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  1. Are you tired of the usual clan? You've been around, and you have decided that it's barely worth looking. Most are openly silly and whimsical, and certainly not a mature environment. Others claim to foster a "no drama" environment, but anyone who lived through middle school knows that if you have to say you are "no drama" you most certainly are dramatic.


    ROHAN works to be different. We are a mature group of tankers that sees their members as people and focuses on improving our skills and teamwork with a serious, determined mindset. For us, the joy of WoT is the zen of WoT. We are not perfect; not unicums. However, we always strive to achieve the next level of play. When we come to victory, it is not because we are a professional wrestler taking down a toddler, but because we have planned, practiced, and executed to the best of our ability.


    If you want to have fun in silly stronks, winning or losing because your individual skills are so much better than your opponents', this is not the place for you. If you yearn to unlock the potential that this game offers, to achieve a synergy with fellow mature, focused tankers on a competitive, yet not professional basis, then this clan is for you.


    We don't claim to be perfect, but we strive for perfection. We don't claim to have the most mature, focused environment, but it is that environment which we foster. We are not the best...yet.


    The only thing we are missing is you.

  2. Hey folks,

    So, my groups has decided to back off from tier 8 expansion and build our core up first. As a result, we are implementing a new training plan. Part of that plan is to create a semi-quantifiable standard by which to grade people on certain aspects of their abilities - a rubric.

    I ask for experienced trainers and tankers' opinions on the most important aspects of personal gameplay. I plan to have our folks grade each category on a 1-10 scale when they as for mentoring, so that we can focus on where they need to improve and why.

    Here is my working list of important gameplay abilities, please comment and discuss how I can improve it (if you are interested):

    • Situational awareness - How well does the player read and react to the layout of allied and enemy tanks?
    • Terrain use - How well does the player utilize available terrain to reduce damage to their tank?
    • HP use - Does the player attempt to (and successfully) take damage only when it gains their team an advantage?
    • Effective Fire - Does the player hit and penetrate consistently?
    • Consistency and Opportunity - Does the player get impatient and sacrifice tactical advantage? Does the player take advantage of opportunities to push/react to the enemy?

    Am I missing any? Do you disagree with the importance of any of the items on my list?

    Thanks for your input!

  3. Mhjbh1s.png

    ROHAN WoT page                                                SHIRE WoT page                                                 GONDR WoT page


    Middle Earth Tankers is a newly-formed group of clans arising from ROHAN with the goal of providing competitive play at tiers 6 and 8, as well as a casual/training outlet. Although we don't currently have short-term tier 10 plans, we will in the future.


    Come join the group of tankers that grabbed and dominantly held onto first place in tier 6 for CW season 3. We need experienced tankers like you to achieve the same success in tier 8!


    TS: vs23.tserverhq.com:7078 ; forum: middle-earth-tankers.boards.net


    Contact _Mik_, Kamzilla89, or any officer in our absence!


    Gondor (Tier 8 ) Requirements
    •  30+ team battles, tier 8 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 
    • 1100+ recent WN8; 50% recent winrate (rounding up OK)
    • 3 viable tier 8 tanks (to be reviewed by officers)
    • Middle Earth Code of Conduct


    Rohan (Tier 6) Requirements
    • 30+ team battles, tier 6 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 
    • 1000+ recent WN8; 49% recent winrate (rounding up OK)
    • 2 viable tier 6 tanks (to be reviewed by officers)
    • Middle Earth Code of Conduct


    Shire (Training/Casual) Requirements

    •  At least 1 tier 5 tank
    • A great attitude
    • Less than 10k battles
    • Middle Earth Code of Conduct


    Middle Earth Code of Conduct

    All penalties are per the executive staff's decision and are subject to leniency or intensity changes are necessary.

    1. Intentional team killing is forbidden. Penalty: banishment
    2. Harassment is forbidden. Penalty (single): reprimand or banishment ; Penalty (multiple): banishment
  4. Hey folks,


    I like the clan I am currently in well enough, but I am not active in CW due to my work/family schedule, so to be fair to them I want to move on. 


    I have a lot of experience commanding in TCs, so good commanders are especially important to me. I hate being under someone who relies on the skill of his players so much that he puts up bad/cookie-cutter strats and hopes for the best. 


    Basically, I'm looking for a clan that is active in TCs, plats, and tourneys, but that doesn't expect me to be around from 5-9 pm. Ideally, this group would also give me ample chance to share my knowledge, as well. I don't pretend to be a unicum, but I have enough battles under my belt to have a good idea of what works. I believe tactics should be open to debate and that there are multiple approaches to any given situation.


    See sig, or look me up for stats. PM here or in-game is fine for me.

  5. TFD Bravo Unit is TFD's focused, dedicated tanker group building up for Clan Wars.WOT%20blk%20bk%20gnd.png


    We are growing to just over 20 members at the moment, and we need experienced callers to help run training and decentralize the current leadership.


    Bravo member requirements: 

    1. Must be 18+ years of age.
    2. Must use voice comms and download Mumble http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/
    3. Must log into tfdgaming.net (TFD's gaming forums) at least once per day to update on goings-on.
    4. Must make three training events (or CW events) per week, which run from 5:30 to 7 at the moment.

    Right now we are looking for players that are dedicated enough to learn the basic game mechanics and get better, so we don't have a tier limit or efficiency limit. However, I expect callers to have a respectable 60-day WN7 and overall in TC tanks or CW tanks.


    As acting commander, I would offer any interested tankers an immediate Lieutenant (Field Commander) position, with a 2-week probationary period to make sure we're a good fit for each other. 


    This is an opportunity to be part of the creation of a Clan Wars active clan, to lend your experience or new ideas to a generation of tankers getting their beaks wet, as well as some veterans of our fleet.

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