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  1. HYPE!! lol I restarted playing the trilogy this month ... almost done with mass effect, but I don't know if i want to do the second run through to get my level up to 60 for the bigger bonuses in Mass Effect 2 lol
  2. Yeah... I can't have chrome open and bf1 :^) lol
  3. lol well gotta haul some very large loads sometimes
  4. My 1997 F350 with 450k Miles :^) Bought it back in 2010 with 350k miles on it... lol When I first got her Got the bed fixed since where the toolbox was it was all cracked and got a cheap repaint on the bed.. New front replacement bumper and went back to stock wheels and some 315's When I got my side bumpers as I call them lol, I've actually had 2 cars side swipe the side of my Truck lol just scratched the paint on the steps. This is how she still looks now, tho did swap out the headlights since they were soo dirty I couldn't clean them with anything.
  5. Well the open beta starts up tmw... this was just a day early thing if you we're a Battlefield insider by the 21st
  6. Waiting for my insider code :^) to start playing...
  7. Nelson2011

    Watch Dogs

    WD2 world premier just finished... looked cool, but eh I can't get hyped over ubisoft games lol
  8. Got a email saying that alpha testing starts on the 4th of August :^)
  9. Well last season we got them like 10 days after the finals :^)
  10. Hmm removed my rental pz58 mutz and received a ton of credits lol went from 3.8m to 5.6m....

    1. DeltaVolt



    2. Flametz



      Note the credit count on the top right (also sold an FCM 50T and T-54 proto rental but didn't screenshot) http://imgur.com/a/pyFNx

    3. DeltaVolt


      Haha that's awesome, time to sell all the rentals.

  11. Well people have it already on RU since their campaign ended on the 28th and it doesn't get premium credits from the replays I've seen...
  12. Nelson2011


    – terrain passability on solid terrain improved by 22%; – terrain passability on medium terrain improved by 20%; – terrain passability on bad terrain improved by 10%; – aim tine of the 120mm Gun T123E6 reduced from 2.3s to 2s; – precision of the 120 Gun T123E6 increased from 0.4 to 0.38 https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/04/16/t95e6-buff-in-9-15/ Eh I'll take it :^) lol
  13. What lvl is your character? I think after lvl 20-21 the vendors require dz rank 30 to buy stuff, and when you hit lvl 30 you need dz rank 50 to buy some stuff :^)
  14. The Bullet King Lives!!! oh and no losses for being killed as a rogue GG Massive :^)
  15. Eh it's more like CC all of them then point Vector at head and watch them melt to the ground :^). With a good group you can run through Lexington Event Center in around 15-20 minutes on Challenging . Just make sure to save your phoenix credits for the Vector Blueprint in the Special Vendor in the tech wing!!
  16. Hmm yeah LMG's are slightly useless for challenging missions, you need a good AR/SMG/DMR with around 80k DPS at least. Over 100k DPS is way favorable, but don't give up too much HP try to stay around 60k.
  17. Got my first High-End PVE drop :^), tho I'd need 1889 Electronics to use the talents on it ...
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