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  1. Proper technique to remove the a stuck bayonet, is to simply fire a round into the target. The recoil impulse will dislodge it.
  2. I am Old... A Male.... Half Asian... With a scruffy beard.......sooooooo
  3. I don't know whats going on, every time I try to post a pic using my photobucket link, every freezes up.
  4. Funny.. driving a car makes me appreciate riding a motorcycle
  5. Ask me about B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse)

  6. Hmmm..must be something in the water, because I have a 2008 FLSTSB. (for some reason I cant post a pic though)
  7. wa_biker

    IRL Board Games

    Kicking it old school....Chess and Monopoly.
  8. Im still a pubbie. But it all "clicked", after joining a Clan at the request of a former clanmate from BF2 days. Figured platooning would help nudge my 54% 60day wr up a bit.... unfortunately the opposite happened. I realized that my solo strategies arent necessarily conducive to platooning. Compounded by the fact that although my EFF is a bit higher than some of theirs, Im just not good enough to carry. Still trying to recover from that session. I guess the "clicked" part is that I realize this now.
  9. I always felt like it was a T8 STuG, with a more authorative gun. But, 8.8 ...yea, now its a STuG with a tank of bad gas... Stills runs ok, but, "something" aint right.
  10. Played Tundra for the first and only time so far....that totally fuckered me up. Spawned north..went east... dont do this.
  11. Been sitting on a fully researched 50M for for quite awhile. All I have to do is pay for it, am curious what your set-up is.
  12. Lazar- Working on my own theory so Im curious...what kind of Dmg do you average?
  13. Erm...technically..not Wives...Concubines. Wifes had specific rights..whereas concubines, didnt. 1 Wife, multiple concubines. Pretty cool set up acutally.
  14. Good read...Better understanding of the "behind the scenes" clam stuff.
  15. Oh Snap...! I used to have a link to a shop...in Missouri(?) that did full up engines for Bimmers. As memory served depending on options, approx 5k-10k USD on edit- just noticed your EU...nvm. on edit 2- Found it, fwiw- http://www.metricmechanic.com/product-prices/engines/m30/
  16. AT-TI-CA...AT-TI-CA...AT-TI-CA...AT-TI-CA...! erm...sorry..had a 70's flashback......carry on.
  17. Good catch...most people dont notice that. The 745 is a "grey market" version so its totally correct from a purist perspective. ....ok...except for the wheels, those are off a E28.
  18. Saw Arrogant in random pubs...Didnt even realize who it was till he mention the Ugly Mug thread...We kinda dominated the west/nw flank on Redshire for the win. Think we took the top 2 spots... My STI, his FOCH and a Panther that was spotting/scouting for us... good times!
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