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  1. These stats look a bit unfinished to me. That german tank looks way better than the other four. The 3-shot autoloader on the french light looks like a good balancing decision, but will be incredibly painful when you find 2 enemy arties.
  2. 121B has really bad DPM, although I have both the M60 and Obj. 907 so I am not really sure which tank to choose. The camo looks okay I guess for a winter camoflage? Not really sure how that is supposed to fit onto summer maps. If I had to guess I would say the campaign will start in late november, consistent with previous large campaigns.
  3. How does this tank compare in size to the 50B?
  4. Judging by the first impressions on the EU server, today is the day to do MT-15. Pack loads of HE and fire away.
  5. I agree, the amount of unreleased premium tanks (many of them even with HD-models) has become pretty high. I wonder if some of them were supposed to be in the once promised stronghold store or if that is even still an option. The tank at hand reeks of a balancing disaster waiting to happen.
  6. WZ-111 1-4: 27 - 3 = 24 The gun handling is trash, final accuracy is bad, the armor is bad and the mobility is lacking when compared to true mediums. It might be a user issue but I fail to understand the hype surrounding this tank. I would much rather play a Conqueror, T-10 or E-75 over this thing. Skoda T 50: 55 + 1 = 56 I wanted to upvote the M46 Patton, but the clip this thing has is just too good. T-10: 51 M46 Patton: 32
  7. fv215b: 4 - 3 = 1 The rear mounted turret, lacking mobility and very situational armor just limit this tank when compared to the other vehicles left. amx 50B: 4 m48 patton: 18 + 1 = 19 There isn't a map or matchmaking situation in this game where this tank can not find a useful thing to do. t110e5: 29 TVP 50.51: 32
  8. Batchat 25t: 6 + 1 = 7 The 2.000 dmg burst combined with great mobility and camo allows for very active gameplay. Also mountain goating in this thing is way too much fun FV215b: 19 T-62A: 11 Object 140: 6 TVP T50/51: 22 E 100: 27 E 50M: 14 - 3 = 11 I just can't seem to get this tank too work, the armor is crap when everybody just shoots straight through the turret and the great final accuracy struggles to make up for the bad dpm. T110E5: 29 M48: 27 AMX 50B: 31
  9. I play on EU1 with regular 60 fps, while I have over 110 fps on the test server, so I would say there is a pretty big difference for at least some systems.
  10. 113: 7 TVP T50/51: 18AMX 50B: 29 Batchat 25t: 22E-100: 28E-50M: 26Leo 1: 15 STB-1: 20Centurion AX: 16FV215b: 25T110E3: 14M48 Patton: 36 Superior ComfortT110E5: 24Object 263: 8T-62A: 21Object 430: 14 This tank is extremely annoying to play and has no place in a garage that features other hover medsObject 140: 23IS-7: 14IS-4: 13
  11. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/04/24/changes-to-personal-missions-in-9-15/ The changes coming to individual missions in the next patch are out. Stug IV T28 Concept T55a Obj. 260 MT-7 is different now, MT-12 seems easier. HT-7 is easier, HT-12 is unchanged, the stupid mission where you can't take damage in a light (LT-10) is finally changed. SPG-10 may be harder now and TD-6 has gotten easier.
  12. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/04/26/new-stats-for-t95chieftain/ They nerfed it on the supertest. HP down to 1900, DPM nerfed from 2.720 to 2.500 and accuracy nerfed to 0,336. Mobility looks unchanged, this is really turning into a medium/heavy hybrid now.
  13. Why would they say soon though when the next campaign usually starts at the end of the year? According to TAP this T95/Chieftain is a new tier 10 medium tank and not the heavy tank replacement. Already confusing ...
  14. The german WoT facebook page just posted 3 new Chieftain pictures with the information, that players can soon meet him in tier 10 battles. Further information is supposed to appear on Facebook and the Portal. In the comments further down WG states, that this will not be the FV215b replacement, as another heavy is planned for that. This tank is basically the flipped version of the Chieftain/T95 available as a campaign reward right now as it has the Chieftain turret and T95 hull.
  15. These last updates seem to be going in the right direction, OI nerfs are needed heavily, 54lightweight nerfs are propably justified as well. I like how they are not trying to add something revolutionary after the rampage failure, but instead try to add some "simpler" fixes and improvements, that have been needed for years. Anyone wanting to take a guess, which missions are going to be reworked and how?
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