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  1. HYPE!! lol I restarted playing the trilogy this month ... almost done with mass effect, but I don't know if i want to do the second run through to get my level up to 60 for the bigger bonuses in Mass Effect 2 lol
  2. Yeah... I can't have chrome open and bf1 :^) lol
  3. lol well gotta haul some very large loads sometimes
  4. My 1997 F350 with 450k Miles :^) Bought it back in 2010 with 350k miles on it... lol When I first got her Got the bed fixed since where the toolbox was it was all cracked and got a cheap repaint on the bed.. New front replacement bumper and went back to stock wheels and some 315's When I got my side bumpers as I call them lol, I've actually had 2 cars side swipe the side of my Truck lol just scratched the paint on the steps. This is how she still looks now, tho did swap out the headlights since they were soo dirty I couldn't clean them with anything.
  5. Well the open beta starts up tmw... this was just a day early thing if you we're a Battlefield insider by the 21st
  6. Waiting for my insider code :^) to start playing...
  7. Nelson2011

    Watch Dogs

    WD2 world premier just finished... looked cool, but eh I can't get hyped over ubisoft games lol
  8. Got a email saying that alpha testing starts on the 4th of August :^)
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