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  1. 1337stryker

    Maus appreciation thread

    Maus platoon laughs in the face of yolo pubbies and xvm focus. Its so beautiful, a unicum's best friend.
  2. 1337stryker

    E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28

    shifty...come to vilin
  3. 1337stryker

    - Villain Recruitment -

  4. 1337stryker

    - Villain Recruitment -

    bumpity bump
  5. 1337stryker

    M46 Patton HD model.

    Look who finally joined wotlabs!!!
  6. 1337stryker

    M46 Patton HD model.

    just found this on wot website
  7. 1337stryker

    [_-W-_] is recruiting!

    now we r talking...best so far
  8. 1337stryker

    [_-W-_] is recruiting!

    Old logo still better
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Levenbrech


      Grats, I enjoyed the IS-8

    3. CarryMode


      Going to buy mine back just for that, I really liked that tank

    4. arceusdrago


      Provide replay pack for when I get to IS-8?

  9. Mad Max Fury Road was amazing

    1. Roku


      It was pretty fucking great. Gotta see it again!

    2. Alesia


      Actually considering going again this weekend :3

  10. 1337stryker

    - Villain Recruitment -

    Villain's main TS is down. If you wanna say hi, come to our backup TS ny1.gamersvoip.net:10058
  11. 1337stryker

    - Villain Recruitment -

    o7o7o7 bump o7o7o7