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  1. A work around for the replays not working is making and wot.exe shortcut on your desktop. Then simply drag reply file onto this shortcut and it should open. You think wargaming would fix the important things first before nerfing/buffing tanks :/
  2. malinovka best forest NA surprisingly on top of the hill on himmelsdorf there a quiet a few trees to knock over with relative safety
  3. Jimmy was here Also what are your lumberjack requirements? minimum 1.5 rite?
  4. best way to make eggs with very little clean up. 1 boil pot of water 2 get zip lock bag 3 add eggs + what ever else into bag (such as cheese, onion,etc) 4 close bag, put bag in water wait 5ish mins 5 enjoy
  5. Turns out I am ranked 28th world wide. I am 2nd on the NA servers, the person in first on the NA server happens to be Despad, who is also ranked #1 for wn8 on NA server. https://stats-sig.eu/web/lumberjack-stats Coincidence I think not
  6. So today I came across a new wot signature called the Lumberjack Lobby. It is an alternate ranking system to wn8 and measures trees cut down per battle. I thought this was funny but I have no idea what this means. The link to the website is: https://stats-sig.eu/web/lumberjack-signature. Does anyone know how this system works? Well I realized that I am an idiot an it is actually an average of how many trees you cut down per battle. Also this is probably a bad thing but im top 100 world wide: https://stats-sig.eu/web/lumberjack-stats I cut down nearly 2 trees per battle
  7. When they turned the Kv-1s into the Kv-85 they put your crew in barracks, and equipment in depo, and I believe they refunded the camo. So I believe they will do something similar with the Panther.
  8. Alright so I have been itching to play some good old tank companies and I believe I am not the only one. So what I want to do is confirm that I am not the only one and try to come up with time that people could play every week. I hope this thread can spread awareness as well as help determine a time that people could all get on and play some tank companies. I have two questions to help determine a good time for people to play. Vote for any days and times you would like to play tank companies. As an experiment to see if this topic is good at spreading news I would like to try to get
  9. I would like to know how the module damage mechanic works. For example if I shoot the side of an IS-3 and penetrate it, how does the game determine if I damaged its engine? Is there another calculation that determines if the module is damaged, how much it is damaged, or if no damage to the module was taken? From what I understand each module has a certain amount of hp, and if a module loses enough hp it is considered damaged and does not perform as well. So if my commander's hatch gets shot does it lose hp, or is it simply working, damaged, or broken? Finally does the shell have to
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