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  1. i deactiveated xvm and my recent wn8 shot up from 3400 to 4300. my recent w/r has gone up about 1%. i play tanks to enjoy it, not to obsess over being purple, if i wanted to do that, id just go to a fag festival
  2. right now your replay doesnt seem to be working for me, but i play almost exclusively t9/10 and i would be happy to help generally the cause of struggling to play lower alpha tanks (ru meds) is not being able to utilise the dpm --> not being constatnly firing at enemies. so i would assume either you are not being aggressive in the right places or else you are not reading the map consistenly per se. both these things unfortunately come with lots of experience. it is usually a case of experimenting. it also sounds to me like you are trying to hard to improve, rather than relaxing and finding your niche. i will link my replay site so you can see how i play the ru meds http://wotreplays.com/uploader/kissyboy/id/398303 also feel free to pm me/friend me ingame if im online t10 is a big step up in terms of calculated aggression and skill level though, it takes a while to master t10
  3. you are way better than i was at 2000 games. i remember when a lorraine clipped me i thought he was hacking lel
  4. they are a running exponential average, so in short your last game gives twice the effect to the moe value than your last 100th game. so you could do very well, but a few derpy battles will kill your marks because the recent battles have more effect. it is not just a straightforward average of your last 100 games
  5. i remember when i had 49%/1000 wn7 overall, with purple wn7 and w/r recents
  6. i have stopped using xvm, and it makes you forget your are purple, so if someone yolos me i dont usually think oh he is yoloing me because he is scared i migth be a threat, i usually conclude that i was able to be yolo'd, so i just use my teammates as cover like the thoughtful guy i am. but i do agree, people will play against you different because of your tag/wn8 colour, but i dont think it to such a degree that is a problem. they are usually only hindering their chances by yoloing. do you think that some people get intimidated by your dark purple colour, and this causes them to actually play worse, and could be less likely to attack you because they think your is3 is magically better than their is3 because xvm says it is purple?
  7. i think this is all just confirmation bias
  8. jp2 is my only high tier td, i use it as a support heavy that sacrifices turret for a good good gun basically let my friends take the hits, then poke while they reloading
  9. when 3rd marking the 62a, i found that you always want to be doing damage, the entire game, and never taking damage early game
  10. got stuck at 93% so the camo net really helped the camo sniping
  11. suicide every match till you no longer give a shit, then take a break, and come back later
  12. i stopped using xvm, and suddenly everyone starts being nicer to me, because i am not sperging at the red e100 trying to scout malinovka. i just sit behind my screen and lol at their retardation
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNDslAj3uB8 this is very similar to tove lo
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