you played ranked last season, open maps like Mali and Prok had exactly the exact same gameplay as Abbey. Heavy tanks, 430U and 268V4s fighting hulldown for 6-10mins trying to control the key areas of the map. You can try to change maps as much as you want, but unless you make them much bigger, the gameplay will be the same. After a map gets defined by meta, unicums will know what counter meta positions, and what counter, counter meta positions. This is a problem that comes with the meta tanks, more than map related. During E5 meta, tanks like E5, 215B, 113 and 50B were the strong heavy tanks. Maybe 113s could've been the only ones able to hold areas for long periods of time. Now you have the Metapod SC, 277, 5A, 430U, 268V4(probably should add IS-7 too) holding positions forever until the HE rain starts. Once again, if WG would have made tanks with 1 or 2 weakspots that can be hit consistenly with normal rounds, probably this shitstorm wouldn't have pissed off most of the community.
  19. I wouldn't be worried to much about super heavy tanks, I think WG is actually right, because besides Type 5 which is aids to play against, none of them are actually overperforming Maus is meh full tier 10 and good outside, JP not gonna change too much, E-100, 705A and 60TP will get slightly stronger, Pz 7 will still geting outclassed by VK which I seem being the strongest superheavy in the game. I'd be worried about meta tanks getting even more unstoppable, 277, 5A, 430U, S. Conquer, and once again 268V4. I think this cancer TD is the one that gets the most benefits from this changes. It's gonna keep trading 650 for a required gold round to have a chance of dealing now less dmg. I say it again, all the meta tanks should be nerfed, their powerlevel when played properly it's way too high.
  20. The problem is, the feedback they get. Just check out the official forums how all the pubbies are just claiming that IS-3A is not overpowered, because it's slightly slower. It's basically the same reason why we have this current mm system. How many good players used to complain about old mm?, as QB said they only wrong thing with old mm was having different amount of tanks of the same tier. Most of the bad things in WoT are because WG gets awful feedback from players who think they know everything about the game and good players are good because hacks and gold rounds. Arty, superheavy meta, new mm, Type 5. 263 was a decent tank. Strong but far from being broken. WG reason to change it? ''It was not so popular, so we brought a broken thing so you can play with your dick and get +50% WR''. If finally WG decides to listen to the people who actually knows what's good for this game, this is gonna be a success, otherwise RIP WoT 2019.
  21. If you make it permanent it will spread even more the population for a server that's already fucked up like NA, I don't have an issue with casual games, you could say PUBG and Fortnite are mostly for casual players and that's what made them popular. But both games still had a challenge ahead for players who wanted to push things to their limits. Does frontline has that? No, it just doesn't. What can you aim to accomplish in frontline? A 15k dmg game?, luck based. A +70% WR?, Just platoon as much as you can. A good KDA?, I don't think this would be even relevant. Sadly it will interfere with what's already in place, because the public in this game is way different than all the others out there. There are a lot of +30 yrs old players who already formed a family and are just looking to have fun for a while. And considering what randoms are right now, I'd say 70% if not more would play frontline only. The thing is, once random queue starts going down, they'll just keep themselves in this mode not even bothering grinding or researching. Their goal is accomplished they are having fun and that's fine. Why would they want more? Also, what makes frontline good is the single tier mm. do you think NA can hold constantly a 60 players for battles for different tiers? It just wouldn't be capable of. As a last thing, besides arty, new mm and Type4/5 most if not all the facts that can make you rage in pubs will do it in Frontline.
  22. I think monthly is still fine, players will play during the month, and will be excited about frontline week, but definitely not a perma mode.
  23. The fact that there are not risks makes it kinda boring to me. I don't hate this mode, it's one of the most healthy WG has done lately. But if you spread it out for more tiers, it would make WoT literally a full casual game. MoE would be pointless, ranked would die even harder, no incentive for clan activity for avg players, some players would probably play this game mode exclusively. I'd go as far to say it would be even less skill based, since the decision making is way easier. Reasons to improve? Not many at all. I'm sorry if you really want it this way, but to me seems like throwing all the potential in this game to a casual loophole because it would be fun for a while.
  24. I played like 10 frontline games and got bored of it, all of them over 10k dmg, everyone plays so carelessly it's gets boring to me at least how easy it's to farm dmg. Removes in my opinion most of the skill in WoT, since even getting killed has its benefits because you can respawn and relocate wherever you need to. As I said I don't mind it, but I prefer the CS:GO playstyle of random matches than the BF playstyle of frontline.
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